Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile is now available to download as an early beta

Over the weekend, a video revealed what was supposed to be the iOS-ported version of the new Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile.

Today, that app is evidently available to download for the public. We have just installed what looks to be a full-featured Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile on our Lumia 650, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

There is even a little notice at the top welcoming us to the Windows 10 Mobile Instagram beta.

From the app description:

"Thanks for using Instagram Windows Beta. If something isn't working, give feedback directly to the team by physically shaking your phone."

"Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world's moments. Transform your everyday photos and videos into works of art and share them with your family and friends."

"See the world through somebody else's eyes by following not only the people you know, but inspirational Instagrammers, photographers, athletes, celebrities and fashion icons. Every time you open Instagram, you'll see new photos and videos from your closest friends, plus breathtaking moments shared by creative people across the globe."

Over 400 million people use Instagram to:

  • Edit photos and videos with free, custom-designed filters.
  • Improve photos with 10 advanced creative tools to change brightness, contrast and saturation as well as shadows, highlights and perspective.
  • Find people to follow based on the accounts and photos you already love.
  • Connect with Instagrammers all over the world and keep up with their photos and videos.
  • Send private photo and video messages directly to friends.

Instagram (beta) for Windows 10 Mobile

Under the 'What's new in this version' there are the following notes for known issues:

  • Facebook login
  • "Share to" functionality
  • Crashes/stability in creation workflow

We can confirm some instability issues including taking photos and using the editor to post then the images. However, all the features appear to be there we had no issues logging into our existing account. App performance is not as good at 6tag, but this is an early v1 beta.

We'll be posting a hands-on video shortly, but for now, feel free to grab the app while it is still open. The app is not available for Windows 10 for PC, and there is no mention if it will become available in the future or if this will be a mobile-only app experience.

Update: We have been told that the Instagram beta app is not ported using Project Islandwood (iOS), but instead is using Facebook's own Osmeta technology.

Download Instagram (beta 1) for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

Big thanks to Fela A. for the tip!

