Try JDB for Facebook if you don't like the new Facebook Beta for Windows Phone

We've noticed plenty of readers did not like the new update for Facebook Beta, which features a "Top Stories" newsfeed by default. We've heard your complaints, and it seems many of you like a more traditional "Most Recent" newsfeed. As Daniel explained, the change to "Top Stories" is a Facebook thing, not Microsoft's. If you don't like what's happening, you can try third party Facebook apps. A good example is JDB for Facebook, which has a default "Most Recent" view.

In addition to having a timeline view you might prefer, JDB for Facebook also features:

  • Full-screen mode (show/hide bar buttons)
  • Live tile shows Facebook notifications
  • Powerful posting (can post multiple photos and integrates with Tile'agram app)
  • The best check-in experience thanks to 'Social Scout' engine inside
  • Lockscreen Facebook notifications (WP8 only)
  • Can set Facebook color to be your phone's accent color
  • Can customize the 4-buttons bar to the actions you want
  • Browse photos in full screen with pinch to zoom
  • Swipe left/right to navigate through photos
  • Send chat stickers
  • Enhanced back key navigation (option to not reset scrolling)
  • Support for watching videos
  • Launches external links on IE
  • Customizable tiles for pin to start
  • Lock orientation for portrait/landscape
  • Photo sharing integrated to the OS (from any photo can do ... > share > JDB Facebook)

While JDB for Facebook uses the Most Recent timeline, it allows you to change to Top Stories view. Just tap the dropdown button on the top right corner.

