Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile

File this under late news for the weekend but the new Instagram beta app for Windows 10 Mobile has pulled out a late night (in the US) update for the weekend. The new app from Instagram was first spotted on the Store earlier on Monday.

Unfortunately, due to the Store lacking version numbers and the app being a port using Facebook's Osmeta development tools we cannot ascertain what version the app is up to nor what has changed.

The Store listing still has the various issues e.g. Facebook login, "Share to" functionality, and Crashes/stability in creation workflow as known issues. However, updated changelogs in the Store can lag behind the actual update by half a day or more, so we may have to check later on Saturday to see if it has been updated.

In using the app we have not immediately noticed any changes, however, there is the chance that having the app installed on an SD card is addressed (that was a known issue) or that other minor fixes have been implemented.

For now, we'll turn it over to you to notice any changes, but out the gate, we're still a few builds out from this app being completely up to par with user expectations.

Download Instagram (beta 1) for Windows 10 Mobile

Thanks, Ahmed F., and others for the tips

QR: instagram

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