QR: instagram

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nice surprise for a Monday.
  • Indeed! Also shows that Project Islandwood has a lot of potential - if only we could garner decent user additions (and not fall) and the app developers have an open mind.
  • This isn't project islandwood, read the "Update" at the bottom of the article :)
  • What is the osmeta ?
  • What is the osmeta ?
  • ask Facebook Inc.
  • An OS in meta form before beta I suppose Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • An OS in meta form before beta I suppose Posted from
    Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Well said on the decent user addition.
    It's said this is not an islandwood port, it's written using FB own language.
  • Totally a nice surprise. Just moved to those 10 mobile and 6 tag doesn't seem to be updating its live tile. So this is coming at just the right time. Thanks for letting us know. Anyone happen to know why 6 tag is not updating my Windows 10 live tile?
  • I don't know about that specific issue, but 6tag was made for Windows 8(.1). This may be why it's not working. I know that Rudy is working on an updated W10 version, and given his reputation I know it will be awesome. However he is just one person, with quite a few apps, so I understand it takes time.
  • Right now, Rudy Huyn is busy working on the Dropbox app (the company hired him a couple of months ago). He will eventually update all his for W10M. Have some patience.
  • Yeah, and this one person also has a full-time job unrelated to WP.
  • I​ have the impression that Dropbox is his full-time job now?
  • I also had the problem with the live tile for 6tag, in the latest updates it was solved. The trick is to pin your timeline (or any other), not just pin the app.
  • I'm having the no live issue as well. Can you please explain how to pin your timeline? And what images does it so? Back in the day it would show random images from instagram. Not really interested in seeing my own pics, their already showing on my photos tile
  • What I mean is that you can pin anyone's timeline from inside the app, resulting in a live tile that shows that TL's new images. If you just want it to show the pics from those you follow (that's what I meant by your timeline, my bad), instead of just pinning the app icon, pin it from inside the app. That way you're pinning the photo stream, not the app. I think that's what I did that made it work. And yeah, I remember back in the WP 8.1 days, I had two icons for 6tag pinned. One was the blue one with the icon, the app tile. The other one was the one I created from inside the app that showed the new images everyone else that I followed was posting. I hope this helps you.
  • I've done that on 6tag (pinning from within the app) and all that gives me is a tile of the latest picture when I pinned it. It never changes... hmm...
  • Yayy, I can finally uninstal the older Instagram beta =) ...I use 6tag but I had the old insta app pinned for more reliable notifications as well as Creating locations, glad this has finally made it's way's hoping they actually update it, unlike the previous version.
  • I really hope they will improve scrolling. It feels like it's a Silverlight app with the choppy scrolling :)
  • OMG! Now, lets get official facebook and twitter apps made for windows 10 on mobile and Ill be a happtly person. Sent through Windows Central app for Windows 10 from my Lumia 525.
  • So recently I picked up a Moto X Pure and I still have my 640 and the differences in the apps that the platforms have in common is astounding. On Windows you still can not approve timeline items and a few other things have to be done on the mobile web. Instagram works a lot better but I preferred 6tag anyway.  Everything about the Windows on a phone platform is superior outside of the thrid party apps. The tiles, contacts, email, and every other phone interaction is better. I wish there was a midrange windows phone that supported Hey Cortana for a truly hands free experience while I drive.
  • How about the Acer Jade Primo and the Microsoft Lumia 650?
  • 650 doesn't support hey Cortana, Primo isn't really midrange +640/Win10
  • The Primo is a solidly midrange phone.
  • The Lumia 650 is not midrange. The processor is low end. The Acer Jade Primo is not available yet and we do not know US pricing on the device. The kit is going for $880 US but is not for sale here neither is the phone which from estimates will be over $400. I bought the Moto X Pure which came out the same time this did and for a 32 GB unit it was $379.99 with the same specs. So I agree that the Jade Primo would be great.
  • I would think the primo will cost $500+...not what I consider midrange. Although primo could cost $400 still to expensive for me to consider midrange...and I don't think it will be that cheap. +640/Win10
  • I can only imagine what this years MS Build event holds for us.
  • Totally waiting to get a look at the new universal FB Messenger app!
  • If porting is the way forward then I'm all for it..... More apps should be ported... Exciting times ahead Posted from my Lumia 1520 high on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Not working on L535. Crashes just after app is opened. Any solution? Or should i wait for next update?
  • Try uninstalling it and reinstalling it on the device not the sd card Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Move it to the device, wasn't working on my 640 as it was installed on my SD card
  • I also had same issue. Would not open after installing to SD card. OK, trying to install to internal memory. Promoting W10M 8-bit tile art
  • Yes, installed on internal memory and now working
  • Same issue... working now, thanks.
  • I don't get it. I've been using Instagram on my Lumia 950 for months. Is this a different version?
  • LOL. Yes. Says in the article. Windows 10
  • Sorry, it's slow thinking day....Oooooookay I guess I need to uninstall the current instagram app I'm running, head to the store and download the new app...bit confusing though...why don't they just update the existing app?
  • Because a w10 application can't run on wp 8.1