JDB for Facebook is a free download, with an in-app purchase of $1.99 to unlock features and remove ads. We'll have a look around and see if there are other third-party Facebook apps worth checking out. Are you switching away from the official Facebook Beta app? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Or download the official facebook since it is not doing this
  • Non-beta will become the same soon. :(
  • Yeah my solution, I won't update anymore
  • Unfortunately it already has as far as i know.
  • Yeah stuck to Facebook(wothout beta) till another solves the issue
  • On facebook beta app Just press the 3 lines to the right and on Feeds press most recent.
  • But the problem is you have to do it everytime.
  • Try fast for facebook its also good and universal.
  • Actually Fast for Facebook is set to Top Stories by default. It's basically a web wrapper from IE on WP 7.5.
  • Yeah and then the menu is gone. Hope they add a set as default option.
  • They won't, because Top Stories is how they make a lot of their money via hidden advertising.
  • How do you use in desktop then?? The same right? Stop complaining.
  • Read the article. You have to do it just once in web version, and the change is sustained even after you log out. And, frankly, I don't give a damn to what they do, my comment was in reply to someone's else suggestion. So, nope not complaining. :/
  • It's still not true Most Recent though, it's the older less intrusive Top News. Even the mobile site shows a post from three days ago at the top of my feed.
  • That doesn't work... It shows you what your friends like and other activity, I don't want that, I just want posts. 3rd party here I come
  • Ok my non beta Facebook app it has changed to show by top stories, bit there is no "Feeds" option to change to recent. I can only assume they are selectively doing this to people?
  • It's happening on official (non-beta) facebook app too !!!
  • Can't believe people are actually complaining about this. Look at what we've become, sheep.
  • No, we'd be sheep if we were just blindly accepting.
  • Sheeps don't complain.
  • Umm... Are you SO LAZY to tap rhe menu and select Most recent? Come on it is not the end of the world. Though it would be better if they included an option in settings to decide which one you want.
  • Yea so clicking into a post, and then back brings you back to the TOP of the Most Recent feed. You also lose access to notifications while in there. It's not worth using.
  • @duquedavid The point is you have to do it EVERY time you open the FB app. Once is fine, each time I open the app? No thanks.
  • Yeah, first world fucking problems ha ha!
  • I don't think you remember what Most Recent looked like. Official Facebook lost the button months ago. Facebook Beta just now has the "new and improved" (ie, a million times worse) Top News. Official Facebook is the old and slightly less intrusive Top News. Opening either one shows me a post from three days ago at the top of my feed.
  • Good!
  • Will try this. Thanks :)
  • I think it could be useful if you could recommend a FREE third party Facebook app too,I don't use it, but a lot of people wouldn't pay for those things
  • Waah waah waah I don't have $2 to spend on something that someone worked hard on that might be useful.
  • I repeat, I don't use Facebook, I regret trying to give a suggestion thanks to people like you
  • Check out booklet its nice little app.
  • This may help some people, thank you so much for answering so politely
  • Booklet is nice. And it is by the same developer as JDB Facebook. The paid version of JDB Facebook includes booklet option.
  • I refuse to give even 1 cent for something thta looks like morning puke.
  • It's unfortunate that Mark decided to use that but ass ugly white theme. You can customize it to use the accent colors of your phone and use a dark theme. It looks really good, especially compared to the ugly official FB/FB Beta apps, sick doesn't even have a dark theme.
  • Are you aware that many of us in other countries can't buy apps because the carrier won't allow it? And also don't have credit cards?
  • Apps r like sex..its better when its free... If not no one gives a damn...
  • Lmfao!
  • If you are paying for sex, you are doing something wrong. Jus sayin
  • Everyone is paying for sex in one way or another
  • +920
  • I had this app on my iPad 2. Had no idea they had this app for WP as well. I'll try it.
  • Switched to browser version and cut down on visits by 80-90%...
  • Fb screwed up again with this d*ckmove. They're starting to follow Google in failing to be consumerfriendly
  • It's ugly.. I'd rather use Facebook Beta.
  • I agree that this one is ugly. If I can't find a good looking version before the official screwup goes out of beta, i simply won't use facebook on my Phone anymore.
  • Just use the official one.. It might a little inconvenience to use but it's not that bad imo.
  • I scrolled down three pages and couldn't find a post from the last 24 hours. I Only have like 300 friends ffs. It is VERY bad.
  • Tap the hamburger button on the upper right, you'll see the 'Most Recent', clicking on it will bring you the latest posts.
  • agreed... I wouldn't touch it with a stick
  • I would just like to say, that is a hideous looking app. Maybe I need to see it in person, but I'll stick to official for now, thanks
  • +1520
  • It also has messages within app that real facebook doesn't now! I got this facebook app purely on that as I don't like facebook policy around messenger app!
  • Why don't people just use the mobile site for facebook! That site gives a complete facebook experience and c'mon we have IE11.
  • That's what I do m.fb for me. And since you mention ie 11 , on my phone ie11 crashes a lot . I mean really a lot. Just tired of it. Sucks.
  • 512mb phone ?
  • Okay, I usually browse with two or more tabs open in my IE11.,And I've never seen crashing IE on my phone. If your phone has lower memory then you can try
  • Because the browser can't send push notifications or toasts.
  • Yeah I use the app only for that... Whenever a notification comes I clear that and directly go to the website to check it.
  • People can use UC browser to use Facebook. It's damn fast there.
  • With all due respect to everyone complaining about the new "top stories" newsfeed, what the hell guys ? "top stories" newsfeed is the one found by default on the original facebook you open on your desktop browser. "top stories" newsfeed is the original and right way to go. The stupid "most recent" newsfeed used to show me every single irrelevant post by every single page I liked when facebook first came out. I cant go through 1000+ pages unliking whatever is irrelevant. I really missed the "top stories" newsfeed and im really glad its there
    Just yesterday I was considering changing platforms because of this problem
  • Same here! I don't know why guys are reacting like this. I was missing on too much relevent stuff because of most recent. Now it shows me only the things that I care for. So top stories is better in my opinion.
  • That's just sad.
  • The problem with top stories is hat it shows posts that I've seen days ago...
  • That's how top stories work, even on desktop version. If the post is still there, it means that its still popular and alot is going on (likes shares and comments) try scrolling past them , you'll see new recent top stories
