Tip: Microsoft releases emoji cheat-sheet for you texting nerds

By now, if you have ever sent a text message on Windows Phone, you would have noticed that a simple :-) gets turned into a full on smiley face on the phone. It's not groundbreaking but shows that Microsoft is paying attention to detail and it certainly enhances the experience.

Every once in awhile we get a "tip" on someone finding a new "emoji" (we still call 'em emoticons) while texting. Well, Microsoft has thrown together a whole sheet of the most commonly used ones. Yes, there are even more to be found, which is crazy.

While these are super awesome, we're hard pressed to imagine we're going to memorize them, let alone be able to bang 'em out quickly in a text message from memory. But we like a challenge! (Side note: we have conjured up "vampire bat" on occasion, which was...odd).

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Daniel Rubino

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  • There are more than just these. Ive received one of a beer and a martini glass before too. there was another one too... but I can't remember what it was. There are probably even more that we haven't found yet. lol
  • Yeah there are tons more. For example, (pi) is a slice of pizza. I want a full list!
  • It's kinda pointless to use these though unless the person you send them too also has a wp7. Android users most likely won't see a smiley, just... letters
  • not true. my fiance had an evo before I got her an arrive and we would send smileys back and forth with no issue until she started using some app to send messages
  • Well android just has their own set too.
    Not every MS one would work on her EVO and vice versa, but you're obviously going to get a lot of crossover.
  • Adding to this list, *| is a boxing glove/punch. Totally should start a thread on the forums or something for people to create an archive...
  • You can use just about any of the MSN ones:
    Sidenote, what is secret supposed to be because :-* definately isn't it. 
  • I think it's :-x
  • Nope, not that either...
  • (xx) is the xbox guide button symbol thingy
  • Those are awesome.
  • Daniel, I'm with you: emoticons, not emoji.
  • Agreed.
    I love the rest tho. :)
  • The iPhone emoji symbols will also be displayed properly when sent to a WP7 phone (mango).  I had my friend send me all that she could, with a space between each one.  I then copied them to a OneNote page and pinned it to my home screen.  Now I can copy/paste them directly into a sms anytime.   We need an app for this!
  • No they won't.
    It is just a coincidence that how they're making the emoji are the same way that MS is making them.
  • I made this cheat sheet of ones I came across. I submitted it as a tip a while back, but I guess it wasn't newsworthy!
    These are the type you put in parentheses. Ex: (d) will display the aforementioned martini glass.
  • I could have used this a week ago.
  • The Quantum has a smiley face key on the keyboard that brings up lots of this kind of stuff.
  • Well they all do.  It is just that they don't really show you what they are until they do it.  That and it is kind of hit or miss. :) will give you the cartoon face, :-) won't.
  • Hmm...somebody needs to make an app to type these!  I'll do it if nobody picks it up ;P
    Windows Phone 7 Wallpapers - Download with a scan!
  • I realized a few weeks ago while simultaneously texting my wife on her AT&T iPhone & a coworker on their Verizon iPhone using the "emoji keys" app, that the "emoji" emoticons I sent to my coworker's Verizon iPhone appeared as squares on their phone (just as any "emoji" emoticons I would receive from an AT&T iPhone would appear before translation from the "emoji keys" app on my Windows Phone). Yet the "emoji" emoticons I received from my coworker's Verizon iPhone, rendered perfectly on my Windows Phone. The point being, that every "emoji" emoticon can be viewed(or typed) if we had the additional/alternate keyboard or app available to type them. C'mon MS, give up the goods...all of them, not just a small sample of code. The additional keyboard would be the right thing to do but at least give us an app if that's gotta wait for an update.
  • All we really need is a WP developer with a friend who has a Verizon iPhone to text them their whole emoji keyboard and.....WP emoji! ANYONE?!?!?
  • Currently I have a littly tool in the works that is in Beta - it knows most of the here mentioned emoticons already. I will add the others and there will be a function to submit newly found emoticons if you found any! ;)
    Publishing is planned for next week after a few small bug-fixes this weekend. :)
    These aren't emoji.  They are emoticons.
    The iPhone's emoticon system is based on the Japanese emoticon system (the images correlate with the emoticons found commonly on a Japanese phone, making it possible for Apple to be succesful in Japan.  It's literally a deal breaker in Japan not to have emoticons in a phone.  That's not my opinion, it's a fact) and thus calling them Emoji, the Japanese word for emoticon, makes sense (You'll notice there's tons of emoji that are related to Japan).  WP7 emoticons correlate with emoticons commonly found in the West.  
    And frankly, I love WP7, but these emoticons suck.  I'm living in Japan and if this is the standard off emoji then Microsoft can say goodbye to the Japanese market, as these would come off as the trash you attach to e-mails rather than the actual purpose emoticons serve in communicating in Japanese in text messages and whatnot.  
    And don't underestimate the Japanese market.  Without a doubt it is one of the most important mobile markets in the world - a large mobile market where people pour tons off money into their phones and the software on their phones and whatnot.  Chinese and Indian markets may sell more handsets, but the Japanese market is a far larger goldmine as far as Microsoft should be concerned and I'm tired of it being ignored.  
  • Woulnd't it have been just as easy for the WP7 team to put these icons on the screen rather than their text equivalents? That would have made things easier for us. Then when you press the icon, the text equivalent appears in the text entry box, and then turns back into the icon when you submit the message.
  • Well, personally on my Japanese IS12T running Mango my emoji's never get converted... They remain on plain text whether on messenger or e-mails...
    As someone that uses emoticons/emojis constantly on PC/other mobiles it is indeed frustrating ... Wonder if I'm missing something or if it's just one of those Mango features that didn't make the early JP cut (we also don't get snooze settings for the alarms, our carrier still does not support text-messages/sms , etc.)
  • Would Love it baked into the os