Ting to support Windows Phone as well as Sprint?

Ting (opens in new tab), a US-based MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator - similar to Giffgaff in the UK), makes use of Sprint's network to offer their service to consumers. The company is working closely with Sprint to allow customers from the popular US carrier to move over to Ting with its BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It has been rather quiet with Windows Phone, until now.

It seems both companies will be stocking Windows Phones. We're not sure if it was intentional, but Ting has revealed plans for (or the view to) both itself and Spring to support Windows Phone in the future.

In a blog post, a Ting employee went into some detail about future plans for Ting - Windows Phone was mentioned:

"We’re looking ahead to the device lineup for the first half of 2013. We’ll be adding a Windows Phone device running the latest version of the mobile OS within this time. Worst case scenario for Windows Phone on Ting: We’ll have the latest WP device sixty days after Sprint begins offering it. Best case: We’ll have it at the same time as it becomes available in Sprint’s lineup."

What's interesting is the post talks about Sprint. 'Best case' scenario would be for Ting to have Windows Phone hardware the same time as Sprint, while 'worst case' would see them launch a month or two after Sprint releases said handsets. Now, as far as we're aware, Sprint has no immediate plans for Microsoft's platform.

The network said goodbye to its HTC Arrive earlier this year and revealed no upcoming devices we'd be able to see in its stores. A leaked documentation confirmed there were no distant Windows Phones in Sprint's plan for US domination, but should what Ting announce be true then we could well be seeing new hardware from the carrier, but it's just reluctant to officially announce anything.

We'll look out for more information, should any arise, over the course of the Windows Phone 8 launch.  In the meantime, feel free to jump in on this WPCentral Forum discussion on Ting (opens in new tab).

