Keep on top of Windows Phone Store highlights with AppSpotlights

AppSpotlights is an interesting app for Windows Phone. Why, you ask? Because it enables both consumers and developers to remain up-to-date with content on the Windows Phone Store, which is featured in the store spotlights. There are a number of features that cater for the needs of both consumers and developers, which makes the app even more useful. If you're into keeping track of highly-rated content on the store, or wish to be notified as to when your own work is featured, AppSpotlights is definitely worth checking out.

According to the app description on the store, 121 markets are supported and access to more than 2,400 apps is available on a daily basis. Because these apps are specifically chosen for the high reviews consumers leave on the store, those who use AppSpotlights can be more confident when purchasing apps. Three charts are available for users to consult to calculate the most spotlighted apps on the Windows Phone platform. Each app has a record that details when the app was first and last featured, as well as the number of days, appearances and markets.


The app listings also contain a link to the store so users can easily make the purchase (or access the free download) without launching the Store app and searching manually. But what about developers? As noted above, AppSpotlights also sports functionality for developers too:

  • Be notified when apps are in the spotlights in any markets. Share the news with potential buyers on your favorite social networks.
  • Obtain a detailed history when your apps were in the spotlight in each market.
  • Analyze the impact on your downloads when your apps are in the spotlight.
  • Track the the visibility of your competitors.

Other features that are included in this app include Toast and Live Tile notifications, lock screen integration, as well as fast loading and resume. It's noted that spotlight statistics have been calculated since February 17th, 2013. We've also been provided with a list of apps that have enjoyed the most spotlights, here's a handful:

  1. Photosynth
  2. Boussole
  3. Where's My Water?
  4. Net Check
  5. Crimson Dragon: Side Story

You can download App Spotlights for $1.99 from the Windows Phone Store (listed for Windows Phone 8 only). The app is reportedly also on sale until April 17th with 33 percent off.

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Rich Edmonds
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