Treo 850 specs leaked

Maybe it

WC Staff
  • 32mb RAM? i smell a little fishiness on these specs since the guy being quoted on the other forum was asked about it and couldnt give an answer (was basically "my dogs best friend told my brother who told me" story). These could easily be found anywhere in a number of "leaks/guesses."
    Theres no possible way there would be 64mb ram in it. Its has to be 128mb+
    1500mah battery in a device the same thinness as the Sprint Touch plus all those extras?
    Some stuff doesnt add up very well and seems regurgitated from other speculation posts.
  • I agree. Unless this thing is running POS, it's gonna have to have at least 128MB RAM. What's with the assisted GPS? Palm surely isn't this stupid, are they?
    At least show up the party late with the same specs as everyone else, ok Palm?
  • a-gps is the variety of gps every phone has, its nothing weird
    the other specs are iffy, the source sounds flaky at best
  • Yeah, klmsu19 is right. Don't harp on the "it's only aGPS!" thing as
    [*]aGPS is better than straight GPS
    [*]Very few phones have SirfIII, the overwhelming have aGPS
    [*]aGPS can be assisted or network independent and will most likely be network independent
    Just read my tutorial thingy here ;-)
    The 1500mah battery was reported on the "Drucker"/Vodafone road map months ago, so that number is not exactly pulled out of the air. Still, considering the 800w at least appears to be larger yet has a battery that is ~350mah smaller does seem...well, odd.
    Tam is a pretty good source and does often get scooops, but often the people who have these devices are hardly techno-geeks so perhaps they are confusing numbers, etc.
  • I was thinking this could be a cool phone to replace my 680 with when it comes out (probably about a year before it hits New Zealand), but expansion card under battery? What the hell? That's just... Stupid. How is that even remotely necessary or otherwise useful?
    Good Things however: aGPS, Wifi, 3G, battery. Might be ok with the slot under the battery, I don't currently change my SD Card much, but it's still just such a stupid idea... I do hope the specs are wrong on that. And on the memory. What's the standard for a WinMob phone these days?