Three UK quietly turns on 4G LTE for some customers in select cities

UK mobile operator Three has quietly turned on its 4G network for 'thousands' of customers in three cities - London, Manchester and Birmingham. Without announcing the move, the company has slowly begun upgrading customers to LTE and expects to have 1.5 million consumers enjoying faster data speeds by the end of February 2013.

Three has confirmed on its official Twitter account that "a few thousand" in the above cities have been granted access to 4G. Unfortunately, should you be waiting patiently for 4G, Three appears to be randomly selecting customers. The company has informed Android Central that a gradual rollout will commence to ensure a smooth transition.

Three 4G Tweet

Not all customers will see it that way and many have already taken to social networks to voice their frustration, though it's worth noting that the mobile operator is including 4G LTE into its existing plans at no extra cost. Three is set to fire out a blog post in the near future to clear any confusion consumers may have about the rollout. 

Are you with Three and are able to enjoy the 4G network?

via: Android Central

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