Paul Thurrott has written a nice overview of the whole NoDo/pre-NoDo update situation that has been going on for the last two weeks. While the article mostly covers old ground for our readers, there were a few bits of information that he mentioned in the story, specifically not all good things:

  • Carriers blocked the 'NoDo update' - Thurrott has mentioned this previously that MS finished NoDo back in December but "several wireless carriers unceremoniously blocked the update, creating an embarrassing situation for the software giant."
  • Verizon will announce the Trophy this month - we've heard this before, but is that the launch date too? Sometimes people use "announce" interchangeably with "launch" and we're not sure which Thurrott means here. We've heard an unconfirmed and skeptical rumor that the Trophy may be pushed back.
  • Mango by end of 2011? Doubtful. -  Microsoft themselves have stated that 'Mango' is scheduled for "later this year", with most thinking by Fall, 2011. Heck, even the leaked Dell roadmap hints at "next gen" WP7 as early as July. Thurrott is hearing it could be pushed back: "Mango will be finalized by the end of 2011, and while Microsoft recently promised to ship this release to customers by the end of the year as well, my sources tell me that schedule is a near impossibility."

All in all, two of three of those are not good news for the platform (and the Verizon bit was already known). Did a few carriers block 'NoDo'? We haven't heard that from anywhere else but it could be a possibility. We know we've heard that Dell was delaying things a bit with their hardware issues, but this is the first we've heard that some carriers blocked it. Everyone is rooting for Microsoft here to get these updates our and get the OS up to speed, but so far these updates are not progressing too well.

Update: Mary Jo Foley still thinks Mango will ship this year.

Source: Windows IT Pro