Time to Tweet, Windows 8 gets official Twitter app

Windows 8 ‘officially’ launched way back in late October of last year. However, developers and enthusiasts have been using it for much longer, so you’d think there would have been an official Twitter app at launch, right? Nope. Instead we didn’t hear that Twitter was working on an app until the ///BUILD developer conference in Redmond. Four months later, we now have Twitter for Windows 8.

Why do we need Twitter for Windows 8 when we have great apps like Rowi, MetroTwit, and Tweetro? Mostly because of the token limitations Twitter has placed on future 3rd party app development. Plus it’s a sign of confidence when a major app like Twitter signs onto a platform.

Twitter for Windows 8 is fairly spartan in both design and functionality, mostly mimicking the web interface, but with a slight Microsoft Design Language twist. It has all the Windows 8 features you’d want too, like snap view and support for the share charm. Below is a fun promo video of the app, after that let’s dive in and check it out.


Just like the website and new Windows Phone app. You’re basically given four panes – Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. The app basically feels like they took their new Windows Phone app and tweaked it a bit to look good on larger screens. That’s both good and bad. Good because you get the same interface across all their apps/website and the simple design is enough for most. Bad because you can’t customize it as much as you can with other apps. If you’re a power user, you might be better off sticking to other 3rd party apps, but if you just manage one account and want a basic interface, the Twitter app is just for you.

The advantage of Windows 8

Twitter Share Charm

Charms are one major benefit that apps on Windows 8 have as a whole over competing ecosystems. I’m especially referring to the Search and Share charms, both of which are fully supported in Twitter on Windows 8. You can share to Twitter from any app on Windows 8 by using the Share charm. For example you can browse your latest vacation photos, swipe in from the right (or use hotkeys/mouse) and select the Share charm. Type a few words, click send and you’ve shared that photo with your Twitter account. Same goes with the Share charm – pop it up, type in your query, select Twitter and you’re instantly searching using the Twitter app.

As expected, you also get Live Tile support and notifications. The Live Tile can be either large or small and will display your latest mentions and interactions. You can also select Twitter to display notifications – both in the top right corner with the pop ups and on your lock screen.

Snap view

Snap View

Snapping Windows 8 to the side of your screen in Windows 8 is delicious. I’ve only been playing with it for an hour, but it could be my favorite Twitter client so far when snapped to the side. The ‘Me’ section is what really won me over (too narcissistic?) with its layout and presentation. We’ll see how I feel once they honeymoon period is over and I’ve used it for a few days.

We’ll be playing with Twitter for Windows 8 and put it up against the current champs for Twitter apps. In a few days we’ll do a mini comparison for you guys, in the meantime check it out for yourself.

You can download Twitter for Windows 8 (ARM, x86 and x64 devices) in the Windows Store here (opens in new tab). Or just open the Store, it’s currently first in the spotlight section.

