Third-party Windows Phone YouTube client, PrimeTube, released

Applyf are pleased to announce that the much anticipated YouTube client PrimeTube is now available on the Marketplace. We previously took the app for a spin in a preview of the client and immediately noticed the heavy Metro focus. So what's great about PrimeTube? Features include:

  • Search for videos; filter and sort results.
  • Like/Dislike videos, read and reply to comments.
  • Pin videos, playlists and authors (featuring live tile support) for instant access.
  • Share videos via social networks, email and SMS.
  • Create playlists and manage your subscriptions.
  • Complete music + video hub integration.
  • Multi-region support.
  • Supports Fast-App Switching.

Applyf states that the app adheres to the YouTube ToS and will be updated when API changes are published. The next version is already in the works, which will see video recording / direct uploading support, upload queue management (with background transfers and notifications), list of live events, as well as a number of minor bug fixes in the subscriptions section.

What's also interesting about PrimeTube is that the app is complete free, with no advertisements. Just 100% pure Metro enjoyment. Be sure to follow the team on Twitter, and download PrimeTube from the Marketplace.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Wow, it's basically MetroTube. Interface and layout are almost exactly the same. Although it's arguably a little more polished.
    Which is awesome, because I was waiting to find a nice replacement to MetroTube.
  • Its alright...i really like the layout but I wish it followed my theme. Same with the tile.
  • The splashscreen looks like some porn app is being opened, lol.
    I like the app, but somehow I don't see the point in the text having a square box around it. Second of all, the videos play outside of the app and when you press back to go back to the app you can see "Resuming..." (not mango ready?), weird. Definitely looks a lot like Metrotube, but I still like Metrotube better. I only wish comments would be on a separate page (like Youtube Pro) instead of under the video, you can only see very few of them and you gotta keep scrolling, having comments under the video just puts way too much info on one screen. Also what's really annoying is not being able to copy text or click links in video descriptions.
    Edit: one more thing, the video thumbnails actually have the chrome in them and you can actually SCROLL it, heh. It's an IE mini window inside the app. I wonder if it downloads all the thumbnails for related videos and comments twice.
    Oh, and the About screen doesn't look BEAUTIFUL / SLEEK at all, but I'm just nitpicking xD I'll keep an eye out for updates, but for now I'll continue using Metrotube or Youtube Pro.
  • I agree with everything but the aboutscreeen, it looks fantastisic! :D
  • Very nice app especially for free. Can't wait to see what's coming in update.
  • "Applyf states that the app adheres to the YouTube ToS"
    And that's why Youtube Pro will remain the best.
  • It has the potential to beat metrotube as the best YouTube app. For now my main gripes are that it uses the default video player UI, you can't pin channels, no HD quality and no live tile.
  • I found that you CAN pin channels to the homescreen. You have to go to the channel info page by clicking on the 'i' button un der the author pivot in a video and you then pin the channel. There is also a live tile functionality for channels and videos.
  • The other stuff isn't necessary to me (not saying it wouldn't be nice) but I do agree about the video player UI. Right now it's pretty weak...hopefully they fix that in an update.
  • Nice app visually but this won't beat metrotube at the moment. Subscriptions are screwed up minimal settings and video is just embedded.
  • There is no builtin video player in this app. It just takes you to the video file. Can't run underlock and crashes when resuming from display time out.
  • Really smooth..