Testing the limits of Nokia's wireless charging pad

Ever wonder what all the Nokia wireless charging pad can work through? The obvious question would be "Can the wireless charger operate through a protective case?" but Windows Phone Central reader Nisse Tuta took things a bit further.

From a sock to a cooking pot, the wireless charger was put through the ringer of sorts. The Nokia Lumia 920 successfully made contact through every object except the metal cooking pot. The charging connection was even successful while holding the Lumia 920 a few inches above the charging pad.

I just wonder if Nisse had have put the Lumia 920 in the pot then placed the pot on the charger would it have worked. You can catch the full discussion on Nisse's wireless charging experiments here in the Windows Phone Central Forums (opens in new tab).

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  • That's how you do it Nokia.
  • are you telling me that the Nokia fatboy charger is just a regular charging plate slipped into a pillow?  Holy crap what a racket.
  • Exactly. A regular Nokia DT-900 slipped into a Fatboy pouch.
  • Nokia has taken a page from Apple in selling kitch to suckers.  I had to look up Fatboy to see what they even made and realized it is crap you buy at Urban Outfiters (and of course (RED) versions to make your capitalistic conscience feel better about buying overpriced crap)
  • Go troll elsewhere.
  • you bought one didn't you?  lolerz...
  • Yeah... And we need more of it:-) Coolest accessory ever! My Lumia deserves a Fatboy
  • I don't think Fatboy has a regular charging plate. 
    The pillow curves in and I believe the charging plate is thicker than the thickness of the pillow when curved in. 
    Even if it is not, I guess, someone needs to open up fatboy and confirm. I doubt it is same charging plate. 
  • It has a regular DT-900 charging plate. And the pouch doesn't curve in when you put the charger inside of it.
  • Only if you're wacko enough to buy one... I don't understand the attraction... the regular one is the most versatile option.
  • I say go down to your local nursing home and find a grandma to knit you a pillow.
  • The stand is superior imho - the NFC accessory app is also cool
  • Exactly what I was coming to say. Holy shit, what a rip, so the MSRP I've seen for this thing, it includes both the charging plate and the pouch right? Not just the pouch?
  • Inteller...were you expecting the polyester fiber/down/cotton in the Fatboy to, somehow, have tiny chargers embedded within them?
  • Haha yeah... You just realised that?
  • I wonder if it would work had they used an 820/810/822. I would think the wireless charging shell in addition to a case, would prove to make wirelessly charging the phone pretty difficult.
  • The wireless charging backplate puts the antenna on the 820/22/12 in the same place as on the 920. It should be an identical antenna, so the charging abilitis should also be Identical
  • It is good that you bring this up. I believe that every wirelessly chargeable phone needs to be put through their paces. I initially had trouble with the Verizon 8x charging on the regular pad, but it seems to be working now.
  • I've got an otterbox on my 822 and wireless charging works fine through the case.
  • Ditto. Have a silicon case for my 822 and wireless charging works just fine.
  • I would love to check this out if only att would send me my damn charger. I've been waiting three weeks now
  • Check to make sure AT&T still has your order. I had to go back to the store after waiting 1 month for mine to arrive. Turns out they had no record of the order, even though I had a physical receipt in hand. They resubmitted the order and I received it in 5 days
  • Same here, except I haven't gotten it yet, but you have to keep calling because it seems like they lose your order or if you're on the list you end up NOT being on the list.
  • Works fine with my Otterbox. I keep it at bedside as it comes in handy when shutting off the alarm in the morning
  • Good to know. I have a 822 as well, and I just got a wireless charger and silicone case.
  • Omg that red thing is beautiful
  • yeah, I know.
  • DOES ANYONE KNOW THE NAME OF THE SONG? :O i need that song for my project!
  • sounds like an instrumental version of the song in the Avengers movie.
  • Don't think so. I have the soundtrack and i've listened to it a couple dozen times
  • Its Far Cry 3 theme song. Falling in to dream. :)
  • It is Brian Tyler - Falling into Dreams from the Far Cry 3 Soundtrack :)
  • If you look at the video as soon as he puts the pot down, the chargers startes to go crazy. The light blinks off and on so it seems it will never work though metal.
  • The charger had an identity crisis: it didn't know if it's a wireless charger or an induction cooker ...
  • This.
  • "After you are done with my phone, I could use some Romen."
  • For some reason I think that the charging sound is very satisfying. I love it every time I plug in my 900.
  • It's very similar to the sound on my HTC HD7... possibly the same!
  • It's a Windows Phone charging sound. It has nothing to do with the manufacturer.
  • I have my charge plate mounted under my desktop. I just lay the phone on the desk over the charger and it works fine.
    I had to make a couple of little marks on the surface so I would know where to lay the phone, but it's highly effective.
  • Does it take any longer to charge?
  • Does it actually charge the phone or just make the connection sound?
  • Yes, that's something important that should be tested. Does the distance make an impact on how long it takes to charge? Or what about something else? Being on crooked? Will that make it worse? Also, I would like to know about charging times compared to being plugged in.
  • I just want to know which is better when you need to quickly charge up: wireless or wired?
  • Pretty sure wireless charging is better for the battery, although you would think the opposite. I remember reading that somewhere. I just can't remember where. As for charging speed, I have no clue.
  • it actually charges the phone AND make the cnnection sound............. i guess =P
  • LOL te music was like: c'mon!!! you can do it !!!! come oooonnn wirless charging pad!!! come ooonnn!!!!
  • Big time Fail!  The music should be more dramatic. 
  • I would love to see the thickness of wood.....
  • What?!?
  • How think wood can it charge through. 1/4", 1/2" 1"...etc. I want to build wireless chargers into things and if I know for sure it could go thorugh a 1/2" of wood, Then the 1/4" in my nightstand would be no problem but, my desk would need to be thicker...
    See what I am getting at ?
  • Just for all those who don't know,
    There are only two things that can affect wireless charging. Material and distance.
     Wireless charging works from magnetic induction. We do not need to test every single phone case to verify if it will work or not. The only thing that matters is if the case has any materials that will interfere with magnets. This is why the metal pot went crazy.
    The second thing that affects wireless charging is distance. The farther away the two magnets are, the weaker the power. Even though a case will not prohibit it from charging, it will increase the time it takes to charge compared to without a case.
    As long as nothing is interfering with the magnetism and the distance between the magnets isn't too far, wireless charging will work.
  • i switched from iPhone5 and I'm loving my matte black 920. Just got yesterday the wireless charger; it works like a charm. Witing for the wireless stand and then I'll be really happy.
  • Good to hear! Welcome to the family of Windows Phone!
  • This video, although well made, is really pointless. If it can charge thru the fatboy 'pillow'(imo the biggest rip off pos that rivals the likes of Apple), it can charge thru a sock. 
  • If you can't tell, it doesn't charge "through" the pillow. The charger is really close to the phone. Besides, if it was through the pillow, it would make it pointless since it would take longer to charge.
  • How about that!
  • Yes but what happens when you plug it into a wired charger, then put it on the wireless pad? Won't anyone test it out? :)
  • Hmm... I would assume one would be canceled out.
  • That's pretty wild. No pan though? Shit. Always got a pan on my plate..
  • anyone else not have theirs yet....still waiting on mine jesus.
  • Brother has one and its sick
    Tho I do prefer my charging dock
  • Did my own little testing this morning.. charges through my side table.. posted video here.. am using an Energizer Qi charger although the Nokia charging plate worked well too...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4i7LxEXQd4&feature=youtu.be
  • Yea, the Energizer QI chargers you can find on ebay for under $20 too...I got one for $12.. A lot cheaper than the nokia ones...