Todoist confirms app for Windows 10, looking for alpha testers to 'make it great'

A short time ago Todoist, the hugely popular task management service, acquired the TaskCrunch Windows Phone app and its developer, Jan Kratochvil. TaskCrunch is easily the best third-party app for Todoist on Windows Phone in lieu of an official client. Part of the acquisition was with a view to better support for Windows, and that starts today.

Todoist has confirmed a Windows 10 app and is looking for people to help them alpha test it.

"We're looking for a small group of Windows 10 users to test the very first alpha version of our app. We want to talk to our Windows power users about how you use Todoist in your daily life in order to create the most intuitive, useful to-do list possible.We're still in the very early stages of design and development. By becoming an alpha tester you would have a significant impact on the future of our Windows 10 app– it's not just bug reports that we're looking for. We're interested in hearing your honest feedback on which features you love and what you think should be added or improved."

Alpha means it's still very, very early days, but with a passionate Windows developer on board its clear the company is serious about its plans for Windows 10. If you're interested in becoming an alpha tester, hit the source link below for more information.

In addition to this great news, Todoist is also today announcing an update for its existing Windows desktop app as well as its Outlook app. Here's what's new.

  • High DPI support means you'll be able to set a zoom level that's comfortable for you. No more squinting to see your tiny tasks!
  • Ability to manually configure proxy settings lets you securely access Todoist from behind your corporate firewall.
  • "Always on Top" feature allows you to keep your to-do list readily accessible on your desktop throughout the day.
  • Several bug fixes to make sure things work the way you expect them to.

Nowhere does Todoist confirm, or deny, this will be a Universal Windows App. However, Kratochvil is already proven as a top Windows Phone developer, so we'd at least assume that phone support is on the table somewhere.

Update: Folks who've taken the survey and signed up to test have seen that phone support is mentioned in the process. So this is good news since it probably means a Universal App.

Source: Todoist

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