T-Mobile U.S. launches the Windows 10 Alcatel Idol 4S on November 10 for $469 unlocked

Although Microsoft did not mention Alcatel's forthcoming Idol 4S for T-Mobile (US), we know the phone is coming. A few weeks ago, we leaked the spec sheet and details about the powerhouse phone and we can now add release date and pricing.

We can now confirm that the Idols 4S launches with T-Mobile (US) on Thursday, November 10. While the phone will be offered in retail, web, care, and telesales the phone can be bought outright for $469.99.

The Idols 4S packs some impressive features, including:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Data4G LTE
T-Mobile Extended Range LTE
CPUSnapdragon 820 | Quad Core CPU @2.15 GHz
Display5.5-inch FHD AMOLED
Dragontrail 2.5D Glass
180-degree viewing
Memory64GB ROM
Camera21 MP Rear
Dedicated camera button
Battery3,000 mAh
Quick Charge 2.0
Windows HelloYes (Fingerprint)
AudioDual speakers with Hi-Fi surround sound
Dimensions153.9 x 75.4 x 6.99 mm

It's worth noting that T-Mobile is listing the phone as running Windows 10 with no mention of Mobile. There is also now confirmation it will have a dedicated camera button, which is great for previous Lumia owners.

The Alcatel Idol 4S is originally an Android phone that was launched in July. The phone has had some specifications updated for Windows including a more robust Snapdragon 820 processor (vs. Snapdragon 652) and a bump in the camera from 16 to 21 MP.

Considering the price is $200 cheaper than the business-focused HP Elite x3 the Idol 4S with Windows 10 may be a solid high-end phone for those on a budget.

It is not yet clear if Alcatel and Microsoft will sell the phone direct without T-Mobile branding.

