Things to make you go OOH – UK goes Windows Phone 8 crazy

The Windows Phone 8 advertising juggernaut pushes on here in the UK with the start of a huge ‘out of home’ (OOH) interactive campaign.

We have already seen a massive push from Microsoft here with the likes of TV advertising, Billboards and even events to “meet windows phone”. This time they are taking an interactive approach to showing off Windows Phone 8.

The endeavour is set to last for the next critical two weeks here in the UK and aims to get the busy ‘about town’ consumer to engage with the new operating system. They will be using twenty four interactive displays in shopping centres to allow folks to upload their photos and first names and even configure their home screen. After, these are going into a national broadcast campaign which will run across 450 screens in public places such as shopping centres the London Underground, Cinemas, Rail Stations and other ‘high visibility’ sites over a two week period.

Meet Windows Phone demo - Westfield

Meet Windows Phone demo - Westfield

We have already seen quite a push for Windows Phone in the Westfield shopping centres here in London, many of the in-mall displays are pumping out images of the HTC 8X and 920 during the day. This next phase looks to take that even further by bringing in a social media element and also the interactive screens should prove fun for shoppers to play with. Images from the adverts will then be put on the Facebook Windows Phone UK page where folks can tag and share. It sounds like a hoot right?

Here is what Rory Behrman, business director at UM London, had to say about the new push:

“To pull off a media and technological feat of this scale required a huge amount of collaboration from all the parties involved. We’re delighted at the result – a true embodiment of the individuality that the Windows Phone experience delivers.” 

We’ll be sure to head along there and check out how the displays and interactivity are faring with the folks in the mall. It would certainly be nice to see even more engagement from Microsoft with the public for Windows Phone 8. At this point there really isn’t any reason why this kind of sustained marketing should stop until general awareness and true momentum are established. There is still a huge battle ahead with the likes of Android and iOS devices dominating mindshare for the UK public.

Launch Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone Launch Activities

Microsoft UK seem excited about the latest drive to seek awareness. From Diane Perlman, marketing communications lead for Windows Phone UK:

“This idea had the wow factor right from the start and I’m thrilled to see it coming to life in cinemas and shopping centres across the UK. With this innovation, we are enabling consumers to get involved in our campaign, become ‘famous’ and see first-hand how Windows Phone is unique to each one of us. The result is slick, easy to use and fun to interact with, just like Windows Phone.”

We’re really pleased so far at the drive to interact with the public and it has been a welcome change to see Windows Phone getting some serious airtime. We really need this to continue, we cannot stress enough the importance of a sustained push rather than a big bang. We think after two years Microsoft is starting to get it. We look forward to seeing what they do next.

Let us know what you think of this latest attempt to push Windows Phone 8, think of any other things Microsoft could try? Let us know in the comments below..

Source: The Drum

Robert Brand
  • Sounds awesome!
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  • "These are then said to going into us in a national broadcast campaign".....what? Seriously, Robert, you need to start proof-reading your posts. They may WPC look shoddy.
  • "They may WPC look shoddy." Not sure if intentional or irony.
  •   I'll take that one on the chin - I will endeavour to proof read my posts in future. RB
  • Very nice. It's good to see MS pushing the OS out there now that Windows Phone 8 is positioned to really take on the competition.
  • Once EE lose their exclusivity on the 920 then things will take off in the uk
  • Which is in the new year (confirmed by Nokia). :)
  •   Let’s hope that does in fact happen, the impression I got was that the deal could be extended. Recent news looks like that might change for Jan. RB
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  • Good stuff for Windows Phone.
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  • That's all very well but..where are the phones. Everytime I check for upgrades on T mobile, no wp8 devices are shown. No point advertising if you don't put the goods in front of the general public !
  • Really? There are banner ads all over
  • D'OH
  • As far as I can tell, Windows Phone isn't anywhere near 'taking off' in the UK. Very little love for the platform - people here are followers, and as far as Windows Phone goes, America aren't leading.
  • That's exactly why the big push in the UK is important - to make people aware, get them off the reality distortion field, start thinking for themselves, rather than just being iSheeps!
  • I beg to differ. Before buying my version of the lumia i went into about 5 EE and phones4u stores looking for a yellow lumia 920. In 3 of these stores i saw at least 1 customer in each store specifically asking for the lumia 920. Even i was shocked. I actually overheard heard a lady say to her partner, "that's the phone you want." at which point she asked the csr if they had a red one.
  • OOH no, still no advertisement of WP8 in sight here in the Netherlands... No idea what they are waiting for. Lumia920 seems to be very popular here, even without adverts. And its officially not even released here yet.