Vodafone Australia finishes Mango testing awaiting green light

We are all waiting with anticipation to see what happens on September 15th with regards to a possible Mango release. Vodafone Australia might have just tipped Microsoft's hand in announcing on their blog site that they have completed carrier testing, approved the update and are now only waiting for deployment from Microsoft.

Microsoft has been busy today at the BUILD developer's conference showing off Windows 8. Could Microsoft's next center stage production at BUILD be the release of Mango, giving the green light to carriers to begin deployment?

If everything falls into place and we see a Mango release on the 15th, let us hope that all the carriers have worked as diligently as Vodafone Australia has.

source: vodafone via: wpdownunder Thanks Sheeds!

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  • Sweet - here's hoping... I have a Trophy from Vodafone in Australia, good to see them on top of this.
  • Will we be able to update from Mango beta 2 to official Mango normally via Zune?
  • I think you have to restore you NoDo backup and then update on the normal path....MS will confirm that in their blog post when they launch I'm sure.
  • The documentation that came with the beta invite to developers clearly stated that there would be NO upgrade path from Beta 1 or 2 to the final release. According to speculation not even the leaked RTM version has an upgrade path to the carrier tested versions.
  • Come onnnn, mango! fingers crossed for the 15th
  • Note: Australia is misspelt in the title.This is great news. It means multiple things.1. Mango is ready (or almost) for public release.2. Rollout will be much smoother than with NoDo.3. It's coming. :DAny idea about Mango for phones that aren't locked to specific carriers? I bought an unlocked phone from ____ Smith "Powerhouse" and I'm currently with Virgin.
  • Unlocked handsets are usually the first to receive the updates as they do no require testing by anyone other than Microsoft and it is up to Microsoft when the update is released. So should Mango be released on the 15th, you should receive the notification before most carrier specific models.
  • Just updated my Blog post at WPDownUnder (link above) - as Telstra answered my question (if not too specically) re: their timings for WP7 Mango release in Australia!!! :)
  • Regarding ATT if Mango is coming in a few weeks it isn't being shown at "Where's My Update?" as being in the "Testing" stage. WMU hasn't been updated since July 19th...