Toddler goes gaga over Windows Phone commercial

Disclaimer: There's no news here, but there is a cute video.

It looks as though Windows Phone is the choice of the next generation, or at least for one toddler in particular. The parents of this youngster posted a video of him shrieking in excitement over a YouTube clip of AT&T's LG Quantum commercial. Informed of the news that the commercial is on, he runs from the other room to stand transfixed on the laptop, and plays the video over and over again.

Now, it could be that the kid is just so blown away by the fast, smooth operation of the feature-packed Windows Phone operation system. However, something tells us that it has more to do with the cute, orange alien who stars in the ad.

Source: YouTube, Thanks for the giggles, Rad!

  • He likes the monster
  • Hilarious :)
  • Talking about fanboys.....
  • Looks like a future WP user.
  • WP7 impressed him :)
  • Baby again geez just go to YouTube has you will see many parents just trying make there videos ho viral. People move on there's nothing see here. Show us something more important than this. Wake me up when video over zzzzzzzzz
  • You don't have to watch it if you don't want to...geez.
  • Of course I didn't want to watch it because I am taking a nap lol...
  • need a hug I think. It is a cute/funny video.
  • Looks like it doesn't take much for a todler video to get noticed. I just don't see what so special about this video.
  • It is just a video. The title says it all. Not every story nerds to he an app review or release and every story needs to be about WP development.
  • @Berry; I understand that all videos don’t have to related to tech, but this video shows a small child yelling at what seems to be the sounds coming out of a laptop which happen to be an ad for WP. For those of you who don’t have kids, this is what kids his age do on a regular basis.
  • I have a two yr old. And he doesn't yell and get excited for everything he sees. Many things on tv he simply doesn't care about so he walks away. If he likes it he gets excited. By the is Barry, thanks.
  • I'm guessing the people who are so upset about this don't have kids. And they probably shouldn't.
  • You got that right. Enjoy taking care of the brats when they get older enjoy more problems. having no kids makes no problems to worry about. LoL
  • is that really neccessary... u were a kid once u know
  • Someone's daddy never told him "I love you".
  • Nah. I'll make sure they don't turn out anything like you. ;)
  • Typical fanboy, getting excited about a simple commercial.
  • Back off troll
  • Who doesn't like free OS?...... Baby!
  • Wow, he is calm compared to the way I acted when I got my titan for a penny...what a noob.
  • LOL
  • +1
  • i have to find the commercial
  • Video unavailable--nevermind, needed a browser with Flash.
  • My kids g nuts over the Lumia Angry Birds from Russia. EVery now and then the 3 year old will sing the tune when he wants to see it.
    Doesn't mean he loves WP7, but close enough LOL