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The new Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile grabs a small update

File this under late news for the weekend but the new Instagram beta app for Windows 10 Mobile has pulled out a late night (in the US) update for the weekend. The new app from Instagram was first spotted on the Store earlier on Monday.

Unfortunately, due to the Store lacking version numbers and the app being a port using Facebook's Osmeta development tools we cannot ascertain what version the app is up to nor what has changed.

The Store listing still has the various issues e.g. Facebook login, "Share to" functionality, and Crashes/stability in creation workflow as known issues. However, updated changelogs in the Store can lag behind the actual update by half a day or more, so we may have to check later on Saturday to see if it has been updated.

In using the app we have not immediately noticed any changes, however, there is the chance that having the app installed on an SD card is addressed (that was a known issue) or that other minor fixes have been implemented.

For now, we'll turn it over to you to notice any changes, but out the gate, we're still a few builds out from this app being completely up to par with user expectations.

Download Instagram (beta 1) for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Ahmed F., and others for the tips

QR: instagram

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  • Seems faster. Not saying that because it's an overused ongoing inside joke, but because it genuinely seems faster. Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • Previous version was lagging too much on l720....its time to give it another try
  • Can you post the link here? For the app. Please?
  • There's a link to the app in the article and in the app.
  • Eh, he said "please".
  • The live tile has turned to blue after the last update, earlier it was only a black and white tile.. Seemed like a 3rd party tile
  • Also, they took away the large tile size... Try it. It will not go large anymore (which is stupid) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Yeah right, same as the old 8.1 ap tile. Yet the new tile doesnt show any signs of new likes or whatever.. Though im happy to have the official instagram on board, cant wait for FB messenger as well!
  • At least it looks better than before on my Start Screen Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • It wouldn't update on my phone and I made the mistake of uninstalling it. It won't let me install it anymore... I'm so angered Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Good to see this getting updated, although using another tech to port things. But I wonder what if they use Microsoft's Bridge app to port Instagram? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Facebook is always a step ahead of everyone. Who knows but maybe if this port works well they'll probably offer it to dev's that want to port their apps to the platform in the future.
  • Definitely faster wen using in India Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The live tiles has changed Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Is it working now? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Not sure but they changed icon and the god-awful white tile to blue (like the old beta app) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Nah, it's not live but the tile looks better.
  • Well, it's just blue now.. Lol. Does look better, though.
  • Yup working now... Worked for me this time.. Had to uninstall and then install again on internals. L1320
  • Lol is this more updates for this new one then the original beta got? I kid, I kid. I still use 6tag and see no obvious reason to use this new app, but glad to see it being updated Sent using Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 1520
  • So far it's a tie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • It's looking good. I mean, they can't get worse can they lol
  • Actually, it's not too bad. Except that weird iOS settings menu. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Less crashing now
  • It no longer tell you it's a beta when you start up.
  • Tile change from that ugly white
  • Is it only me who finds this instagram better than 6tag? 6tag's direct message needs to be faster.
  • Cannot see old messages in 6tag and also can not message without sending a photo.
  • You're right. These issues need to be solved for 6tag.
    Where can I voice my opinion? It's there a UserVoice page for 6tag?
  • I think Rudy knows about these issues and he is working on a UWP version of the app so hopefully it will be fixed. Though, you can email him or tweet him about the issues or any suggestions
  • I guess he's just busy playing around with W10M ROMs on his Android phones...
  • I think we are seeing Instagram done right finally. 6Tag served it's purpose, but so far i really like this new official app.
  • Yes, let's see what Rudy has for us.
  • 6tag UWA probably fix that Posted from Lumia 638 Windows 10
  • I also like it a lot better than 6tag.