  • Also because there will be phones out there still running WP8 so you cannot just update the old app.
  • I just dont get it. I have also been using Instagram beta for months.. and the onlu one available onmy store is the same one i have been using.. So ****** up  
  • Follow the link in the article and you will find the other instagram beta application. You can't just find it in the store because it is still hidden.
  • My link won't download the app Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • It's about to rain and storm apps!!
  • For me, most news occurs on the week beginning. Almost nothing goes on over the weekend. Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • That's the most important app for me, i'm happy :)
  • Generally the updates are on the top of the article...
  • Agreed. A pretty big one, too, as an avid Instagram user myself. This is a step in the right direction. 
  • Crashes on start on my 525
  • Install in internal memory
  • The app in the store has the screenshot from the iOS app :P
    Look at those network bars :D
  • The big question is if you encounter an error will they auto block your account permanently. That's what happened when I install the original Instagram Beta.
  • iOS  Style 3D touch is also supported
  • Do you know if it supports the higher resolution image uploads like iOS & Android??
  • Have you heard anything about the messenger app? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • There's a meta before a beta? Hahaha. Instagram for WP Beta! Coming in 2017 even though there was a beta in 2014, but lets pretend that never existed With the official release on in 2020!
    What a joke.
    Been with windows phone for 3 years now. Giving it a chance after a chance, defending it. Now I've realized it's not worth it. I hate android and IOS, but they are superior. See you windows. It was nice.
  • I might be late or slow, but the shaking thing doesn't work for me. What am I missing?
  • The store link is not working for me. Currently running build .122 on a Lumia 625
  • Hope it won't stay in "Beta" like the WP app
  • Will this always be a beta?
  • Don't use it myself, but glad to see some progress on the promises made by Microsoft/Facebook
  • Except 6tag is still better. I mean, auto playing videos? Who ever thought that was a good idea?!
  • So do you want an official app, or not? I'm confused.
  • Not when the official app is worse than 3rd party alternatives. The official apps for Twitter, Instagram, and Vine are all bad in various ways. (On all platforms, not just Windows.)
  • In terms of general userbase, though, it's this official app that counts. For most people that would consider moving to Windows 10 Mobile, they'd want official apps at the same standard they are used to. Slightly more hardcore users will then opt for the choice that suits them - which may or may not be third party apps like 6tag.
  • Well said!
  • But 6tag didn't have push notification :p
  • You get +4 for that! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • It's a Instagram thing. So do you want an official app, or not? I'm confused [2]
  • I wonder if Rudy will scale down his development time on 6tag given there will now be an official app. If I recall correctly, I thought I read at one time he really only develops apps where there is not an official app.
  • He said he Was making 6tag a universal app. I'd prefer 6tag to the official but it's good to have the official app on board
  • I recall reading that as well. Hopefully he comes through with it as I do enjoy using 6tag.
  • Your thoughts were not correct,you can develop an app third party provided the official owner allows it
  • I wasn't implying that you could not develop a 3rd party app if an official was also available... My understanding was he only has "interest" in developing apps where a proper 1st party app is not available. Given Instagram now appears to be putting effort into their WM10 app. I wonder if he will scale things back?
  • Lol at least they're showing interest in Windows
  • Zuckerberg...thats who.
  • Videos in instagram autoplay on Android too. At least for me.
  • AutoPlay is also on 6tag, right? I'm always (trying to, actually, groove is buggy as hell) listening to music so every time I open 6tag I get a warning that autoplaying a video will stop the music player, so it offers to momentarily turn auto play off.
  • actually if you go to settings > general there is a box you can check on or off for auto-play videos
  • At least it defaults to the sound off though.
  • Not interested in a company which never updated it's app for windows 8 or 8.1
  • You should try it out, if you like photos and social apps, it's a good one. Anyway since we have 6tag it's not as urgent to get a good Instagram app from Instagram.
  • "nobody is making windows phone apps because they think the market is too small and it's not worth their time, so when an app with a big footprint actually comes around to WP, i'm not gonna download and support it because **** them. there is no way these kind of actions could lead to more of the same behavior where developers ignore us, because they'll know i mean business when i stick it to them big time!"
  • Looks to be a great app finally! It just can't be any worse than the perpetual beta Instagram had previously on WP 8.1
  • I'm not hip to these apps. I always thought Instagram was like an Uber for weed delivery.
  • Is that like Dial-a-Joint? Or, in this case Text-a-Splif.
  • Omg wat? I suppose you could successfully use it for that lol, but out never crossed my mind
  • I just need Windows 10 Mobile release data :D
  • Soon
  • You're going to get a thousand people telling you to jump through the hoops and over the hurdles to deal with all the b.s. Of the insider preview. I'm with you, but good luck.
  • Zero hoops or hurdles
  • I think it's more the fact users should no longer need to use what is at core a beta-testing service just to get Windows 10.
  • Apparently, this week. That's the latest rumour, anyways.
  • Seems beta!
  • Omg omg omg omg
  • Is this ported via Project Islandwood? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Yes