Source: Ting (opens in new tab); thanks, sphenodont, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That would be great.
  • Rofl, I love that picture with the comments.
  • Pretty hilarious IMO!
  • Too little, too late for Sprint. I used them for years but switched to AT&T a year ago because of their lack of ecosystem diversity and high cost plans.
  • Wait--is AT&T actually cheaper than Sprint? If so I may just give up waiting for them. It's been too expensive to move for the longest time, but if that's the case...
  • Sprint is way cheaper than ATT and has unlimited.
  • That depends on your usage and situation. I'm on a Sprint family plan with another person right now and we hardly use that much unlimited data (I use wifi whenever it's free or already paid for). We also don't use much minutes as on their minimum family plan of 1500. With AT&T, I could get a more suitable family plan for around $30 less, which would include unlimited messaging, rollover minutes, 3GB for one and 300MB for the other (my usage on Sprint is usually around 250MB and the other is maybe around 50MB).
    Plus, I'd for sure be able to get a Windows Phone.
  • It's definitely YMMV. I moved my four device plan from Sprint to AT&T and am spending about $100/mo more...ugh...not sure if I'd switch back to Sprint even if they offered WP8 devices cuz their service in-and-around where I live was soooo spotty. We share a 6GB data plan amongst the four phone cuz it was actually cheaper than the 1 or 3GB plans lol but it would take a lot for us to use it all. We don't use more than 2GB between the four of us cuz of wifi...
  • AT&T is a few dollars more than Sprint, but the phone selection is much better and they have better network quality.  I've never met a satisfied Sprint customer.  Still, if they actually had decent phones, I'd consider switching just to save a few bucks.
  • This may be the best news I have heard/read about SPRINT so far! C'mon SPRINT! Bring on the WP8 Devices! Thank you Rich Edmonds, you just made my wait a little more justify-able... jejeje
  • Sprint is about to become -Chung mobile when it is bought out. Lets all pray that happens.
  • Spring or Sprint?
  • I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but if Sprint never decides to carry WP (or, at least, not in the near future), 60 days after "never" is still "never"...
    However, for brand and platform diversity, I hope they do carry it eventually.  I'm not a big Sprint fan, but it'll help all of us if they do.
  • Leaving Sprint as soon as WP8's are released, the ETF will be worth it. R.I.P. Arrive
  • I'm in the same exact situation. Been with them since 2001. So long Sprint. Typing this from my Arrive.
  • I have a friend use still uses his htc arrive and he not worried if sprint don't have wp8 yet. He tells me his htc arrive phone been working excellent since he purchased it last year and still fast and smooth. He will wait for 7.8 upgrade if sprint will offer it? If not there is always a way download it at htc site. It is why sprint htc arrive survey had 90% great comments than all iphone or android phones on sprint site. Just say how sprint dont see it
  • I'm in the same camp - I bought my Arrive at launch, and it's still performing as well as it did then.. well, better since Mango added all that goodness.  Of course, I had to manually hack in the disappearing keyboard fix, but that was quick and painless, and very worthwhile since Sprint STILL hasn't released it!  
    I'm willing to bet that they won't release 7.8 either, so as soon as it comes out, I'll use the same methods involved in the Tango install.  
    Oh, I got my wife one for Christmas last year too, and her experience matches mine, your friend, and the other 90% of us.  I get so irritated when I see comments and forum posts claiming that the Arrive is "the worst phone ever"...  I'm just sad that it's likely the last phone with a REAL keyboard I'll ever use...
  • Yeah, my wife and I both have the Arrive and we both love it.  I will definitely be upgrading to a WP8 device whether sprint has one or not but my contract isn't up until March.  So they have a little bit of time to get on the ball.  I really would like something with a big screen 4.3"+.  The phone I really want is the Lumia 920. Maybe they could make a Lumia 923 for Sprint.
  • Yeah keep waiting for sprint to offer 7.8 they are 3 updates behind as is. #doubtful
  • I have been with sprint for 8 years and I will be joining at&t first week of november.  I dont want to but I need that 920 son! I gotta have it!
  • Ting with a lil Bing
  • If people BYOD, will Ting give HTC Arrive users the updates Sprint couldn't be bothered releasing to their customers?
  • UPDATE: Got a response from Ting on Twitter about this:
    @karlcramer As it stands right now, updates to Ting devices come OTA from Sprint's labs.
  • Its MVNO, not MNVO
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_virtual_network_operator
  • This is really nothing new. Just some better confirmation. A few months ago there was an interview with a Sprint Big Shot who said something to the effect that they would probably be carrying a WP8 device at some point, but would not be at the forefront when WP8 was launched. This person mentioned the first half of 2013 as a time frame.
    This article just adds some confirmation to that, but what I find interesting is that this guy is making reference to "a" single device and not at least a couple of them. No big shocker I guess.
    I have been a long time Sprint customer as well, but will be jumping ship as soon as all the other carriers have made their anannouncements. I want to know about all the phones, specs and pricing before I land somewhere else. Come on Verizon, get off your A** and make an announcement already... 920, 922, 920, 922...
  • Looks like their typical byod plan is $50/mo.  Straighttalk byod plan beats them on price ($45) and device selection -- any gsm phone (no need to sim unlock).
  • you sprint htc arrive guys know there are AWESOME custom roms for it right?  Even a couple 7.8 roms that work fantastic.  Wifi tethering, fully unlocked, camera extras, etc, etc....
    try the leadpoizon rom...best out imho. 
  • Do you have a resource you can share to help me get started with the custom rom? I did a lot of patching and still install webOS stuff via preware testing feeds, and I've flashed custom roms on Android devices. I think I read somewhere that the equivalent of 'rooting' a windows phone has an up front cost. Is that true?
  • Some people are into the custom ROM scene, and that's fine if you're into that, but most people aren't since there's no telling what the creators put in there. Hackers aren't the most trustworthy group.
  • This is good news considering that my upgrade date is in May.
  • Just don't really kow what to say about this one.  If they wait until the first part of 2013 or the first half, this probably means they'll end up, yet again, relatively outdated tech.  I've been up for renewal and a new phone for over a year now and I've just been waiting for a new WP phone.  I keep hoping that each time I log on here, I'll see a notice that Sprint has finally annouced something other than,  We'll get around to it......One day.  I'm still going back and forth on whether to hold out another 6 months or so in hopes they will come out with something worthwhile, or just go Droid.  I really don't want to but I feel like the choice is being made for me.  My Arrive is starting to wear out after being dropped a few times.
  • Ting thank you for the info. I'm on sprint and have loved my arrive for the few months since my brother gave it to me. After seeing this post I have gotten much happier hearing my brother and I don't have to give up all the unlimited goodies sprint has. To bad I gave my sister my upgrade because her evo is dead and wanted to get another iPhone(lame ik).
  • Good to hear Sprint may get a WP8 device soon, but unless it's the lumia 920 I could care less.