We'll, of course, follow up with more information the Alcatel Idol 4S as necessary.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Nice price!
  • It isn't bad, but you can still grab a 950/xl for less, although the 4GB and large onboard storage are welcome.
  • But without a SD 820, which is quite a bit faster than an 808 or 810.
  • Also fingerprint reader > iris scanner. At least on the x3. I would have totally jumped on this if it weren't for the 5.5 inch screen. I found going from the 1520 to the 640xl for a few months, that even going from 6 down to 5.7 felt like a huge decrease.
  • I went from a 1520 to a 650 and it still feels small even after a couple months of use.
  • Yeah, if I get this, the only thing I'll probably miss is the screen size. I was going to replace my 1520.3 with an 950XL but returned it because that phone was crap when first released. But even if it worked, I missed the larger screen size. You didn't mention one plus of the Alcatel over the 950XL and that is the FHD screen. I'm not the only one who thinks that a higher res is pointless on a phone even if it didn't use more power (and cpu load).
  • Agreed! I would gladly have more battery life and a 1080 screen on my 950xl. The only place 1440 resolution on a screen would be helpful is with VR goggles. I've looked at some older Galaxy VR examples and the images are terrible. VR would explain why Samsung is all onboard for 1440 res on the newer Galaxies.
  • With phone in hand, I can personally tell you that you are incorrect the screen is beautiful and Windows 10 helps the over consumption of battery, also worth noting is that this is a Type C port with quick charge.
  • But for an intro product, 5.5 is a sweet spot. If sales are high enough they most likely will continue the progression 5.7-6. 
  • No, they won't....
  • So funny how different tastes are.  I consider 5.5" to be rediculously big. I think a 4.5" screen is just about perfect.
  • Yeah, all the high end wondows phones are 5.5+.  I have a 950, and the 5.2" screen feels a bit too big.  Gimme a 5" screen, with the latest processor, and regular FHD
  • I can tell you that this is not your clunky 5.5, this is relatively thin and feels good in hand.
  • Also, T-mo will allow you to finance it inerest free (which you can't do with the 950/XL) which is helpful to people who can't come up with the money up front.
  • Yep.. Can't believe there is an unlocked version.
  • Yes!
  • If I didn't already buy the Lumia 650 i would have bought this
  • What ur gonna do
    What ur gonna do
    What ur gonna do
    When the phone comes to you
  • Listen brother, the millions of Phonamaniacs, have made it loud and clear! What ur gonna do when Alcatel wraps these 5.5 inch pythons around you???!!!!!! ~ Phone Hogan - UWP Heavyweight Champion of the 1% of the World
  • The commas after "we'll" in the bottom sentence are not necessary.
  • You must be fun at parties.
  • Lol. The Punctuation Police are in "da" house!!
  • I'm dying lol
  • Sorry Daniel I haven't had my coffee today.
  • Tried to upvote but accidentally hit report.... Apparently I'm also fun at parties :/
  • "accidentally" you mean
  • That's just, like, your opinion, man!
  • Yep, the dude abides
  • I like how it reads with the commas.
  • The commas are appropriately used in that sentence.
  • Wen in india
  • The parenthetical commas are used correctly in the last sentence.  The parenthetical words "of course" can be omitted from the sentence without altering its basic meaning; thus, the commas are necessary.
  • Maybe T Mobile have it right? Running Windows 10 and not mention mobile? After all, we all know that the Windows Mobile/Phone name / brand is almost as toxic as Chernobyl.
  • For real. Just call it Windows 10. #yolo
  • it doesnt matter what they call it.  normal humans dont know it exists.
  • Can't argue with that! Except to replace normal with 'normal'.
  • Makes no difference. Windows 10 mobile is still Windows 10. Just adding the "mobile" part is more specific.
  • Dedicated camera button - was afraid that was missing. Seems the only thing missing is Qi and/or PMA wireless charging. Not sure about many others, but I have a HUGE investment in wireless chargers (car mount, desk at home, desk at work, kitchen table, garage workbench, JBL powerup, nightstand, kitchen counter, coffee table, and in each of my kid's rooms. Wonder if there will be a case to add it?
  • Wow.... I'm sure you could have bought an Elite 3x with all that money :)
  • I have a 950xl... and my wife a 950. I have had a 920 and 925 (still in use in the family). I like the x3, but this is much cheaper. Seems to have it all but no wireless charging. Too bad because it is really a very small component that might have added a few bucks for the coil. The wireless chargers were cheap by the way, got a ton of them when ATT was clearing them out for under $10 each.
  • Great deal! I also have a 950XL. I'm using the prodution release and not an inside ring build now. It seems stable to me as a daily driver. Great great phone.  
  • Oh yeah, I need that also. Otherwise this phone looks good on paper.
  • Even better in real life, but no wireless charging...sorry
  • If there isn't a dedicated case for it you can buy a Qi receiver on amazon that fits under a case. I've seen them for micro USB and lightning ports but I haven't checked recently to see if they have them for USB C yet
