Tired of UK signal 'not-spots'? There's a national roaming SIM for that

The new Lancashire startup connects consumers to whichever UK mobile network currently has the strongest signal in that given location. The new Mobile Virtual Network Operator will essentially allow you to hop between networks at will. It's a solution many consumers thought major networks would offer through talks with the government, but instead they opted to invest more in existing infrastructure.

Initially, PAYG SIMs will be available via the official website, eBay and Amazon in around five weeks time. The company also plans to partner with farming, camping and other organizations whose member base could benefit from the unique feature. However, there are a few drawbacks of the service that charges 5p a minute, 5p an SMS and 5p per MB of data.

For starters, you'll not be able to switch between networks mid-call, and there's no 4G connectivity included though Anywhere SIM expects to have this added in a year's time. The basic service only lets you receive calls across all networks. If you want to dial out or use the Internet, you'll want to be on O2 or you will pay out double the price per call and MB of data.

It's a premium that works out to be considerably more expensive than other MVNOs out there, but it's an interesting idea we're sure many will be interested in trying out. Hopefully, as mobile networks continue to work on network infrastructure, said companies and SIM options won't be necessary. Until then, we have Anywhere SIM as an alternative.

Source: Anywhere SIM, via: BBC

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  • There are many rural areas with no signal on any network. This won't help much in those areas.
    I mean, I live near two reasonable sized towns in the home counties and if I go too far between the two I get nothing, and I've tried every network.
  • Yeah, I'm more worried about the signal black spots, where no network has signal. Not sure how this will address that...
  • I know it will never happen under a Tory government (nor any other probably), but I feel the best solution would be for the government or (more likely) an organisation consisting of all the networks to invest in a network, then franchise out the use of it.
  • You mean something like Network Rail. I like Trains.
  • Yes. Just like Network Rail. Unfortunately, NRs arrangement isn't perfect either. Either way it won't happen, as they don't want the public taking the economic risk (read want their buddies to make some money).
  • With BT buying EE, the government should renationalise BT. The government should be controlling important parts of the economy like infrastructure and not letting private profit hunting firms ruin the country. Sick and tired of seeing firms like BG & Royal Mail screwing over consumers with higher prices.
  • Well Royal Mail got privatised fairly recently. Also Ofcom ruled that BT couldn't use their infrastructure to create a monopoly (charging cheaper prices to under cut their competition). Unfortunately the down side of that means prices won't decrease across the board.
  • If it's an idea that gains traction the bigger companies maybe forced into coming to some sort of an arrangement.
  • Competition is good, unfortunately as its stands there wont be many operators left.
  • Same goes for electricity generation and gas distribution. Bloody Sid! He has so much to answer for.
  • Better still treat it as a utility service
  • Well mobile operators are dumb pipes anyway, they don't meddle around with exclusive devices unlike the egomaniacal US carriers.
  • Anyone else think of "Kingsman: The Secret Service" when they read this? :)
  • Also, this sounds a little similar to Google Fi, except with Google you're supposed to be able to also use Wi-Fi where available and do the transitions seamlessly. Who knows how well that will work or if Google won't cancel it soon anyway...
  • Google Fi is partnering with the #3 and #4 mobile network operators (T-Mobile and Sprint) which have drastically worse coverage than #1 and #2 (AT&T and Verizon). All of this could have been avoided by just opening up full domestic roaming, as the Canadian government did. They didn't force the networks to offer domestic roaming, but if a network chooses to sign a domestic roaming agreement it can't be exclusive. As a consequence, we have Rogers roaming on Bell/Telus. That's like AT&T roaming on Verizon, coverage-wise.
  • SOLUTION: Ban all mobile phones, would solve lots of problems... Mobile phones didn't arrive until I was 19... We survived surprisingly well !!
  • This is where dual sim phones are good to have
  • I was pleased to see this possible alternative to not-spots until I saw the part about needing to be on 02. I'm artists actually with 02 and am plagued by not-spots wherever I go. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android