  • Probably not, an Islandwood port would make it have a Windows 10 look and feel, while this is near identical to the iOS app. Probably ported with Osmeta, like the Facebook Beta app for Windows 10 desktop Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Huh? Yeah, this was ported with 'Project Islandwood', which does nothing to change the look/feel, it simply ports a working iOS app into an identical, mostly working W10 app.
  • Looks to be using Osmeta, not Islandwood.
  • Who said that? Islandwood ports only have a Windows 10 feels if the developer wants so. This is a port of islandwood and yes, this is the design they are going to use from now on. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • It wasn't ported via islandwood. Facebook used their own porting tools.
  • No, with OSMETA
  • Will this be an update to W10M users who are using the current 8.1 version of Instagram Beta? ​Edit: I'm not an Instagram user.    
  • No, it's a new app. You have to find it and download it.
  • When the app is ready, they will update the current one (for W10M users only of course).
  • Finaly
  • without steve jobs we would never have this app
  • What?
  • no jobs = no iphone = no app
  • Without him we'd already have a better one in the first place. Not that I'm complaining...
  • Microsoft should change it's name to "Microbeta"
  • Not Microsoft's app!
  • I know what you mean. We have beta OS, beta apps. It's a beta system, really.
  • Notice that the app ISN'T available for desktop as some thought would be.
  • That's not necessarily indicative of anything, tbh. Plenty of UWP apps have arrived on one and not the other only to reverse weeks or months later as the app develops. It makes sense that Instagram would be mobile-prioritizes for what I would hope would be obvious reasons. Regardless, Rudy's 6tag is supposed to be on both, so there will be options.
  • Yes I thought about that but since it's a UWP (assuming it is a UWP), it would be better to debug both versions no? I mean, assuming that Instagram has any interest in having the service working on desktop which, honestly, I don't see much of a reason for. Specially if they do the same as they do on iOS where the iPad version of Instagram doesn't work on landscape (which is the default mode on PCs) making the entire UX horrendous.   And yes, 6tag will be but that's an entire different game. 6tag is specifically designed for Windows. We're talking about the official Instagram app here, which is just an iOS port.
  • Lol "just ios" ports it's better than nothing, or than lagdroid ports
  • Both are better than this crapdows :-)
  • I would love and use Instagram on pc every day. It would save much battery life on my phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Instagram is for phones, they haven't made a desktop app at all, for any platform.
  • They do have a website though!
  • The website is watch only, right? You can't post pictures through it as far as I know.
  • If they release a w10 desktop version of it, they will probably leave the creating capabilities out. Only watch, like and comment.
  • Exactly, just watch.
  • For this to be a beta, it's actually really smooth and nice to use. They do need an option to stop auto-play but if this is indeed an Islandwood port, then that means iOS users don't have that option either. I think I'll still prefer 6tag due to the ability to stop auto-play, hide sponsered post and save pics but I like having a big name official app that's on par with the other platforms.
  • well, I still have Instagram "Beta" on WP! :p Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10.
  • Can we upload videos? Literally all I care about
  • Yup! There's some instability in regards to photos and video uploading but it's there.
  • I hope it wouldn't be another "forever beta" Instagram app
  • Looks great. There's a nice visual effect using the phone sensors, it changes the color if you move the phone. iOS effect? Looks like Facebook devs are indeed having fun porting iOS apps. First that Facebook PC app, now this one. This Instagram app still have a "back" button (which we don't need) and some iOS toggles.
  • I just want the pc app on mobile and the ported messenger already ...tired of the wait
  • Those saying 6tag is better, I'm sure you're right. But everyone who has it available needs to try to use it we need bug name apps like this to get huge download and usage, so the number help move others on the fence, into the Windows10/mobile system.
  • Yay! YouTube next. Or not.
  • We already have better apps compared to YouTube official app on Android, so no thanks. The app on my android tablet is absolutely a pain in the ass to use. From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • Actually yes they have good designs and creativity
  • Sure some have features that other third party Android YouTube apps have but the fluidity and speed that the official app has does not exist on third party Windows YouTube apps. Some are slow and buggy Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • No the official app on my android is absolute crap fluidity is one of the biggest problems. It shows "error to load" half of the time and the only solution is to exit app completely and start again. Tubecast Pro and Perfect Tube for example are both super smooth and more feature-packed than the official app
  • You want ads?
  • Not gonna happen. Google will never or as far as we know has no plan to bring any of their apps over Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • Not at all a surprise because already switched to iphone 6s...Njoying the store here with all apps and games
  • Off-topic, unhelpful and borderline trolling. Also, not very interesting. D+ for this comment.
  • Generous grading there Dan. But I guess you need to leave room for even more obvious trolling.
  • Dan is the best From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • Sensitive... Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • Who cares bra, why u still commenting? Go to an ios forum and post pointless comments there
