Tweet It! for Windows 10 PC and Mobile gets improved notifications and 64-bit support

The popular third-party Twitter app Tweet It!, which recently launched a universal app version for Windows 10 PC and Mobile owners, is pushing out a new update that adds quite a few new features and improvements.

Here's what's new in version 2.1:

  • x64 support added
  • Improved push notifications
  • Ability to quickly access your profile (tap on active profile in "accounts" panel)
  • Auto scroll when new direct message appear
  • When replying on your own tweet your nickname will not show in tweet
  • Enhance reading position recovery
  • Ability to copy link for images, videos and gifs
  • Improved inline photos
  • Improved YouTube video playback
  • Improved profile info viewing with ability to unblock
  • Improved photos compression when attached to a tweet
  • Grey (mostly) theme
  • Improved filters algorithm
  • Ability to show scroll bar for lists
  • Ability to disable swype gesture for quick actions
  • Improved tweet and messages UI
  • Ability to close additional panels (compose, drafts, settings and others) by tapping outside them
  • Real-time tweets update animation changed (just blue icon when active, instead of rotating animation)
  • Fixed issue with onscreen buttons
  • Smoother swype gestures
  • Faster UI scaling apply

Tweet it! is still on sale for $2.99, which is 50% off its normal price, from now until December 31.

Download Tweet It! for Windows 10 and Mobile

QR: Tweet It

John Callaham