Track Santa's whereabouts this holiday season with Microsoft and NORAD

Microsoft has once again partnered up with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to launch the annual Santa Tracker website. The website enables those eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival to track the bringer of joy and presents as he travels across the world. This year the web team brings new games, an improved experience and better mobile support.

Starting on December 24, when Santa begins his long journey, visitors to the website will be able to track his progress on a 3D globe. While Microsoft is clearly pushing Internet Explorer, the company has worked with open standards, meaning the portal should work on all modern platforms (including mobile).

Microsoft will be giving away some prizes, so be on the lookout for opportunities to send in your favorite holiday traditions, memories and wishes to Skype via video message and be featured on the website. Oh, and for Windows Phone owners, why not track Santa with Cortana? Simply ask "where is Santa now?"

Source: Microsoft

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Track Santa? I'm not from the states but isn't Santa a mythical character?
  • Shhh!
  • Shhhh! Kids are around!
  • It's for the kids. You couldn't have honestly believed that was anything relating to adults.
  • Definitely no. But even Google has got one. Just curious.
  • Lol... You are kidding right? RIGHT?
  • The aerospace defense? Isn't that a little too harsh, Microsoft?
  • Whahahha x{D
  • NORAD have always provided this service before MS got involved.
  • Who is this Santa?
  • He comes at night of Christmas eve to distribute presents to all, at a faster rate than Verizon LTE speeds.
  • You made my day lol
  • Hahahahaha
  • He'a the great pumpkin. Windows Central App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • Uhm... What?
  • Umm... Cortana says that Santa is putting lights on elves. Talk about too many cookies.
  • Actually its putting up lights with the elves on the eaves
  • I express deep disregard over my fake dyslxeia!
  • I suppose this is only for US Cortana...Okay.
  • Like there isn't an international Cortana. (without preview)
  • UK Cortana is released without preview on certain models
  • US only?
  • I used norad last Xmas in UK so I think it can be used anywhere
  • This should be built into Flight Radar. Why isn't it!?
  • Is it that time of the year again?!
  • Why not create an app for this, Microsoft? Call me crazy when you read this but in 2012 I sat up and tracked all Santa droppings on Google's Santa tracker. It was buggy to say the least. Went an extra mile to put it on my blog
  • Search NORAD in the store.  The official app is there created by Visionbox Inc.  I've used it with my kids each year.
  • Thanks for the tip @phirefly
  • Gotta love the IE advertisement being presented like I'm not on IE... Granted I was on mobile, but still...
  • Use Cortana to track Santa? That will be cool when my 4 year old asks Cortana "Where is Santa now?" and she gets an answer.   Definitely going to be doing this Santa Tracking this year. The great thing about it is it helps the parents get the kids to bed at an appropriate time so they can be asleep before Santa arrives.