  • Dedicated camera button - prayer answered
  • Why not just wrap your whole house in a spool of copper wire, so you can all walk around humming with hair standing on end?
  • Awesome! I'm eligible to trade in my phone through the Jump! program. I can't afford the X3 right now so the payments will work. Now if only SiriusXM would release a mobile app...
  • price is a little more than $200 cheaper than the 
    Something is not right ??
  • easy math ... $799 - $469 = $330 not $200
  • I got that, however initially when Daniel wrote the article it was stated as "Considering the price is a little more than $200 cheaper than the business-focused HP Elite x3 the Idol 4S with Windows 10 may be a solid high-end phone for those on a budget." Corrected it since then. :)
  • Wonder if Wharton Brooks will badge this one??? ;-)
  • I was wondering why the 820 is quad core while the 810 is octa core?
  • It's listed above. Snapdragon 820 | Quad Core CPU @2.15 GHz
  • Qualcomm decided that less cores are better on battery life. I don't know if it is, but it employs 2 big cores and 2 small cores.
  • check this link for comparisons of 808(950) vs 810 (950xl) vs 820 (idol 4s) https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon/processors/comparison  
  • The remaining cores get far more transistors than an 8 core chip and as such are far more powerful. When you factor in that core utilization is a tricky Job then its probably a good bet. Number of cores is partially about the marketing, just like the megahertz wars and the megapixel wars.
  • I'd gladly trade off no camera button for a reliable camera app, which is stable and doesn't let you down when you need it the most.
  • Definitely going to check this out. Hopefully there is eventually an unlocked version as I'm on AT&T and would prefer to stay.
  • Didn't you read the title of the article?
  • Yeah, that was dumb of me. Totally missed the "unlocked" part.
  • It unlocked
  • nice price for an unlocked high end device.  Would be great if they sold it in a MS store up in Canada also:)
  • I'm sure its only a matter of time. They have every other Windows phone.
  • Only T-Mo, but it's unlocked, who cares...
  • Man it has almost everything!
  • Only missing wireless charging. Quick, someone make a good case that has it.
  • It's also missing iris scanner but fingerprint is good too
  • Iris scanner is a neat gimmick. Fingerprint scanner is probably more useful. I am satisfied with having it instead. The x3 has both which is really cool. Until the depth cameras are a reality for Surface type facial recognition, both are less practical.
  • Right, given a choice I would go with the fingerprint scanner.
  • Of course fingerprint is better. When Simon Phoenix wants to access my phone, I'd rather he take one of my fingers than one of my eyes.
  • Some of us live in climates where we need gloves 6-8 months out of the year. Iris scanners are awesome.
  • That makes sense. Where I live, it rarely gets below 60F. I never understood the draw to live in a cold climate other than to be near family or compelled by employment. I'm an hour from the beach, 90 minutes from ski resorts, 30 minutes from the city, minutes from water ways for boating, minutes from SRV trails in the hills for dirt biking year round, and more. I just could not stand to live in a place where I would have to wear gloves a majority of the year. Variety for all I guess.
  • Some of us didn't choose where we live. =P
  • I feel for you, I do...
  • Where do you live?
  • Sunny California. Just east of the SF Bay Area / Silicon Valley
  • Fingerprint is way more convenient on phones to be honest.
  • My Lumia 950 only has iris and it is not as useful. I always have my sunglasses when I'm out and about and I always wished I had a fingerprint. This is why I'm "upgrading" from the 950 to this baby!
  • Says the bounty hunter who obviously never used a note 7
  • I would rather have a finger print scanner because the iris scanner requires you to put the phone about six inches from your face for it to work.
  • This is also why I don't use the iris scanner on my 950.  If microsoft can improve it to the level of the Surface Pro 4 than i'll start using it more.
  • Can't wait to read a review! I love my 950 and don't want to go the Android road...
  • ^^^ This. Hopefully Daniel can get it early.
  • Woohoo!
  • Awesome news!!
  • This is impressive considering the position we are in. Personally i wish OEMs would flood the market with mid to low end phones for the sake of mindshare. I know people can give me 1000 reasons why this wont help but i started with a L520 just to dip my feat, went onto a 640xl and now a 950xl and surface 3. If a surface phone would drop tomorrow id buy it. I saw the value and worked my way up
  • I didn't see anything about the supposed VR. Does anyone know anything about this?
  • It's supposed to be the box it comes in.
  • I'm there
  • Getting this day one if I can find it. Selling my Lumia 640 XL right after
  • Having the same thoughts about my L640XL.
  • Mine is gone asap tired of the low storage messages
  • What does Mad Cabbies remarks about windows 10 mobile mean. This surely cant be a Windows 10 phone. If it is I will be in like a shot
    Roger Stenson
  • He's not saying its a different OS. He's just saying he thinks it may sell better if you just call it "Windows 10."
