Sprint & Verizon Touch Pro 2 to launch with WM6.1; US Cellular goes WM6.5

Okay folks we have some good news/bad news:

Bad news first is that Sprint and Verizon are launching the hotly anticipated Touch Pro 2 with the same build of Windows Mobile 6.1 as the recently launched Telus version (review).

Interestingly, US Cellular will be launching out the gate with Windows Mobile 6.5 on its Rhodium device, though we have no firm date on that release yet.

Now some goods news:  Sprint and Verizon both have working test-ROMs with Windows Mobile 6.5 already, meaning an official update won't be too far off after launch (8-12 weeks?).  Seems both companies are racing to get it out the door ASAP, so no one is waiting for a stable Windows Mobile 6.5.

Finally, Verizon is not only keeping the GPS unlocked, but it looks to be shipping with Bing/Live Search in the actual ROM. This is odd for them since Verizon usually includes its own Nav program and not Bing/Google Maps (like on the Ozone). Definitely a change in practice there!

Phil Nickinson

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