Toy Story: Smash It!

If you are a fan of the movie Toy Story, we have some good news.  Toy Story: Smash It! has landed in the Windows Phone Store.  The game has been available on Windows 8 for a little while and it is nice to see it come to the small screen.

The Windows Phone 8 game is a physics-based puzzle game where you must guide Buzz Lightyear through ninety challenging levels.  Armed with bouncing-balls, Buzz must take out all the targets in each level.

The ninety levels of game play are spread across six episodes, each with fantastic animations and graphics.  Tutorial pop-ups will appear as you enter a level with uncharted tasks to guide you through the new features.

Toy Story: Smash It!

Game play takes on a brick breaker feel to it in that Buzz needs to nail targets that will toppled alien fortresses and knock down the little green aliens.  Buzz is only armed with a limited number of bouncing balls in each level and the fewer balls it takes to knock down the aliens, the higher your score.

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As you progress through the game, the levels become more challenging.  You will find stronger fortresses to knock down, obstacles to throw your bouncing ball through and power-ups to give you a fighting chance.

Toy Story: Smash It!

We have only played a few levels and Toy Story: Smash It! makes a nice first impression.  It comes across as an entertaining, addictive, fun Windows Phone game.

The only downside to the game so far is that it lacks a trial version.  The full version of Toy Story: Smash It! is currently running $1.99 and is available for Windows Phone 8.

You can find your copy of Toy Story: Smash It! here in the Windows Phone Store.  The Windows 8 version of Toy Story: Smash It! is currently running $4.99 (no trial) and can be found here in the Windows Store.

Thanks, Isaac, for the tip!

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