True Calendar 8 for Windows Phone

Back a few weeks ago, we brought you the news on Chronos Calendar, a powerful and sharp looking Windows Phone calendar replacement that actually hooked into your account. While we rather enjoy that app a lot, many of you shrieked at the design noting it wasn’t “Metro” enough.

Well, we think we have something for you vocal bunch: True Calendar 8. Yes, it’s a rather powerful calendar replacement that also hooks into your Outlook/Hotmail account so that you can directly add appointments and sync your other imported calendars.

True Calendar 8 for Windows Phone

The app pales to the feature list and customizability of Chronos, but it is version 1.0, so we’ll cut the developer some slack there—things can always be added later. The fact of the matter is this is a very nice Metro/Modern UI calendar and it can easily replace the default system one. So what does it have?

True Calendar 8 for Windows Phone

  • Views: Month, week, day, agenda,
  • Add dates
  • Add, edit, delete from Live/Hotmail dates
  • Search by dates
  • Edit, delete Google dates is planned

We’re not going to pull punches: it’s a pretty awesome app and we have no problem telling you to go and grab the trial. If you like it, it will set you back a modest $1.49 and considering how important these things are, we think that’s fair.

Scoop up the one and only True Calendar 8 right here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only. Thanks, jcw108, for the tip!

QR: True Calendar 8