Microsoft Store opens an esports academy, Riot hosts a music festival and Rostermania takes effect

Microsoft is hopping on the esports bandwagon by teaming up with ESL to launch a new esports academy in an Australian brick-and-mortar. Not only that, but Riot Games is looking to bring its League of Legends soundtrack to the masses with an MTV esports music festival. All this and more happened this week in the wonderful world of esports.

Microsoft Store Academy

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has teamed up with ESL to open up an esports academy at one of the company's stores in Australia.

Not only will the workshop focus on actually playing games at a professional level, but also everything else that makes esports the addictive viewing experience millions enjoy every year.

Should you be interested in attending, be sure to register your interest ahead of time.

Esports music festival

Video games are now competing against traditional sports for viewers so it only makes sense the scene also looks to tap into the music festival business and this is exactly what Riot Games is attempting to do with a new MTV partnership.

Called Hyperplay, the live music festival will be broadcast from the Singapore Indoor Stadium. It's an interesting move for the League of Legends developer, who has worked with artists on various scores for esports broadcasts.

Call of Duty Rostermania in full effect

The next Call of Duty global open is almost upon us, but in the short downtime between the conclusion of the Pro League Stage One (congrats to FaZe Clan on taking the trophy after an epic lower bracket run), Rostermania is in full effect.

The term is lovingly applied to the inevitable roster changes that take place as teams look to solidify and grow heading into the second half of the season. Proceedings were triggered by Slasher leaving Team EnVy after their 7th/8th placing in the Pro League, and from there on out a number of top players have either fell in to free agency or are being allowed to talk to other organizations.

Some of the biggest names in the game are already involved. Rise Nation, Team Kaliber and EnVy have all been involved in moves between teams. In the lower tier National Circuit, Complexity has dissolved its existing team entirely for the remainder of the WWII season, with FeLo heading to eUnited in place of the team's former captain who goes to Evil Geniuses. Rumors then started to circulate that Complexity would acquire a Pro League Stage Two spot by acquiring a new roster.

Rostermania moves hard and fast, and the folks at Dexerto have a great hub going to keep on top of it all that's well worth checking out.

VainGlory preseason invitational teams announced


VainGlory is one of the shining lights of mobile esports and the new season will be the first where competition takes place in the new 5v5 mode. Professional teams have now been able to add two more players to their rosters. And before the regular season begins, there will be invitational tournaments taking place in both Europe and North America, and the teams have now been announced.

In Europe, Team Queso, QLash, Rising Lotus, Salty Potatoes, Equinox Esports and Wolves Esports will take to the arena. North America will be represented by TSM, Tribe, Vision Gaming, Hammers, Nova, Rogue, Slimy Salamanders and Tilt Rehab.

All matches begin on April 14 for both Europe and North America, and it's a great chance to check out some of the first 5v5 competitive action ahead of the new VPL season.

Upcoming live events

  • Halo World Championship finals - April 13 - April 15 - Watch on Mixer
  • VainGlory Invitationals - Begin April 14 - Watch on Twitch
  • H1Z1 Pro League - Begins April 21 - Watch on Facebook
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