  • I like 6tag better. More options for saving pictures and videos
  • I prefer 6tah, mostly because Rudy huyn is a boss, and having instagram is just having the best of both worlds Posted on the universal windows 10 windows central app on my Lumia 1020
  • No, I also find it better but it would have been a different story had instagram not done the multiple accounts. It's faster (despite current issues), notifications work, direct msging works much better and i like the long press on photos. That said, I appreciate Rudy's efforts for filling in the gap this whole time and at some points giving us a better experience. I still love that on 6tag we can download photos as opposed to screen shots and that we can hide sponsored posts.
  • No,me too.
  • I am pretty new to instagram, so do not know this layout or functionality from iPhone... I actually prefer the feel and look of 6tag
  • Shake to report issue works and I can finally access my profile page.
  • Cool.
  • It worked before, it was just off by default.
  • No it didn't. Not for a lot of us. Shaking never did anything and it would always prompt to turn it on. Don't be a dick.
  • Except that a few people in these comments are saying the same thing as me. It didn't work until you played around with it in the settings and then it did. Don't be a dick by trying to imply someone else is trying to be a dick.
  • I didn't even have access to settings before this update.
  • One small change I have noticed is that the maximized live tile is now colored. Previously the tile was completely white. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 950
  • Still not able to acess photos
  • What are you seeing? On my 950XL It loads an empty framework for the app (blue header bar, white body, block of color in the footer) and nothing else. 
  • Yeah the same
  • This is the splash screen for the app. If you have the app installed on your SD Card, move it to the phone and that should resolve this issue.
  • Move it to your phone storage.....
  • Yep, just that. And yes, it's already on the phone storage. EDIT: It takes about 1 minute and the photos appeared. It's very slow, but I guess this will be fixed in another update. L830
  • Early this morning I was finally able to use the app to login with my Facebook account, so I was happy about that! I'm about to update the app right now, hopefully there'll be some changes, but any bug fixing update is a good one! Posted From Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 1520
  • What I've noticed is that in addition to the observations other users have posted, the app now displays an indeterminate progress bar at he top of the screen when scrolling through content that's not yet entirely loaded. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Things are getting so exciting when the hope finally pays off and I could finally stop criticizing windows 10 mobile!
    +w10m :)
  • It definitely looks better scaled than before. And it does load a bit quicker. Im gonna check if battery drain improves.
  • Changes I noticed:
    - changed icon design
    - faster startup (drastically improved)
    - faster video playing
    - stability improvements
    - shake to send feedback now works
    - Upload photos from gallery (was broken in previous build)
  • Use 6tag. Rudys Instagram app is as fast as this one and a bit better and less filled with features nobody needs (personal opinion) Posted from your moms place
  • Rudy Huyn? The guy who prefers using Windows 10 Mobile on Android devices?
  • Thanks, that tweet speaks the truth. Glad you posted that link.
  • Rudy is saving windows mobile for years with all his unofficial apps of snapchat, tinder, instagram and such Posted from your moms place
  • 6snap has been removed .
  • 6snap has been removed .
  • And if he runs win 10 on other phones then wuhuw ^^ can totally understand that actually since windows own phones are meh
  • Actually it has a lot of cool features 6tag doesn't have.
  • Shake to send feedback worked before the update. It was just off by default and buried in those terrible iOS menus.
  • No. It didn't. Not for a lot of us.
  • And, they took away the large tile size. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • also, notification in action center is finally works. video is still laggy in my l720 but eh, i'm using 6tag. :P
  • Double tap to like works better than before too.
    But the app loads a bit slower than before on my Lumia 730.
  • That used to be a major issue, double tap sometimes wouldn't work, hope that gets fixed in this update Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Live tile and text formatting have been changed, but the app is still laggy for me.
  • It doesn't have a live tile yet. It has a tile. Rebel Base, Hoth... using the new beta app!
  • Still not opening. It's just showing a blank page. Physically shaking the phone also does nothing.
  • Try installing it on internal storage
  • Ok let me try
  • Install it on phone storage. The shake will work if you turn it(post a feedback from setting and it will ask you to turn it)
  • I tried that. Never worked for me
  • Live tile icon has changed KUA
  • Yep, has the proper logo now!
  • Camera is still not focusing, went back to the old app and it works fine.
