Tap Tap Legions is a tap-tastic battle game for Windows PC and Phone

Tap Tap Legions is a ridiculously fun and fast-paced game where you command a variety of soldiers as they battle a host of monsters in an effort to rescue the King's kidnapped bride. Available for Windows PC and Phones, the game packs a good amount of punch in its very brief battles.

Graphics are cartoon-like and look good, while gameplay is full of challenges. It did not take long before I become hooked on the Windows Mobile version of Tap Tap Legion. The gaming title is well suited for quick gaming fixes or longer gaming spurts.

The backstory for Tap Tap Legions has a Royal Wedding interrupted by an invasion of monsters. The bride is kidnapped, and it is up to the King to muster forces to take the battle to the monsters and save his wife.

The game's main menu is minimal with options to jump into gameplay and access Tap Tap Legions' settings. The settings are equally as minimal, with options to mute the sound or music.

Gameplay begins with an animated short illustrating the kidnapping and transitions into a short tutorial on gameplay. The gaming screen will have any available soldiers lining the bottom of the screen, and your game timer is displayed just above your soldier choices.

Enemy monsters will enter the screen from the right and will advance on your King, who is sitting in his chariot to the left of the screen. To deploy your troops, just tap on the soldier's icon and they will move to engage the monsters. You have fifteen seconds to deploy your troops, so there is no need to be discrete. Once the fifteen seconds are up, however, many soldiers are in play will have to survive the rest of the battle on their own.

The goal is to wipe out the monsters and protect your King. If the monsters do reach your King's chariot, they will slowly tear it apart and eventual capture your King. As with the soldiers, you can upgrade the chariot to improve its fortifications.

Tap Tap Legions

There are twelve soldier classes available that range from swordsman and archers to peasants armed with brooms. As you advance in the game, additional troops will become available, and each troop class can be upgraded using the gold earned during combat. As you progress in the game, you will have the opportunity to pick and choose which of the twelve classes of soldiers you want to put into play. You can select up to five classes prior to each battle.

Along with the soldiers that become available at the bottom of the gaming screen, you will also have a series of bonus items and items that will penalize your efforts appear. The bonus items include bombs that will take out several monsters at once and hourglasses that add time to your 15-second timer. Items that you will want to avoid include bombs that blow your troops up, icons that freeze the availability of your troops and hourglasses that deduct time from your 15-second timer.

To add to the challenge the 15-second timer presents, the tiles at the bottom of the screen will change with every tap you make. This rotation is a fun gaming feature and requires you to stay on your toes to make sure you don't tap the wrong tile.

You will also have the opportunity to buy power-ups that will help keep your troops alive, such as the God Hand that allows you to swipe at the screen to eliminate enemy monsters.

Battles take place in at least two stages. The first has you breaching a monster's barricade, followed by stages where your troops take on the enemy deployments behind the barricade. There are rather intense boss battles as well, and will take all your tapping skills to place enough troops into play to secure victory.

Tap Tap Legions

While the Windows Phone version relies on screen taps to deploy your troops the Windows PC version has keyboard controls for non-touchscreen devices. You will tap a corresponding key to deploy your troops or use the mouse to click and deploy.

The only problem I experienced in playing Tap Tap Legions was an occasional screen freeze. It happened mainly towards the end of a battle and action would resume after a few seconds. I wouldn't call this glitch a deal breaker, but it was clearly noticeable.

Overall, Tap Tap Legions is an entertaining gaming title for Windows. The graphics are fun, reminding me of the cartoon series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Gameplay will test your reflexes and skills at observation. The Windows PC version is fun, but the keyboard controls felt cumbersome — Tap Tap Legions is best suited for touchscreen play.

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