PUBG lands on FACEIT, Hi-Rez splits itself into multiple gaming studios

FACEIT, more PUBG tournaments on the way

FACEIT and PUBG Corp. announced this week a new partnership between the two companies. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will provide support for the FACEIT competitive gaming platform, allowing players to sign up and participate in regular tournaments, leagues and ranked play. This follows Dota 2, Rocket League, and CS:GO, all of which already offer support for FACEIT.

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As well as making it easier for players to get involved in managed tournaments and reach their potential, PUBG Corp continues to make ground in the esports business. A closed beta has commenced, which you can request access to.

Hi-Rez divorces itself

Realm Royale

US-based game studio Hi-Rez, best known for MOBA SMITE, has separated its teams into three wholly-owned companies. Each newly formed studio will focus on a single title instead of having the single company working on all released games. Titan Forge Games is first up, which will be tasked with managing SMITE. Evil Mojo Games will work on Paladins. Finally, Heroic Leap Games will be charged with PUBG competitor Realm Royale.

For esports, this shouldn't really make much of a difference to the viewers, though it may alter how Hi-Rez manages future events.

R6S Major

Rainbow Six Siege

The Rainbow Six Siege Major is taking place this weekend with the final hitting later today (August 19). The link to watch the grand finale can be found below, but if you're a fan of the game and esports scene you should be supporting your favorite team already. The prizes are $150,000 for first and $55,000 for second, so not the millions you see in PUBG and other esports tournaments, but not a minor amount.

Upcoming live events

  • League of Legends Championship - August 17 (EU), August 18 (EU & US), August 19 (US), watch on Twitch.
  • Rainbow Six Siege Major - August 19, watch on Twitch
  • Clash Royale League - August 20, watch on YouTube.
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