  • Followed link to store, but the option to download is greyed out. How do I get this???
  • Copy and paste the link directy on ur edge
  • They have changed that hideous icon at last
  • Videos dont play and opening the app looks like a mess.
  • It's still better than "instagram BETA" in 8.1 Posted via my Lumia 532 Dual SIM daily driver running build .107
  • U shup update to build.164 it works smooth
  • The Instagram icon is changed, looks like WP version
  • - The tile changed from that white one
    - the windows welcome message now does not appear at every run
  • Logo changed from that stupid white and black to blue. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • It needs to have the ability to be transparent! I don't know why so many app makers insist on having colored tiles. I know the app by the logo, not the color behind it! Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Still rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • "Thew" new?
  • Yaaa
  • That is the new way to say "The new"
  • The extra new is a typo...
  • Is this an iOS port or made from scratch for Windows 10?
  • Ios port
  • Try read the article... The answer to ur question is there. U need glasses
  • Did you guys knew that for example on settings menu, you can hold from left and slide to go back just like on iOS. This feature is not supported on Android! ☺ Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Why does this need to be installed on the internal storage? I get an error downloading, it asks to change my storage to internal then it errors again. Loop. Posted on a L950XL with Fingers 10
  • Because it works only in internal storage
  • Ok I get that, I was asking why. Still doesn't solve the error.
  • You can first install the app on internal storage and then u can move it to sd card it works fine
  • Shake to feedback works for me now , i can do instagram direct to my friend now and no more "thank you ....." Notification when lauch the app everytime
  • Haa
  • I was truly sick of seeing that thank you notification
  • It so good it won't even let me download it. Sent from Lumia 950
  • Download it on internal storage
  • Yes I got it . Thank you all. Was to early in the morning lol
  • Facebook login now works. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Video keeps buffering sometimes and after that it closes.....
  • If it continues like this, it would be the best thing windows done since lately
  • The logo has changed from the beta tastic black and white to the normal instagram logo.
  • Instagram add better Livetile and the Font is thicker
  • Much faster. The red "heart" is now there. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seems beta
  • There is no that anoying "Welcome to beta" thing anymore
  • Shake to send feedback is not working yet. U can't also upload photos from ur onedrive synced gallery :(
  • Try playing with the toggle in the settings or enact sending feedback manually. It should start working then.
  • 1. Coloured tile
    2. Friend suggestions
    3. Seems faster :p
  • Friend suggestion oddly enough, started working last night ...just updated my app now, seems like some of the issues are backend work.
  • Yea and coloured tile
  • Won't download on my Lumia 640XL,keep getting an error
  • Try downloading to phone storage not sd card
  • Still a battery guzzler Posted from my Lumia 1520 high on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Meh. Rudys version is still better Posted from your moms place
  • Unable to download the app. Opened the article in d browser and then clicked on the link. It takes me to the store web page. Any other way to download this app?
  • Download it on the internal storage
  • I cannot click on the download link. It just doesn't open the store. It opens a tab on the edge browser and goes to the web page of the store
  • Switch to mobile version from desktop version of pages in Edge's settings.
  • Thanks much
  • You misspelled "the" in your title.
  • The three dots has been removed and now has a drop down arrow, you can now chat within the app, through instagram direct, and can also send pic message through instagram direct
  • Lol
  • I love the article title: Thew new
  • Is this real life?
  • Those sliding left/right/up animations are awesome. Makes the entire experience snappy. Microsoft should seriously learn from Apple about animations and replace the stupid ass animations Windows 10 mobile and it's apps has. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Videos play instantly
  • The app logo has changed to the same as the old instagram beta and they appear to clash now, ie if u try to install this one with the old beta installed it thinks you already have it. Maybe they're replacing the old beta with the new one? Personally I like it but it needs the regramming options that 6tag has also autoplay video toggles would be nice.
  • One thing I realized it's the possibility of hold press when checking other people's profile or stalking your crush a popup window appeared and you can like, comment or whatever, pretty handy.
