Titanfall 2 halts discounts on EA Access and Origin Access, no early access trial planned

EA's subscription-based services EA Access on Xbox and Origin Access on PC usually grant a trial and discounts for EA games to those who subscribe. However, Titanfall 2 won't be joining the program.

In a statement obtained by GameReactor, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that Titanfall 2 will not receive any form of discount, early access or trial on PC or Xbox One via EA's subscription services.

Respawn apparently offered no explanation for this, save to say that it "might" join EA and Origin Access at a later date, but not for the remainder of 2016 at least.

The publishing deal Respawn Entertainment has struck for Titanfall is a little out of the ordinary for EA, who usually develop their major titles entirely in-house. For EA, Respawn Entertainment is an independent second party studio, not unlike Remedy Entertainment who worked with Microsoft on Quantum Break.

EA Access

EA Access has been a major selling point for Xbox One.

From my perspective, it seems likely that EA and Respawn were unable to reach a compromise on how the discounts and early access would impact Respawn's bottom line for sales of the game. It seems unlikely that there's no policy in place to compensate second party developers through EA Access, given that Titanfall 1 and the remarkable puzzle game Unravel, from Coldwood Interactive, are both part of the program. Why was Respawn Entertainment happy to put Titanfall 1 through EA Access, but not Titanfall 2?

I feel that something should have been done between EA and Respawn to ensure EA and Origin Access subscribers didn't get short-changed, particularly when you acknowledge Titanfall 2 was, until today, issuing discounts for Access members. With reactions to Titanfall 2's recent tech test being mixed at best, this news could only serve to derail the hype train even further, at least with 'Access subscribers, many of whom likely supported the original game.

How do you feel about Titanfall 2 not hitting EA and Origin Access? Will it affect your decision to purchase Titanfall 2 if you're a subscriber? Let us know in the comments.

