TouchTwit gets bumped to v1.6

It seems as if the Twitter-client wars have simmered down a little bit (remember when we had updates like every few weeks?), but the biggies are still dropping some changes.

In this case, TouchTwit has updated to v1.6 (the author has been busy with civil service) and there are some nice new features and fixes:

  • New notification for "new followers"
  • New notification for "unfollows"
  • Some Theme-bugs fixed
  • Lesser memory ussage
  • Lesser cpu ussage
  • Scrolling bugs on 1Ghz processors fixed
  • More->Following was modified
  • And a lot of small bugs are fixed too

Overall it seems to work quite well, although we find the background vs. foreground sync option a bit confusing and limited (only 1 hour in background?).

Still, you can't beat the graphics and that scrolling all for a very fair $1.99.  Updates can be found in the Windows Marketplace.

Phil Nickinson

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