  • Looks like a nice phone. I already have three windows phones now so I don't think I will get it though.
  • This is not bad including the price...not bad at all. If release is pre-christmas this can be quite an interesting sale.
  • Well, I've been so frustrated with my Galaxy S6, that I've moved back to my 950 (with a cracked screen).  This might be just what the doctor ordered.  Yes, there are compromises on WM10...but at the end of the day, it performs better overall than my GS6.  I'm no longer paying a king's ransom for phones, so an iPhone isn't going to happen either.  $469 is a decent price, so sounds like I'll be buying one.
  • Go for it!
  • What was bugging you on your S6? Just curious.
  • It buuuuurns.... Lol, j/k, I know it's the 7...
  • 469 unlocked? Is T-Mobile selling it factory unlocked?
  • That's the same question I have. Nowhere in the spec sheet does it say it's unlocked, it only says FRP (Full Retail Price). I bet even if you pay full price it's still locked... and it's not easy getting an unlock code from T-Mobile, see https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-1588
  • wow the pricing, and unlocked!  Shocker!
  • That price is hard to resist. I'm feeling a a gravitational pull on my wallet to this phone.
  • I was expecting 599
  • I flit between my L950 and a Huawei P9 and the finger print reader on the P9 is far more practical and instant compared to the iris scanner on the 950.
    TBH I don't think I'll ever want another smart phone without a finger print scanner so this Alcatel phone gets a thumbs up from me
  • This kind of came out from nowhere. Nice surprise.
  • Is this USB C?  But also fast charging certified?
  • No for the former. Not sure about the latter.
  • It is USB C. The Android version wasn't.
  • I think USB C is required for continuum.
  • The price is good, I think I would only miss QiCharging and glance.  But for all it has is great pricing.
  • Wireless charging is something that is terrific, and under rated. I literally never used it on my 920 for a year. Couldn't happily buy a phone without it now.
  • At least glance is something we could somewhat hope for in an update. Wireless charging not so much. Only a big case could do it because it's not a removable back so it would have to connect through the USB C on the bottom. At that point for me I would rather just not have it. I can spend a year or so with a phone without wireless charging until the next best thing is out.
  • "...Considering the price is $200 cheaper than the business-focused HP Elite X3 the Idol 4S with Windows 10 may be a solid high-end phone..."  $799 - $469 = $330 not $200 For sure I'm going to buy me Alcatel plus wifi calling (t-mobile service) is perfect for me
  • Good pricing but I'll wait for unlocked version since it's not so easy or cheap to unlock windows phone!
  • it'll cost you nothing to reread the article, including the headline.....Unlocked written all over it.....  
  • I don't know why they wrote "unlocked" in the title. There's no mention in the specs sheet of it being unlocked.
  • I had purchased android phone at full price from t-mobile... Phone don't come unlocked, they gave me hard time to unlock but later I got the unlock code $1 on eBay!
  • I really wish they had included a dock and wireless charging instead of the VR headset.
  • To be fair, the Android version does not have those things. That would be quite an additional expense (more so the dock)...and then we will have people in the comments here saying that it is too expensive.
  • Considering you can get a coil on Amazon for a few bucks, I doubt adding it would have broken the profitability but certainly would have added significantly to the appeal for such little added cost.
  • By no means am I complaining about the price of this phone.  I just don't see myself ever using the VR headset.  But I use wireless charging everyday since the Lumia 810.
  • While I agree, I prefer what they did upgrade. More storage, ram, added USB C, upgraded the cpu to high end from mid range, better cameras. Only thing I don't understand is the lower screen resolution, it could be that it's better quality and lower resolution just kinda weird for a phone that comes with a VR headset.
  • Will this one come to Europe too? Very nice price indeed, when X3 is way too expensive. This device isn't for enterprises what it seems, which is great. Thumbs up here, but not trading my 950XL...
  • Anyone know if the camera is at least decent?  And no, 21MP tell me nothing.
  • Should be decent at best just look at reviews of the blackberry model they have 21mp on there phone as well. Camera is ok but suffers a bit in low light and there's no ois
  • I would be interested if had a 4.7 to 5 inch screen.
  • +1. The 550 is the only "small" phone that is new. 5" is small, just not as small as 4.7.
  • Sadly, all feature rich phone nowadays are at least 5.3"
  • This looks like a solid Lumia 830 replacement but the Lumia 950 is so close in price...what to do, what to do.
  • double the speed, double the RAM, double the storage
    NO: iris scanner, OIS, Qi charging
    has: fingerprint reader, dedicated camera button
  • Both phones have a dedicated camera button.  You are basically comparing speed, storage, VR headset (idol 4s) with camera, better screen, wireless charging (950)
  • Please don't compare this with L830? Processor, RAM, Storage, Camera, Battery: nothing is comparable