  • It has suggestions for you at the top instead of that "thank you for using instagram Windows beta" dialog. And video playback seems to be working. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on Lumia 535
  • This shows what is App Gap ...
  • The app gap is all of the other apps we're missing.
  • New update now only allows installation on internal storage
  • This app doesn't work at all on Lumia 535 lol. All I See is just the homepage which is unresponsive.
  • Install it on the internal storage, it doesn't work on SD card. It works fine on my 535. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on Lumia 535
  • Good to have updates... However I still like 6tag...esp the dark theme. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Thew"
  • Thew new
  • Opening the app doesn't show the welcome note anymore.
  • I had previously said before about that
  • This I noticed: The filters now display the right size in the camera. The ellipse on posts has been removed and replaced with a down arrow. The over all app performs way faster, has less crashes and the scrolling seems smoother. The live tile has been updated to match the one on the original instagram beta. The welcome to the beta message is now gone.
  • I've noticed the Instagram Direct no longer shows a blank white page if you haven't used it and it also suggests contacts as well
  • The Major changes i feel
    Thambnail change from white to Blue colour.
    Physicall shake for repoting problem is now working (it was usless before update).
    I will tell more if i note anuthing else. Shame on Her. Arshi Khan get Fully nude . Watch video :o
  • I hope this time they will eventually ditch the beta tag.
  • Its better, but still not a patch on the iOS or Android version. But we are getting there at last. From my Windows 950XL flying high on Windows 10
  • The first beta was ported from the current iOS version. It's all about bugfixing and adapting it to Windows for now.
  • Does the posting of videos and pics work well?
  • The app tile changed
  • Works a bit better with update
  • Plus app tile changed
  • The previous version crashed on start on my Lumia 640 with .164. This updated version works - but needs to be installed on internal memory (not SD card). So for me this is of course a great update: it works.
  • It's not loading for me. It just freezes. Ugh.
  • I found a version no. Under open source library opinion in setting page and it's v.7.17.0 Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • *option Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Don't think it'll ever be better than 6tag but that's IMO. Right now the 6tag wp8.1 version is miles ahead in front of the instagram version for wp8.1 and when the w10m version for 6tag is completed I see it even further ahead of this new instagram for w10m. What I would like is for the windows central w10m app to be updated to stop crashing on first start from start screen, to be tried again at least 2X before actual start up.
  • - dark theme
    - no autoplay for videos
    - option to hide sponsored posts
    - like or not
    - and, most important, a 100% UWP app (Rudy is working on it)
    6tag FTW
  • It's beta
  • Yeah, but the official app don't have any of these (specially the choice to not see sponsored posts, duh). I hope I'm wrong but apart of the UWP app I don't see anything else from this list coming to the Instagram app
  • Why would i need dark theme ?
  • More option is always better
  • It's an extra, but a good one. I use the dark theme on my Lumia and apart of Facebook (and Instagram, duh) all the apps that I use follow the system theme. Even the outdated Twitter app has a dark theme. 6tag has an optional dark theme, and it's the first thing I set once I'm logged in. It would be nice to have a dark theme in Instagram as well, but it's not there on the others platforms so I highly doubt we'll get one.
  • Seems faster! Very few lags.. And still more iOS kind We'll probably see it transforming from iOS to Windows design standards in coming updates
  • The only thing I see deferent is the live tile. It's blue now Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I think they'll have it polished by the event. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using My Beastly 1520
  • Still not as good as 6tag!
  • seems like they will make a serious job Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Is there any difference between iOS design ad windows design??
  • They're changing design piece by piece. Context menu is still iOS.
  • True
  • It works! It didnt work before on my 640. I just got to try it today and it is fabulous. Its pretty good for a first try at a beta. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Yup, same on 630. Sent few feedbacks though.
  • Yeah
  • Well, they did change/fix that fugly tile.
