TNT and TBS both launch universal apps for Windows Phone letting users watch TV anywhere

TNT and TBS both launch universal apps for Windows Phone letting users watch TV anywhere

TBS, owned by Turner Broadcasting, has had an app on Windows 8.1 for quite some time now. It only seems apropos that they adapt that app for Windows Phone, letting users watch clips and – after authenticating – whole episodes on the go. For added bonus, Turner could also toss in TNT Drama into the mix as well.

This morning, users can download Watch TNT and TBS for Windows right to their phones. Watch TNT is focused mostly on drama shows, including The Last Ship, Major Crimes, Falling Skies and lets users watch episodes on their phone and continue it on their Windows 8.1 device. For TBS for Windows, you get Conan, Big Bang Theory, and a host of other comedies and lighter fare with the same episode streaming and history abilities.

Once again, it is great to see companies embracing the ability to write apps and adapt them for multiple Microsoft platforms. These universal apps will become more prominent in 2015 with the launch of Windows 10, hopefully increasing adoption rates of both phone and Windows devices.

Grab the links below and let us know what you think. Note, in order to watch full-episodes, as opposed to just lame 'clip's, you need to authenticate with the service and your cable provider.

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Thanks, Argenys H., for the tip!

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