Via: Twitter Blog

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  • I love it
  • Yup me too. And the video is awesome too.
  • Wow, so glad this has finally happened.  I use two accounts though and use a lot of lists so was actually hoping for a Tweetdeck app (for WP aswell) but this is a step in the right direction - I'll definitely be checking it out when I get home :)
  • They've officially said theyre killing off tweet deck already.
  • It will become a web app only. Not fully killing off but close enough.
  • Now Facebook, plesae for the love of God get your app out!
  • +1
  • Is there not already a Facebook app? That's poor. I'm buying my Surface in approx 1 hour :D
  • Though it might not matter to everyone, but the one thing the official Twitter app can do that no 3rd party app can is deliver true push notifications. All other apps like Rowi, MeTweets have a few minutes delay. Some apps like Gleek and Twabbit have a 30 minute delay which I think is a bad joke.
    In addition to that the official app can notify you of if someone retweets your or favourites your tweet.
  • Not only notifications, but delay in displaying the actual tweet. I use the official app on my 920, and use TweetBot on my iPhone 5. Most of the time, despite the iPhone having 3G and the 920 only getting GPRS (their on seperate providers), the 920 will get a notification first followed by the iPhone. Opening both apps when they get a notification, the 920 will pretty much have the new tweet read to read, but Tweetbot will have a few mins delay to when the tweet is actually viewable.
  • Its has some.crash issues and some following issues but good app
  • It crashes on startup on my computer. Ain't be so useful for me at the moment, I guess...
  • So... other than charm/OS integration for search and share, why would I want/need an app when the full-featured website works perfectly?
  • Push notifications.
  • So except for useful features the website doesn't have (share, search, notifications, snapped view) why wouldn't I use the website?
    Is this a real question?
  • But you don't need an app with a UI for those features. Why not just release an app with the integration features and use the website for the UI? Windows 8 is a desktop OS, not a scaled down mobile OS. The need for phone-like apps really isn't the same, and sites like Twitter and Facebook already work well with both keyboard/mouse and touch. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying everything should be websites, I'm just saying that apps like this for services already built around the (mobile) web aren't as necessary on Windows 8 as they are on iOS or Android. Build OS integration plugins, sure, but why publish a clunky desktop app with less features than the website when you have the power of a full desktop OS? Seriously, if you're going to put out a Windows 8 desktop app version of your popular website, it really needs to be amazing and offer something innovative and new... otherwise, why bother?
  • Windows rt?
  • There is a full-featured browser in Windows 8 RT. More importantly, my point isn't about using a browser per se, only that the need for dedicated apps on a less capable OS isn't the same on any version of Windows 8 - at least not the same kind of apps. Windows 8 offers more options than either iOS or Android, and this Twitter app could be a vastly superior experience on Windows 8 than anywhere else - but it's not. It's great to get 1st-party support, but an app that offers less than the associated website doesn't excite me all that much.
  • then what was the point of live tiles?? Windows is base upon a glane and go start screen. Apps help put all your infomright infront of you on their tiles on the start screen and the lock screen.
  • Let's kill all apps and move to their websites. 
  • Then use the website.
  • The website is horrible. Its slow, you have to wait for page reloads, the connect tab doesn't light up when you have new messages, push notifications, not touch optimized at all so its hard to tap things, I could go on and on. Really, as someone who uses twitter all day everyday for the past 6 years the website is crap compared to the app. If you really want I can share a lost of everything a native app can do that's better.
  • Finally! Awesome. Glad to see Twitter supporting the Windows Platform. :)
  • Does anybody here actually use twitter on a computer? I never did even before I got my first smartphone...
  • I do. At least at work.
  • I have been every day since they got a desktop app 4? years ago.
  • Did you live under a rock? I mainly use Twitter on a PC. I have about 4-5 twitter apps, and the built-in People Hub, but I still prefer the website. It's the same as asking "does anyone use the Facebook website?" when the answer to both is "yes, in the 10's to 100's of millions of people"
  • seems awesome. Was using people hub since fliptoast didnt suit my tastes and Tweetro is no longer free (i cant afford a $10 app), but now i have a full twitter experience! yipee! ^w^
  • Love the snap view. Its simple and effective. Glad its arrived...now for the official Facebook app which I have a feeling will be with us as soon as the windows phone version gets a redesign (coming soon).
  • now its time to throw out some C&Ds to rid the WIndows Store of all the fakes.
  • Now Oprah would be twitting from her Surface rather than iPad or iPhone.
  • Twitting?
  • The app crashes on the "Hello! Welcome to Twitter" screen :(
    Any tips on what I should do to fix this?
  • Same behaviour here. I'm using an MS Surface RT and app crashes but it works correctly in my desk computer.
    Problems with ARM version?
  • I'm using a Dell laptop... I'm trying some help with @WindowsSupport on Twitter.
  • Same problem here (Lenovo Yoga). I didn't try on my VivoTab tablet, but I guess it may be related to our account, not our device... Hope they fix it soon.
  • I still don't get it and it makes me mad. Why do people still prefer windows 7 and disgusts windows 8. Its a shame, I think they are all ignorants when they stick onto what they've seen and not to what they've experienced. I wanna have a windows tablet coz I think its one of the biggest imagination and creation microsoft has come to. Windows 8
  • I have both on my desktop PC (dual boot) and still prefer Windows 7. Windows 8 makes sense for tablets and touch-screen laptops... Desktops not so much. I find the W8 UI slows me down much more than W7 and it doesn't support dual monitors that well i.e. Full-screen app in one with desktop on the other. I think it will be good after a few service packs or maybe they'll just jump to W9
  • You're right with desktop its quiet rare and dificilt to manage but for touch pad and tablets I think its really neat and really nice Ui
  • Does it do "inline" twitpic images?
  • Nope
  • Only if you 'unfold' the tweet, you can see it (same as the other official Twitter apps). Atleast you don't have to click the link.
  • Its a very nice app. The only gripe I have is that when you're in discover mode and you click on a post, when you click back out of it, it takes you back to the first post as opposed to where you left off. Frustrating if your 20 posts in or so. Otherwise the layout is very nice.
  • love it
  • Haven't been able to check it out yet. My #1 thing is list support. Does it allow you to access your lists?
  • Why do none of twitters official apps have streaming built in? This is pretty irritating.
  • Ugh...I love the app layout but why do all Windows 8 Twitter apps scroll so fast?  I try to use the two finger trackpad scroll and it flys down and I miss a bunch of tweets.  Makes it unusable for me.  Especially since Twitter's website scrolls perfectly with the gesture scrolling.  That seems like a theme....On the web, scrolling is perfect but on the apps, it seems way to fast.  Of course, if you're using a Windows 8 tablet like the surface, then this is probably not an issue.
  • Looks really good, but needs the autocomplete feature asap! 
  • You guys, WPCentral, are the best, I find out more about Win8 and WP8 than anywhere else. Every opening of your app has the thrill of a child opening a gift, wondering what's new and interesting to play with.
  • Exactly!
  • I'll download it today after I leave the office!!
  • Can't add multiple accounts? No thanks.
  • Now the new Facebook app for Windows Phone with UI facelift is under development. Windows 8 version is following soon. (hopefully).