  • True
  • How is this better then the 6tag? Honestly
  • I don't think it's better, but having the official app in a decent level is great for the platform. Instagram was always one of the major flaws on Windows, and most people don't even know about 6tag and others, so it's important to have the official app available. Personally, 6tag will always be better for me. At least until Instagram delivers a 100% native, UWP app with a dark theme, no-autoplay and w/o ads (paid posts, I mean, not the traditional app ads), which will never happen. ;-) It's all about the opinions in the end. Some people may stick with 6tag, others may prefer the official app instead. It's a double-Win :-)
  • Is anyone else not able to download the app? The link in the article takes me to the Store webpage, but the "Get the App" link is grayed out and doesn't work. Searching for it in the app store just brings up the 8.1 version.
  • You need to change your browser settings from desktop version to mobile.
  • Thanks!  That did the trick.
  • Didn't anyone notice that the ellipse (...) beside every post is now replaced with a down arrow ? Coming closer to Windows 10 style :)
  • Nice app is much faster now
  • Still lags Posted via Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 650.
  • Will it come to Win 10? My surface 3 need it
  • Instagram is mostly mobile only, but it'll be awesome to have it on PCs / tablets too.
  • Two things...First, this is developed and ported by Facebook, so, why can't they seem to fix the facebook sharing? Second, am I the only one that can't seem to share pics that I already took? Am I just not waiting long enough to load? Open to any suggestions.
  • Updated it overnight, the app definitely seems faster® 6tag has been here for ages, and it's a final app, while the new Instagram app is a beta. Their team is doing a good job on the Windows port. Even if you still rather 6tag (like me), give the official app a try and send your feedback if you see something wrong. The new users who don't know about 6tag will thank you. :)
  • Swype works after the update, but still no word suggestion
  • App loading a bit faster ,but still crashing when try to record video or upload photo .
  • I've reported issue.
  • Yes yes yes, it's beta
  • Seeing DMs for the first time. Lol..i wonder what else I've been missing from other apps.
  • DMs have been avail in 6Tag.
  • Is it available for PUBLIC??
  • Yes
  • The live tile changed from the black/white thing. Usernames are all bold.
  • Wait... Osmeta? -Mach 8 Solutions, LLC a software company.
  • Yawn. 
  • New tile... Faster.more stable in my experience.
  • It is more responsive this time. But still, uploading is not possible. I used only for viewing and liking posts and comments.
  • I wish they'd do the same with the actual fb app haha
  • "Get this app" tab doesn't work in website & can't find it in the store either. Can anyone kindly suggest.
  • Less prone to crashing and a somewhat decent tile. That's what's new.
  • Can't share with Facebook
  • But we love 6tag☺
  • Soon you can use it on PC too, Rudy is making 6tag universal app.
  • It could Shoot pictures from camera now. Sent by Windows Central For W10 mobile. Lumia 920
  • The app is pretty much useless on my 650. It stutters very often. Posted via Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 650.
  • Was giving me error during uninstalled the old version and then changed to install apps on internal memory....then finally app installed
  • Won't install the update on my 1520 even after I set it to install on the device and not storage. I guess I'll just be a spectator in the nose bleed seats for now. Edit: Setting to install to the phone, uninstalling, reboot then install seems to have resolved it.  I like where its going. Looks very nice.
  • This version finally works on my L640 on .164.
  • So why doesn't the App Store list important things like version number and changelog?
  • I have a Nokia Lumia 830 and this app does not show up in the store, only the old one.  I tried using the QR Code but it takes me to the broweser page and it does not let me click the app. I also entered to this article using Edge on my phone an clicking the hyperlink and it won't work, because it does the same thing the QR Code does. Can someone help me out? Edit: Read a comment about the same problem, going to try that out.  
  • Pressing and holding on a picture will show a preview now, just like the ios and android version. Not sure if this is new or though
  • i have lumia 430 , when i opened the store to download the update it wasn't avilable and this is what was written { to use this app,you'll need a device with more features, for more details , see additional inforation > hardware requirements. } what i wana know is the app avilable for certain phone only or there something wrong with my phone