Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone adds better GIF support

The secure messaging app Telegram has updated its Windows Phone version to 1.19. This update brings some better GIF file support among its new features.

Here's a look at the 1.19 update:

  • New GIFs: Inline playback, 20x faster downloading.
  • Cache management: Control how much disk space Telegram uses on your device, delete cache for specific types of content.
  • Autodownload settings for media.
  • Greatly improved performance.

The release notes also mention that in the next update, Telegram will add Inline bots and further GIF improvements for the Windows Phone app.

Download Telegram Messenger from the Windows Phone Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Telegram Messenger

John Callaham
  • Good to see companies continuing to support the platform, but what we really need is companies that have abandoned it come back.
  • I am still waiting for the first messaging app to add a new W10 UI
  • try "messaging" ;p
  • Did I spell it wrong?
  • I think he meant try "Messaging" app.
  • I'm still waiting for the windows mobile messaging app to support gifs! Damn it!!
  • Ummm... It does
  • You are correct!! I was definitely mistaken, last I tried I was on windows 10 mobile preview on my 640 and it didn't work, I just tried it on my new 950 and was like woops it does lol but yes woot woot!! Go Windows!! :D
  • Nice update! W10 would be great.
  • If anyone is willing to send me awesome gifs dm me ill download this app. Its pretty messy to download gifs from IE
  • There is actually a bot channel totally devoted to GIFs... Add them. You'll get heaps.
  • I didnt even know WP "plays" GIF images. Or it's for WXM?
  • Can't play on wp8.1 but you can download an app for that
  • In windows 10 it works.. Also telegram works, you to file not photo
  • Doesnt work
  • Send file.. Attatch your gif.. It works
  • Sometimes I eat potatoes.
  • Hmmm.. Interesting. Tell us more!!
  • Salt seems to improve the taste.
  • More
  • Is this the only app that supports living images?
  • Its a Gif apple cant steal this they didnt invent it dont use their bullshit
  • Any news on MixRadio? We are waiting forever again on those guys. Pfff
  • WP10 photo app plays .GIF...since no GIF support on WA, myself and my friends may switch to this one 
  • Can't download since last time.
  • Your move hike, can't expect from whatsapp, they aren't competitive in adding new features
  • I will only download after knowing if the developer pronounces it Gif or Jif. (joking)
  • I uninstalled telegram ( they took too long to show Windows Mobile 10 any love) after using Hike Messenger & now I'm steadily moving away from whatsApp as my primary messenger.