Telstra Mango approved as well

We recently covered Vodafone announcing that they've completed Mango testing (opens in new tab) and are now awaiting Microsoft's green light for the roll-out to begin. We've now caught wind of Telstra being prepped and ready to release the major update to customers too. So let's throw this news into the cauldron with Taiwan's HTC store upgrade (opens in new tab) and it could almost be mistaken as a dream. The 'Spring' ETD almost had our eyeballs roll across the floor.

Source: Telstra (opens in new tab), via: WPDownUnder (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Not forgetting, of course, that 'spring' for Aussies is pretty much now... unless that's what you meant by the last sentence :p
  • Not forgetting, of course, that 'spring' for those Aussies is pretty much now... unless that's what you meant by your last sentence :P
  • Yep, s'what I meant :P
  • OOOH Australia. Yeah I was sweating it - I was like, if "Spring" is the precedent being set for carriers to deliver Mango, my head will explode!
  • Thanks Richard :) They shd have added another verse to that song for Northerners...."I come from a Land Down Under, where seasons reverse and trick ya":D :P
  • If mango don't arrives to my phone till Sunday I will buy a Iphone on Monday, period. This is just lame.... Is joking with the people that supports this OS against so many difficulties...
  • If that's how you feel about it, then by all means don't wait until Monday. Go now.
  • I wait till Sunday... I deserve a mobile with my language? Don't I? I'm waiting for 8 months that my phones speak Portuguese. Is dificulte? My first phone in 1999 had PT language pack
  • u could've simply installed the beta that's been floating around since late June.
  • The beta "that's been floating around since late June" doesn't resolve my problems... and people? come one? No WP7 are selling because there's only 4 languages!!!! 4?!?!?! How a OS come only with 4 languages???? NODO is pre-pre-beta, And mango that everyone are waiting for the past 12 months is beta. We are for the past months beta-testers... LOL. I paid for my LGE900 550 euros, I previous paid for my galaxyS 400 euros and if I buy a Iphone 3gs is cost in PT 300 euros. So don't question my love with WP7, question your obsession Wp7.
  • mango is NOT beta and it supports every language in the book. not my fault that u speak a language that's only spoken in 4 small countries at the most.
  • Beta comments aside, I didn't realise Brazil was such a small country...I'm sure the 1/4 of a BILLION native Portuguese speakers are patiently waiting on getting their language pack.It would be advantageous for MS to capture the emerging BRICS while the market is already emerging.
  • small countries? Brazil is small for you? Do you now what Portugal is? It supports every language? In nodo there's 4 languages!! You can't count? Portuguese is one of the first language that decents of the latin? No Latin, no other languages... ignorant.
  • I'm the ignorant one? maybe u should check ur other comments, if Portuguese was such a big language it would've been included from the start, and since u know English what's wrong with using it in English in the meantime? if Spanish even? don't u know that having things in ur second or third language helps it to stick with u more? use this as ur opportunity.
  • The WP7 have Italian and there is one country in the world that speak Italian, is Italy. Ten countries in the world have the primary language Portuguese. I speak +/- english but this is not the question, I want the speech for text feature for example.
  • Then how will you get Mango???
  • I'm not selling my Wp7... lol
  • I fail to see how every company every step of the way to deployment havign transparency on progress is something to get angry over.You seem to think there has been a release date set for Mango. This is because you take rumors as truth.Also, you bought a phone that doesn't meet your needs, and then call us crazy? I think you hold that title, friend.EDIT: This was meant to be a reply to jrmadail that didn't work out that way.
  • Crazy? I don't call anyone crazy!!! But yes I am crazy! I bought my LG because I liked the OS feeling, and still do (i'm crazy as **** ... but people, 4 lang? Theres is no app's in Marketplace. No Navigation, (and the navigation of mango is still rubish) etc. and you still say "You seem to think there has been a release date set for Mango. This is because you take rumors as truth.", The mango update is DONE. When they released the development beta the final version is DONE, and still we are 3 months in everyday suspense... and you call this "transparency", I call slug... too too slow and boring... for example Google maps in Android every week they upgrade... every week.For me the discussion is over. Going to buy a iphone for 49.99 euros in my carrier.
  • have fun with ur iPhoney watch u come crawling back.
  • It's the 15th. No mango. I was very much looking forward to this date. I knew it ws likely not official. However I dreamed. I really did.
  • Fantastic! We had to wait awhile for the last updates. Hopefully this doesn't mean the end of spring.....
  • @jrmadail: you talk pretty badly about an os that u supposedly like. and btw upgrading an os and upgrading google maps is not quite the same. it takes more to upgrade a simple app. and im sorrie your so impatient and cant wait for the os u so called like but honestly if it borthers u so much that it does have your language yet wth did u get it for in the first place. you shoulda got something else and waited till this supported your language
  • I don't thout in a milion years that it takes almost 18 months to have a stupid language pack....
  • @wpcentral: optus has also said its done with mango testing