Touch Pro 2 for AT&T passes FCC

We've seen renders of the HTC Touch Pro 2 (aka Rhodium aka Fortress) destined for AT&T, and now comes word that it's passed FCC testing.

It's got all the goodies we've come to know of the Touch pro 2, including the 3.6-inch touchscreen at 480x800, Windows Mobile 6.1, aGPS, WiFi b/g, a 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. The standard AT&T 3G bands (850MHz and 1900MHz) are, of course, present.

Now all we need are some leaked shots, release date and pricing. A slew of FCC information won't be unsealed until the end of September, so we might not see the Touch Pro 2 on AT&T until October at the earliest. But that's rampant speculation on our part, and stranger things have happened.

FCC via CellPhone Signal

Phil Nickinson

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