Three, T-Mobile and Deutsche Omnia 7s getting NoDo

We've received word from readers that they are receiving the NoDo update for their Samsung Omnia 7 devices (opens in new tab) on T-Mobile UK and Deutsche Telekom. I can also confirm that Three have been rolling out updates to their Omnia 7 handsets, so we can only hope that this is the last of the problems Samsung device owners will encounter. Should you encounter problems when updating to 7392, be sure to check the Samsung patch (opens in new tab).

Unfortunately, still no word on Focus handsets. We will -- of course -- notify you all as to when we receive any information. To some, the news of more manufacturers coming to the platform (opens in new tab) is music to the ears with the potential switch to avoid future mishaps.

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab), Thanks @awicksey (opens in new tab) and mydefposse for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Why are they holding updates from Focus users? The issues are all resolved.
  • Omnia 7 owner with bootloader which is known for not showing the Download mode screen.I just downloaded the new version of the update patch application (dated may 24). Unfortunately the problem with the download screen has not been solved.
  • well i am now updating my "walshed" handset via the offical T-Mobile Update via Zune. So far so good, will post again if it works ok after the update.
  • I have the so called troublesome boatloader and all updates installed just fine so buying the jig was a waste of time.
  • Damn that phone is so gorgeous. Too bad never releasedin the state. I "may" have skipped over my Venue Pro for one.
  • I managed to get 7004 on my omnia 7 after deleting all my apps. The 7392 nodo update was smooth as butter though.
  • I have Omnia 7 on T-Mobile's network in the UK. I updated my phone lastnight and got Nodo! The load-up of games and apps are so much faster.However, the first attempt at updating the Feb 2011 update failed. I cleared the history off IE and Maps but still failed. I then had to use the Windows Phone Support Tool which fixed the issue causing the update to fail. Attempted another update and it was successful. Although my first & second attempt at the Feb 2011 update failed, it never left my phone in an unusable state.After the Feb 2011 update, it was the NoDo update and the March security update rolled into one. This update took about 20-30 minutes and went smoothly.My advice for those attempting the update is first to clear your history from IE and Maps. Make sure you have free space on your phone by removing unwanted apps or music etc. Temporarily disable the phone wallpaper lock code. All the best!