Capture the King with Toon Clash Chess for Windows PC and Mobile

Toon Clash CHESS is a fun game of chess from the developers of Board Defenders. While Board Defenders contained chess-like elements to gameplay, Toon Clash CHESS is a complete game of chess. Just with the chess pieces tackling, punching and kicking each other.

Toon Clash CHESS is wonderfully animated in 3D, with rival neighborhood kids take on the role of King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn. Available from both the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Stores, Toon Clash CHESS has three difficulty levels, a pass-and-play mode, and your game progress is automatically saved if you have to leave a game early.

Toon Clash CHESS is reminiscent of the old Battle Chess game, just with a softer touch and an attractive title to have in your gaming library.

Toon Clash Chess

The opening menu for Toon Clash CHESS offers up options to view your gaming achievements, access the game's settings, jump into gameplay and view additional gaming titles from the developer. Settings cover sound/music levels, language choice and turning on/off 2D graphics and the hint markers (your movement guides).

Toon Clash Chess Upgrade

You have the option to play the game in one of three arenas (Forest, Magic Tree and Playville) and you have the choice of chess teams. Toon Clash CHESS is a free, ad-supported game, and some of the features only available after a $5.99 upgrade. The upgrade will unlock all three gaming environments, the two-player mode, and unlimited undos and hints, as well as remove the ads. The free version is robust enough to stand on its own, but the full-screen ads can get a little tiring.

Toon Clash Chess

As far as the gameplay is concerned, you will have the option to choose your difficulty level (Rookie, Apprentice or Master) prior to launching a game of chess. There are a few gaming controls that line the sides of the gaming display that include:

  • An undo button (one per game with the free version)
  • A camera button to let you choose the angle of view
  • A hint button (locked with the free version)
  • A home button to surrender the game
  • A button to buy the game upgrade

The default view of the 3D chessboard is from above, at a slight angle. The game plays out according to the traditional rules of chess. Movement is simple: just tap the game piece you want to move and then the square on which you want the piece to move. If you have the hint markers turned on, any available moves will be highlighted yellow. Should a move result in the capture of your chess piece, it will be highlighted red.

Toon Clash Chess

There are plenty of animations with gameplay, such as your King jumping off his throne of books to push them as he moves or the Knight riding his pogo-stick pony from square to square. If your King is placed in check, the only permitted moves are those to get your King to safety. When your King is placed in checkmate, the opposing team will move in and knock out your King.

Toon Clash Chess Teams

At the conclusion of each game, you will have the option to replay the game or head back to the main menu. However, before you can do either, you get to view a full-screen, fifteen-second video commercial. While this can be annoying, unlike other games that use this ad style, Toon Clash CHESS does give you the option to skip the ad after a few seconds.

Fun Game for Chess Fans

Toon Clash Chess

Toon Clash CHESS is an enjoyable game for Windows and Windows Phone. The animations and graphics are wonderfully drawn and gameplay is challenging. Overall I liked Toon Clash CHESS and can see it being a fun option to expose your children to the game of chess. But if you detest the game already, I doubt it the fun graphics will be enough to win you over.

The upgraded version is a bit on the pricey side, but the free game is strong enough to stand on its own. I think the biggest selling point for upgrading is the two-player mode and killing the fifteen-second commercials. These ads are a little irritating, but at least they're skippable.

All in all, Toon Clash CHESS is a worthy gaming title to have tucked away in your gaming library. The appeal may not be across the board but if you like, the game of chess, I think you will like Toon Clash CHESS. At last check, the game is pulling down a 4.5-star rating in the Stores (which we will agree with) and Toon Clash CHESS is available in the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Stores. Again, it is a free ad-supported game with an in-app upgrade opportunity ($5.99).

If you have tried Toon Clash CHESS, let us know what you think of things in the comments below.

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