  • Congrats on your iPhone. You'll never miss any apps Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • Is it ported from iOS????
  • iOS port or not: it's about time.
  • They released a beta! Now they have no reason to ever update it again :P
  • facebook sign in doesn't work, 6tag is the preferred choice and it works no issues. There has been talk of a W10 version soon and no doubt that will be the app of choice for instagram on windows 10 mobile.  
  • FB login is noted under 'known issues' so expected.
  • Hopefully that will help selecting the facebook pages connected to a facebook account. Nothing in the settings yet
  • Anyone else not having any luck with the link?
  • Me. I scan the code, go to the store page it send me to and hit down load app. Then.... Nothing.
  • So I'm unclear. I already have Instagram beta installed and no new version shows up in the store???
  • This is a new app for Windows 10 Mobile only. You'll need to use the link in the article to download it.
  • Betagram
  • will it come to win 10 x86 tablets?
  • Not Launching on L625 (WM10 build .122)
  • Install on internal memory not sd card
  • On 640, the app crashed on the first open, not even getting to the login screen. Not a good sign, but it is still in beta.
  • Same for me on my 640
  • same on 640xl
  • Try to install it on your device and not on SD card
  • Install on internal memory not sd
  • Had same problem on 640. Installed in internal memory and now working. :) Promoting W10M 8-bit tile art
  • Big question is whether it'll be updated when the iOS version is...
  • With this being a port straight from IOS and it still being a beta proves the Microsoft has about a year before its echo system is really stable. Owning a old lumina 1520 and no new sign of a high spec windows phone from Microsoft coming this year I was forced to move on so I decided to give the iPhone 6+ S a try now understand this was almost embarrassing to try sence I have been with windows mobile  sence 6.1 but after now a week I realize Windows mobile is in one giant beta stage the problems it has no other device really lacks. I will be back when the surface phone is released if the software is not in a beta like style.
  • Hello...(hello... hello). Testing 1-2-3...(testing 1-2-3...) My echo system seems to be working just fine.
  • K bye
  • Out of pure curiosity and not trying to irritate at all, but did the 950/950XL not appeal in terms of high-spec? I mean, they are really quite beefed up and stand well with the rest of the market.
  • So far all I'm finding in the store is v 0.4.3.
  • So, there's a reason we use direct app links in our app, the site and provide a QR code and that is because beta apps/ or early releases are not searchable.
  • Thanks, I'll try it again.
  • Sorry if I'm being a maroon, but I scanned the QR code. It took me to the store and when I press the install button, nothin happens. I'll try again in a bit, maybe the link is just busy. There is a line of text that tells me I need to install WM 10 first. I'm on a 950XL running the latest preview. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
  • You don't have to apologize. You're right. It's not available at the moment. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • I scanned the QR code. Took me to the MS Store website and when I press the install button, nothing happens and appears a small text underneath the buttos saying "go to store". I´m in Portugal and I cant find the new Instagram Beta app. I unistalled and reinstalled but still got the old version.
  • Internet Explorer need to be in Mobile mode, not desktop, otherwise you can't install. Sheesh.
  • It's not your link, rather a problem with the store itself.. Looks like they might have stopped downloads of this specific app.. The dude is right. No need to get nasty. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • Some windows fans always saying that "we want official apps" and we when it comes in "beta" they said "good news but clients are better" ... how come ?
  • They want official apps for things that don't have alts already. Notice that with 6tag and the other Instagram apps, most complaints are not about having an official app. Instead it's about snapchaf.
  • DOES NOT WORK, all I'm seeing is the IG lay out, just colors no buttons it also stays like that till it crashes. L640 :/
  • Shift it to device Posted from the windows central app for windows 10 on my Lumia 640XL
  • Download link is not opening store..its redirecting to website :/
  • good news, hope this will drag more apps into the store
  • Does also support multiple account, which is nice. Every thing related to posting seems buggy for me, but I can use this daily.
  • Where do you access multiple accounts from? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Cant even find it me all im seein is the old beta version
  • Use the link in the article...
  • Use the link on this article, beta's like this don't show up under store search.
  • It's a beta, ok. But it doesn't even starts on my phone. When I launch it, it only shows colorful squares in the layout of the app, and than it crashes... Hope they'll fix that. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on Lumia 535
  • Move it to your phones internal memory instead of your SD card. That was my problem
  • Yeah, I did it too, and now it works. But anyway, thank you :D
  • Let's hope they don't abandon the app like that joke they pulled on us back in WP8.
  • On my w10 it will not load pics to post
  • Big surprise :)  
  • Only 1 version available in the store. Looks like the old version to me.
  • Same here :/
  • So, use our direct link or QR code and see what we're all talking about.
  • Daniel is right. I can only see the older version but when i pasted the link it took me to the app store and now downloading new beta version. .. thank you Daniel!
  • Hope they continue to polish the program unlike the wp8 one which they abandoned after the initial beta release
  • Can't download it wo t let u download
  • Try changing your browser settings to mobile. Then try download again it worked for me
  • Just hope that it won't stay beta if. u know what I mean;)
