Tinchy Stryder signed Lumia 800 Windows Phone competition winners announced

To celebrate the Nokia UK Facebook page accumulating 200,000 'likes', the Finnish handset maker set up a competition for four lucky winners to receive a Tinchy Stryder signed black Lumia 800 Windows Phone (see above photo). They have just announced the four winners on Facebook today who will be receiving the handsets.

As well as the main winners there were also three runners up listed who each will receive a Nokia Purity Headset by Monster. If you look closely at the photo, does the signature look smudged to you?

Source: Facebook (Nokia)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That eejit!?? No thanks. Looks like somebody spilled tipp-ex..
  • If they send it back to Nokia then they might get an untouched one.
  • ether they ALL hand signed witch would make SOME sense that its Smudged,  specially on a plastic surface using a sharpy. the person that signed probly dragged his hand. 
  • Any word on the photo contest winner?
  • think they said friday!
  • Whatever the reason. I'm sure those handset winners won't mind too much ;)
  • Am I supposed to know who that is?
  • Pop singer in the UK.
  • Hardly a "pop singer"!
  • Haha yeah, if you win and show people they'll be asking the same thing "who?!"
  • I entered this, but only because I wanted the Lumia. If I'd won one, I'd have tried my best to remove the damn signature!
  • I love rugby and windows phone, who woulda thought this would happen