Touch Pro 2 & U.S. Cellular: Getting Ready to Launch

Anyone remember how U.S. Cellular is suppose to get the famed Touch Pro 2?  And anyone remember how we told you that they'd be the first CDMA carrier to launch it with WM6.5?

We bet U.S. Cellular customers do.

Good news is it seems like that carrier is gearing up for launch days as an information/specifications page has shown up via backdoor access. And yeah, Windows Mobile 6.5 is on board, so the wait was probably worth it.  And do we spot Manilla 2.5 with those colorful icons too?  Hmmm...

Possible bad news? No confirmation on a 3.5mm headset jack but we do see it includes a Multifunction audio cable, which doesn't bode well.

thanks bassgeek!

Phil Nickinson

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