Titanfall 2 launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 28th.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Perhaps the beginning of the end for EA Access?? If not even their own latest games will be on their own early access system, then why bother for any other new game of theirs..
  • EA always tout how great EA Access has been for them during investor calls, it's more to do with Respawn owning the IP I think, business problems. Still, it's a shame for those who subscribe, who have been promised a specific service.
  • EA screwed themselves with the Steam fiasco.
  • That's the point precisely, Titanfall ISN'T one of their games. Actually, if you go to Origin, you'll see lots of games there that aren't made by EA owned studios, and pretty much all of them never get any discounts, and aren't part of EA/Origin Access.
  • Maybe you DID NOT READ the article, but Titanfall 2 is not an EA game.  EA does not own the IP.  Respawn Entertainment does.  And if Respawn does not want their game as part of EA Access, then EA cannot force them.   Battlefield 1 on the other hand . . . five days early, biatches.
  • EA is the publisher, no? Therefore, I would have thought EA would have the clout to say "you want the worlds largest publisher to publish your game? These are the conditions (including EA access support)..."
  • It'll probably get added later respawn just doesn't want to miss the money.
  • I paid full price to support the studio based upon their DLC claim an out not charging extra for future maps and such. I'm sick of paid DLC. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As an EA access sub and having purchased Titanfall 1, I was already on the fence about this game after the tech test. This seals it. No Titanfall 2 until the price drop. More time for Gears.
  • Their loss. Less chance buying without free trial. Cant see how they earn more when fewer people tries the game. Lame.
  • I tried playing the first one during a free weekend and couldn't even play the campaign mode because it relied on having other players available and their were none. The game was cool, but their was no way I was buying it after that. Hopefully this one doesn't have a similar system. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • OK - http://www.wikihow.com/Use-There,-Their-and-They're
  • OMG! I don't need the link, just need to proofread better. Thanks!
  • I enjoyed Titanfall 1, but then Halo 5 came out and changed everything--showed me what a true, team-based competitive shooter is. The forced team-based gameplay Respawn tried shoehorning into Titanfall 2 just makes me appreciate Halo 5 more rather than make me interested in Titanfall 2.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if sonys got something to do with this.
  • My thoughts too. Though not directly. I suspect Respawn wants it to release on all platforms simultaneously. Not least because if it comes to Xbox and PC first through a discount on EA Access, there will be less that buy it full price on PS4. Plus if it's anything like the launch of Titanfall [1], then by the time the early access has ended, they'll be no players left playing it anyway.
  • Not interested in Titanfall 2. Thought 1 was OK, but too much else to play. Id like to see some EA backwards compatible games coming though.
  • Not concerned to be honest.
  • Troy called it, Sony have got their hooks into titanfall 2. As ea access would give it an Xbox advantage.
  • Sony didn't have to do anything respawn killed itself every page you go to look for titanfall 2 comments it's 75% bad 10% good and 15% meh. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Which is ironic because Sony turned down EA's request to put EA Access on PS4.
  • Just take a look at Twitter for the reaction. I've already given you my thoughts on it Jez. I don't even have Access but on principal won't be buying. If they're going to treat their core fans this way then why should I bother?
  • Bad move respawn. I'll wait longer then to buy your game.
  • Well, if Respawn doesn't dare give me a demo/trial before purchase I'll find someone else to give my money to. And I think this is what it boils down to, the game doesn't live up to the hype so offering a trial would cost them even more in lost revenue.
  • So many entitled cry baby's in here. Waaaa I have to pay full price for a game that people worked really hard on.
  • No its a 'So many people unhappy at the fact they pay for EA Access which is supposed to entitle them to early access and discounts but won't get these for Titanfall 2 even though it was originally advertised as being included.'
  • Entitled to ea games, this is a 3rd party title only published by ea not made by them.
  • That was advertised on EA Access not long ago. Titanfall was on there previously too. Don't see it being fair to call people entitled cry babies for it.
  • So why is Titanfall on EA Access?
  • Guess they just know how bad it really is, that's why there is no trial. And no discount cause once the bad reviews are out no one will buy it so preorders at full price are more important for them.
  • You might be right. They're probably afraid of the early bad word of mouth.
  • As a very loyal subscriber of EA access I can say if they don't have guts to share trial with us.So why should I bother to buy??
  • Its because of sony peasants who dont have eaa.
  • I was going to renew my membership for EA Access but since this happened I think not. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think respawn are trying to stop people waiting on Xbox for it to come out on EA Access... which screams they are desperately concerned. Preorders for it aren't even charting, and the reactions to the beta has been far from great. They made far too many changes, and basically turned it into CoD... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ^^this
  • Was going to buy the game but now not anymore ill stick to gears and battlefield 1
  • Have it pre ordered canceling my pre order . Not just for the ea access thing but for the beta and it reverting backwards instead of forwards . I'll get it to play the campaign when it's like 20 bucks on deals with gold or something but their not getting my full $60 like battlefield call of duty and gears . Throw Recore in there even tho it's $40 just as excited for Recore as any other aaa that's coming out . 
  • Yep. Beta sucked. Now with this news I'm not getting this at launch. Will wait for the inevitable discount.
  • Based on Principal I'm not buying it and it was going to be a day one purchase but forget about it now.  Especially with people saying how the beta was crap, Respawn is just killing the excitement for the game.
  • I'm waiting for a sale. Game prices are so inflated now.. Over 150 cnd for top bf1... It's becoming to much.
  • Yeah, our exchange rate makes new games brutal! Forza Horizion 3 top package also over $150.00 With game prices that high, can only afford 1 per year.
  • EA, Ubi$oft, Activi$ion....they are all the same....they put out crap games as betas, charge for DLC, then make the next shiny object so we can chase it....STOP BUYING!! I don't blame them, we are responsible for it. Unplug for a game or two
  • Well im not getting titanfall 2. Just cause they are releasing on a Sony console this time around after they were promoted by MS 20 times more than they did by EA now, doesn't mean they have to treat us like Sony treats It's platform. Let alone change their game into something most their users will like. Sorry. Just mad at how right I was they would change into this way the game if a second was to be released.
  • I actually was waiting to buy and wanted to use my EA Access discount. Not happy with Respawn for this decision. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm really surprised by many of the comments DEMANDING that this be on EA Access for a trial. How many of you buy games at full price, without a trial or demo? Seems like a rather silly point to me and a typical sign of gamer entitlement. I'm not defending the game by any means, as I wasn't impressed by the demo either. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Umm.. we pay for that 'entitlement'. This is the first and only time this issue has ever occured.
  • Once I get my 10 free hours, I will then decide to purchase. I did not get a chance to try the beta tech demo. Until then, there are many new games coming down the pipe to keep me occupided.
  • Frankly, I'm pissed. I paid for ea access for a years worth when I first heard of the sequel coming out. I will not be renewing my subscription, and if I could cancel and get my money back, I would. Shame on EA for letting Respawn do this. I also shall not give two s$&$to and a f$@# about anything from this developer in the future. Way to piss off your fan base you ingrates.
  • Not bothered about demo, shows that the hype is just well...... normal bs hype. It was advertised as included but t&c allows change, still a dikc move by Respawn  who quote "thanked everyone who mdde the game (TF!) a sucess and gave away all xpacs free" EA access is more than one game or small 10% discount, apple dont do discounts but still sell under tech over priced devises so who knows if it will make a significant dent on sales, I am a man of princable it was first told to be included, I bought it on sale on XBone I will wait for similar 40-50% off pc noy or get a cdkey somewhere if it bothers me about not having completion. At lease they did not do a GTA5 on Steam summer "sale" but ip ownwe decides to try something new, for me their loss but I am not concidered an entitled crybaby just giving my opinion as so it my opinion as that is right for me. What annoys me more is XBone play anywhere being digital only, they could put a code in the phyicical box that ties to account so usless if if I sell disc, I mention this simply as its relavant to me as I buy digital pc usually cheaper and discs fot xbox from a River dotcom due to price and usually on both when its an AAA title, indie games are for my ipad.