  • Does it? Because I see newest posts all the time.
  • With no due respect some of us aren't stupid enough to like 1000+ pages of things we have no interest in. Everyone I am friends with I want to hear from, all the pages I like I want to hear from. To these people, Top Stories has totally ruined facebook, hiding everything we are interested in to pull things we have zero interest in from the past.
  • I don't know when did you join facebook but I can tell you that top stories was there waaay back in the day. Most recent newsfeed is the newcomer. And with no due respect if the "new" top stories newsfeed is itching your assh*le you can swipe the screen and choose most recent newsfeed or I will give you a better option, just press the power button on the side or the top of your phone because apparently your phone is showing you things you have zero interest in.
  • Most recent has always been facebook, and every couple of years they'll push Top Stories hard, lose users, then do something like give us a toggle to a gimped half most recent feed, which is still nothing like the old facebook most recent.   The new Most Recent feed you're talking about is straight up useless. For one, it's not a toggle, it's a dedicated feed. You have no access to any other app features while in there. For two, if you click any post, and go back, it loses where you were up to and takes you back to the top.   Maybe if you didn't have a thousand friends you don't even know and a feed full of candy crush invites you can block facebook wouldn't have to make awful features like Top News and force them on users who aren't idiots.
  • I actually have over a thousand friend that I actually know , thank you for noticing . Yeah im pretty popular I know. Im sorry to read that you cant follow up with your 50 friends because of all the irrelevant stuff on the top stories. And yes im being sarcastic I don't feel sorry for people who don't respect. This is my post, this is my world.
    And why the hell are you saying "they keep pushing" you're making it sound as if facebook is our enemy and they're trying to force us into something we don't. My 1000 friends aren't active all at once. That's why I like to have the most active shown on my top stories and the less irrelevant people and pages later not the other way around. Relax , facebook is trying to connect us not shatter us. Most recent newsfeed shatter us by showing us posts that we don't really know if they're important or not until we go through them
  • I currently have 187 friends, any time I get to 250, I go through and unfriend people who are really just aquantences. Going under the 200 mark USED to disable the smart feed and give you chronological oder, however it doesn't anymore. Top News shows me more of my friends liking something I from other friends of theirs with no security settings than what my friends are actually posting. My app block list has thousands of apps in it, because I've blocked EVERY game that has appeared in my feed for the last 8-9 years. I have a VERY clean feed, EVERYTHING in Most Recent is relevant to me.   Top News has totally fragmented this and made facebook near un-usable by showing me a heap of old crap that someone liked, which I was never interested in, or haven't cared about since I first saw it two months ago.
  • Okay, I get your situation and point of view now. You could've said that earlier could've made my life easier.
    But I just have two questions
    What's your explanation to those people you unfriend for the sake of the integrity of your most recent newsfeed ?
    And how can you block games ?
  • Any game that appears in your feed, click it to go to the page, then instead of giving it permissions to your profile, block it. Wala, no more candy crush, no more farmville, ever again! A bit of work to start with, but once you're on top of it you'll only see a new game pop up every couple of months. I don't explain anything to the people I deleted, they're aquantences, not friends. If they were friends I wouldn't delete them. If they're friends and annoying, I just unfollow them, but I think I've only got two incredibly racist friends, and three young mums who's internet personality is their kids in my list of unfollowed friends. As I got older I realised friend collecting is pointless, it doesn't matter if I have 1000 people in my list, if there is zero chance of me catching up for a beer or coffee, or being comfortable just giving that person a phonecall out of the blue, then they're not a friend.
  • You don't even know how to use basic fb config yet you preach that top stories is "the original and right way to go"? What's right for YOU isn't necessarily right for EVERYONE. I don't use my feed the same way that you do.
  • Wow , someone is really there. Chill out buddy , calm your hormones. I speak on behalf of the people when I have the right to. Scroll through the comments on this article. The majority is wondering "who the hell hates the new facebook?"
    Yeah that's right , I am the people , I am the future
  • You ain't shit little doggie. Why don't you come on down off your hobby horse, kid. You have a lot to learn about reality. You only speak for yourself you pompous ass, no one else.
  • Dude you're so uncreative that you used your insult twice. Now I know im dealing with an amateur. Guess what nigga ? I ain't coming off my horse , because you are my horse and im riding you all day long. Im lovin it over here you should t... Oh wait I forgot you're the horse, cant ride shit.
    You think you know about reality ? You merely adapted reality , I was born in it moulded by it. I am the worse reality you'll ever meet.
    I've been to places you will never imagine yourself in don't talk to ME about reality you little piece of shit. Cheezus, the internet deserves a better class of people (not you obvi)
  • Looks like you forgot to take your meds today. Narcissist much?
  • Are there any 3rd-party FB apps that have the messaging function built in?
  • JDB does still support messaging in-app for free. I just recently stopped using JDB because I got tired of its overall bugginess, but held onto it for a long time just because it still supported messaging.
  • My face in the morning looks better than this garbage.
  • Try Facebook metro, it's not function, but do what it should
  • ......Or just use the Nokia Lumia PEOPLE app for Facebook news stream. Loads Latest News as default, looks sleek and only ever need to open Facebook to comment.
  • +930
  • Doesn't show third party posts, therefore doesn't show Instagram posts which is the only way most of my friends post to facebook anymore as they're all sick of facebooks shit like Top News. It also shows more "likes" than posts, which I have no interest in.
  • With the old hub model, even there was no need to open the app to post comments. Wish MS would somehow bring back the hubs.
  • Hope they do with windows 10 for phone and tablets (rt).
  • I'll stick to the actual FB app. I like that we have "top stories" now. Something we've never actually had on WP that actually works correctly. This is a step in the right direction.
  • I'll just stick with the facebook app til they improve. Patient
  • I use Facebook on Opera Mini. No Problems Here