Tello family plans get everyone hooked up with data

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Family cellphone plans are supposed to make life easier. They're meant to save you money and help you manage your family's data usage, but many family plans fall short. That's not always the case though. Tello is a little different.

With Tello, there are no one-size-fits-all family plans. Everything and everyone's plan is customizable. What makes switching to Tello so easy?

Every modern phone is compatible with Tello

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The biggest expense when moving carriers is the investment in new hardware. Buying a fancy new phone for yourself is costly enough, but it takes a giant chunk out of your funds when you must pick out a phone for everyone on your plan.

When you switch to Tello, this isn't a worry. If you own a modern unlocked device or a CDMA phone that's compatible with Sprint, you're good to go. It doesn't matter if you have an Android device or an iPhone.

Family plans are customizable

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You've probably gone through the trouble of signing up for a family plan before and quickly realized that it's not always a cost-efficient or user-friendly experience. When one person hoards all the data on your family plan, the rest have to suffer with reduced data speeds or worse, no data at all. Generally, if you want to change your plan to accommodate more users or to bump up your data, you incur another fee to upgrade.

Tello offers you a multitude of family plan options, and if you decide you need to make changes to that plan in the future, you can do it on the fly for free. Yes, you can make endless adjustments and tweak your plan at no cost.

And paying your monthly bill is easy too. Pay every line on your Tello family plan with one bank card, or split them up between accounts and users. How you use and pay for your family plan with Tello is entirely up to you.

Tello Custom Plan Choices

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To get started, decide how many lines you need with Tello, and then scroll through the available family plans. You can add loads of data to your plan, no data and unlimited talk and text to Mom's phone, or go with a set amount of data for the kids. Mix and match to your heart's content.

Tello Ready Made Plans

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Ready-made plans for your family are available too. Choose a plan designed for grandparents, teens, students, or parents. Family plans start at only $9/month, and all plans come with 4G LTE, free hotspot and tethering, and the ability to share your data plan balance with other devices on the same plan.

Tello perks

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We've all experienced a shockingly high phone bill after we add a supposed low-cost extra. Tello offers a different way to stay connected and cut costs. All the following extras are included free of charge with Tello family plans:

  • Free unlimited texting
  • 4G LTE
  • Free hotspot
  • Free tethering
  • Free downgrades/upgrades
  • Free calls to Canada, Mexico, and China
  • Simple account management
  • No surprise fees

There are no contracts with Tello. If you need to use Tello temporarily while you're on vacation, you can do that. Simply cancel when you return. Want to jump on the Tello bandwagon with the whole family longterm? You can do that too. With Tello, you have total control of your bill and your plan.

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