  • This great news! I'll try the app and see how it compares to 6tag, which is awesome and all WP users should be grateful for Rudy Huyn.
  • It crashes on my lumia 720
  • same here
  • Move to internal memory instead of SD card
  • Move it to internal memory instead of SD card
  • Only for 950 and 640 ?
  • I hope soon will be available for PC too
  • The interesting this is.. IT IS AN iOS ported app right? That means it's a completely polished App. Then why the hell it's in BETA that too "EARLY BETA"?
  • I suggest you read up on how app development works including porting and Osmeta. It sounds like you have never looked at code before and just assume dev tools are powered by magic.
  • Since I'm a software developer, does that mean I'm actually a wizard? I'll just throw that right on my resume
  • Of course you should :-) Microsoft will definitely hire you, just tell them that you can tell them a lot of companies to buy, and they won't have a reason to reject you! Good luck!
  • Well in that case Sir daniel, I think Microsoft is trying to create magic with these hyped bridges in which one of them already fall, without even being build!
  • Its not an ios Ported app...Daniel just confirmed in the article update
  • Beta means it is in testing to ensure everything is working and kill the bugs
  • Beta means WP....
  • LOL :-)
  • Hello Snapchat,from Instagram side
  • I'll start using the app until they fix the "couldn't login with FB" bug. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 950
  • It can't open on my Lumia 830, crashed while i'm trying to do that :/ Any ideas why, should i wait to next update? 
  • Sell this 830 and buy an Android or iOS phone
  • Move it to your internal memory instead of SD card
  • Looks like Osmeta is better than Microsoft solution
  • No, they lied. It's not ported. Daniel has replied to my comment above.
  • A nice surprise indeed. But, the tile looks terrible.
  • Yep, my only major complaint right now, looks like a fake app because of it. From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • My thought exactly..they will eventually update the tile right? But other than that, really happy that it's finally available
  • Will it stay as beta version as it did it for win8??
  • I am using lumia 535 window 10 current build.. App is not opening on my phone after sometime it back to app menu
  • Try installing it on phone memory instead of SD card. That was my problem
  • yes happened with me too.
    app crashing on opening ..using L720.
    but I didn't give up, kept trying again and again and finally the login page appeared.
  • I believe it's an issue with using an SD card
  • don't know..sometimes every app begin to crash..and then I have to restart the phone..
    well my phone specs are too low to cpmplain...L720
  • It's happening.... Finally. Is it better than 6tag though? Look for more companies jumping the wagon. I mean MS made it easy enough for everybody already From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • Edit: First impressions are good. All core features work quite smoothly already, need transparent live tile support From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • So happy to see this! Instantly downloaded it and well, I can't login via facebook unfortunately, so I'll have to wait. But so glad to finally see these promised apps.
  • Not working on Lumia 1520
  • keep trying again and again..
    u will taste the victory
  • I can't even get it to open on my 950. I'm assuming SD card issues. Will try installing in phone memory
  • This appeared to be my problem! Do not install the app on SD card! It will likely not run.
  • not crashing when installed in phone memory???
  • Yeah it runs fine then
  • good then....anyways I don't expect my L720 to run it very well
  • It is crashing and the tile is awful (also no large tile). I have been uning 6tag for few months and works great for my needs.
  • Windows10 for older Lumia phones will be released in September 2016.
    Source HCL guy, mentioned
    HCL is the main distributor for lumia handsets in India
    And according to thm windows 10 for lumia old handsets wil come in sept'16 if everything is on place
  • hmm....
    no surprise..after all its MS..
  • I'm smelling cancelation of Project Islandwood also....
  • Don't smell then :p
  • Then how will I breathe ? :P
  • You smell wrong From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • Which eventually turns out to be right :-)
  • "I'm smelling cancelation of Project Islandwood also...."
    Definitely not. All indications are MS is scaling up Islandwood not down. FB uses Osmeta because they bought Osmeta. Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook owns Osmetta. No need to connect the dots. Makes sense from a strategic perspective that you use the technology you bought over a rivals.
  • You tell'em Dan From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • We'll see :-) but if I remember they said that they will use the bridge to port the app. Well it's their choice, but when the bridge is working according to you, then why they are not using bridge instead of making it from scratch.. Well only time will tell, let's hope for the best :-)
  • -->scared to scroll down in the app, it crashes.
    -->scrolling is very stuttering.
    -->but it is just born BETA app so I don't mind.
    -->but I hope updates will be coming at a steady pace like WINDOWS CENTRAL
  • The last point is not gonna happen, just a fact. But hopefully they'll do a better job than the original instagram "beta" app for win8... It is running quite smoothly on my 950XL so far, no freezes and force exits. From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • -->yeah, I cant phone specs are too low.
    -->but still 6tag works very fine..
    -->so I hope updates will improve it at its best.
  • Good news
  • All I want in life is for the twitter app to be updated. They say they're waiting for win 10 to be officially released but why can't they do it now.
  • I'm enjoying using Twiitone and Tweet It! Much better apps than official at this point From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • Happy to see this.. (:
  • Well crashes everyone i launch it up
  • No link to the app then ?
  • It's in the article...
  • Great news! Downloaded it, but can't get to the login page.
  • If this app starts getting updates at quick pace. I will not wait for the official release of windows 10 mobile. I will register as an insider just to have this app. That's the power this platform will have once we get apps. :) their is video upload! Anyone tested it yet? Hope we get a review quick on this. :D
  • It has the "3d touch menu" from the IOS app if you are looking at someone's pics in their profile and long touch on a pic.
  • So it does, would never have noticed otherwise - cheers!
  • Works just the same way using my Lumia 830  as in my Iphone 6, version number in Iphone is 7.17.1 and in wp 7.17.0, I think just some fine tuning and the app will work great on WP too.
  • It says shake phone to give feedbacks. I shook my phone so hard that it almost flew out the window but still nuttin. From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • Same here. *need to leave feedback about not being able to leave feedback but can't leave feedback because shaking phone does nothing... crap* lol
  • You have to go to Settings > Report a problem and submit feedback once to get the popup that says 'turn on shake.' The second problem I reported was that :)
  • Cool, got it fixed. I also reported that and bunch of other things. From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • Meh crashes on start
  • It'll not allow me to get the app. I've been hitting the link over and over...
  • this! I still cant the "get the app button" does not work.
  • It's working on my L535, it's choppy though. Not a big deal for me since i don't use instagram, i've downloaded it out of curiosity. Let's hope performance gets better, and this time it doesn't stay in beta forever.
  • Link takes to web browser but 'Get the app' is not clickable... Can't find in the store either!!!!
  • Same problem here.
  • Change edge from desktop to mobile view
  • Change your edge from desktop to mobile view
  • Instegram should create a Universal aap. As the PC users are more in quantity...uploading Pics and sending a Direct messege through a surface or a laptop would be really FUN!!
  • It is a universal app. They just have to make it fit the pc ui
  • 3D Touch Works too!
  • This is indeed a very nice suprrise. Few things: 1. People who are saying the app is crashing on open, try moving / installing app on phone and not SD card 2. Can anyone get the feedback portal to open? The app says shake the phone to give feedback  
  • Is this actually a universal app? Can anyone confirm if it supports Windows 10 Continuum?
  • If it says "built for windows 10" in the app store it's a uwp. It in fact says that. Oddly enough though, the Pandora app doesn't have that tag and it still supports continuum so that confuses me
  • What is osemta technology
  • Facebook's version of Islandwood
  • I was eager to try this, but the app wouldn't launch. I hadn't read the forum, but figured out that it was because it was installed on the SD card. To fix this, uninstall Instagram Beta and go to Settings > System > Storage. The set new apps to install on Internal Memory. There's a cooldown period before re-download in the store, but once that's been hit the app will install on Internal memory and will launch properly. Be sure to go change your install point again after successful installation.   Some things I noticed - 1) The app appears to be Contiuum compatible, however it doesn't display correctly on the screen when in Continuum mode; everything crushes to the left hand side of the screen. I'm guessing it wasn't intended to be compatible but they left the switch on when compiling. 2) The password field won't accept paste. I use Last Pass and had to manually enter a 25 character password to get logged in. Not a deal breaker, but it really shows the rough edges of system level functions in WP10. 3) Shake to Send Feedback says it's enabled by default in the very first notification the app shows. But it's not. I had to manually enable it by sending a piece of feedback through the settings menu.    Overall, it's a GOOD step. And a great app to finally get proper treatment on Windows Phone. But it's absolutely Beta. More akin to pre-alpha in terms of quality and polish. So don't expect the world. 
  • How do you get the app? The link won't allow me to download it the"Get The App" won't allow you to click on it.
  • Edge has to be set to request Mobile. It's stupid and broken, but unfortunately, it's the only way to get it. :/ 
  • Thank you, that did the trick!
  • This is the beginning of what could be a huge win for the platform.
  • Feeling happy -D •Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10•
  • Get hopes up! But I expected this on 8.1 devices also!!
  • Why? Out with the obsolete, I say.
  • I thought Instagram beta had been available for some time, I used to use it before switching to it the same app?
  • The one you're thinking of is the one that's been out for years. This article is about a new version for windows 10 that just got released
  • It will stay in beta fo years
  • is it available for the lumia 640XL running windows 10 preview?
  • Stick with 6tag. Less BS.
  • This seems to me a real early beta..... too much perhaps. This is only a porting that still doesn't match a lot with the ecosystem. Not very impressed.
  • Beta then beta now.. no change Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i have to say... 6tag is way better... hope the official app gets better
  • Really quite a nice app. I have no problem with ports - it's nice to be on a [relatively] level playing field for once, and from a geeky point of view it's cool to see it work. This works fluidly and well, with all the features I'd want (plus, 3D touch!). Nice job, Facebook. I just really, really, want them to do the same with Messenger - which, given their announcement they'll provide a new app and the evidence they're committed with this port, is looking likely. GIF support, nicknames, chat colours and decent quality picture upload is sorely absent from my phone, so hopefully it's not too long.  
