Treo 800w(?) surfaces in Gates Keynote

Well, our CTIA 2008: Bill Gates Keynote LiveBlog didn't go exactly as planned -- a pox upon batteries and their weakness! There wasn't, sadly, any hugely significant bits of official Windows Mobile news - but there was an unofficial piece of Windows Mobile news. The device at right appeared on the gigantic screen for a couple minutes during the keynote.

If the device at right isn't the spittin' image of the Treo 800w, then we don't know much about spittin' or images. Unfortunately, we don't have any details beyond what we can glean from the image:

  • It will be offered in white (yeah, we know, duh)
  • It will feature Windows Mobile 6 (6.1? Hard to say, have we seen any 6.1 devices with touchscreens yet?)
  • WiFi confirmed (2nd line down)

Are there any hints for people looking for a release date - If you believe the fuzzy “January 23, 2007” (or maybe 22) at the top has any relevance, it might. Somehow we doubt even Palm would have missed a release date by a full year. In any case, WMExperts is giving away the 800w to one of the lucky people who guess the release date - go check that out!

WC Staff