Treo 750 now available unlocked Europe

TreoCentral notes that the Treo 750 is now available generally in Europe, no longer just tied to Vodafone. Good deal, that, I suppose if you really wanted to you could buy one up and ship it here. HSDPA is included too, thanks be to Palm. It should show up at sometime today.

Hurry up and end your exclusivity with Cingular, Palm. I keep going back to my unlocked 750v, it's a darn great phone and you need to get it in more people's hands.

I was very stoked to read that Palm announced that the Treo 750 will be made generally available across Europe via Palm's online store ( and from retail outlets in the coming month, beginning Feb. 6. As you know, the Treo 750 was previously available on Vodafone's 3G/UMTS network since September 2006 in the UK and across much of Western Europe, marketed as the 750v. It looks like that's going to change starting tomorrow.

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WC Staff