  • The app is awesome, but it needs some fixes.
  • Same @Daniel Rubino
  • This is great news. Alongwith another music app that is now available on WM10, I am liking things on WP better:-)
  • Now they need to do the same for the actual Facebook app Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • I personally like the current Facebook app. More bugs need to be fixed but it's pretty good
  • I hope this beta tag gets removed someday. Unlike for windows 8.1.
    But anyway, it is nice to see them work for windows 10. But I I guess this also means no more updates for instagram for 8.1, right? Coz why would they update 8.1 when soon everyone is going to 10. Plus, they haven't updated the apps in years. So why would they do it now when everyone is about to move on to 10...
  • I am impressed. Not only does it actually work but its very snappy and responsive. #Lumia950
  • Can anyone tell me if there is inbuilt camera in this app and if yes how is the ui of the camera??
  • Folks is this a Universl app so it can run on a Windows 10 Tablet. if instagram wants to do this right they should make it proper Universal APP. Developers who make Windows 10 bound apps should make them MS Universal APPS
  • When you shake the phone to give feedback the feedback window says rage shake. Quite a nice touch.
  • Woo. Thank God. Almost bought 6tag just so that I could upload video but something told me to wait.
  • Not working on My Microsoft Lumia 535, runny latest build of Windows 10 mobile. . It Look like a Garbage of 46.8MB .. :(
  • Cant even load on my 950. just crashes. will reinstall
  • Install on phone memory not sd card
  • It doesn't work for me, i started it and d only a blank page, de crashes. ☹ lumia 640 with .122 insider build
  • The app doesn't open
  • Is it installed to device? Mine,didn't work on sd card
  • Does the download link ever take anyone to a page where you can actually click "get app"? All I ever get is the page with the app and "get app" button but can't tap it, it doesn't do anything.
  • I'm w/ ya.
  • I have the same issue... I see the Get App on the microsoft page, but nothing happens when I tap it....
  • Can't download. Always gives me a mistake Posted from my Lumia 950
  • Awesome. Now we just need updated Twitter, updated Swarm, Snapchat and everything will be fine.
  • So I've had instagram beta on my phone. I tried downloading this one and it's not downloading. Tried app updates and nothing. Using 950xl Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Well it's seriously a completely full featured app... Just one suggestion that install it too internal storage... Posted by my Lumia 640 running 10586.122 and this instagram app very smoothly
  • Is it universal? Also why am I season ios dialog windows?
  • Wow! Does it have the inbox?
  • I don't know about you but in my L640 .122 runs better that 6tag right now. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • My Lumia 640 opens app to white screen with blue bar at top, then app crashes. Deleted and reinstated 3 times, will wait until it gets next update and try again.
  • Try to install in internal storage
  • That was my problem, then I moved it to the internal storage and everything's fine.
  • just trying it on continuum, though it seems like it supports continuum mode, but when click it, the app on the continuum screen is all black. So I assume they might didn't put a landscape mode on this app (yet), therefore the continuum mode doesn't work /display properly .
  • Can anyone confirm actionable notifications from this app? My instagram account is... far from atractive... so I can't check.
  • Makes my 950 run very, very hot on .122
  • The app just crashes on my 630 :D
  • Downloaded and installed to increase those download numbers! :P.
  • Guys I can't find this app in store on my lumia 640, someone help ?
  • Unusable on L930. Crashes all the time.
  • Works great on my 930 although I can't post any photos from my photo library on my phone, just a blank screen when I try to add one. I can take a new photo or video and upload that, but no existing photos show up to be selected. Plus shaking the phone does not do anything to be able to send feedback.   Early days though and I'm liking how smooth it runs already, be interesting to see what Rudy gives us with the new 6tag
  • I'm experiancing the same with photo library, but i tried several times to take a pic, but after trying to select a filter , it crashes.  hope it improves in future and do not get stuck in Beta :)
  • I opened the link on my cel phone (Lumia 1520 running Windows 10 10.0.10586.107) the Get the App button does nothing. 
  • Help, can't find it in the Store... 
  • 6tag! You're it!!!
  • Just buy 6tag and rename it Instagram for Windows 10.
  • Going to be using it for a couple of weeks to show developers that Windows 10 users want their apps. At least until Rudy comes out with the Windows 10 version of 6tag.
  • Anyone please. How do i turn off autoplay? I cant find and option
  • How to update Lumia 720 for Windows 10
  • I think Messenger will be moved Soon.If Viber and WhatsApp will be moved my phone will be the best.
  • 2 more apps and I will sell my android , bank of America ( soon ) and snapchat. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When scanned the QR it directs to the store webpage not to the store and can't use that "Get App" Button shows there
  • Lumia 640, crashes after 15 seconds, all I get is a blank screen. Anyone else?
  • Yes, same thing happens on my
    Lumia 630 too.
    Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • I'm in Canada. Why doesnt this new version show up in my store? It only shows the older Instagam beta wich I already have. This is crap. This has happened with a few apps. I want the one he you can upload videos argg!!!
  • Do now we able to send direct message to people??!!
  • I think it's impossible save pics on the phone...i can't find the option. If someone know pls Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • How to get it??