Tweetro+ for Windows 8 updated with more features and support for Twitter API v1.1

The Lazyworm team has released an update to the Tweetro+ app available for Windows. The client has been bumped to version to fully support Twitter's 1.1 API, which will be a requirement for third-party developers from March onwards. We last covered the Twitter app being updated at the start of February, with the team promising API support in a follow-up release.

The release isn't entirely focused on preparations for the API switch, though. Lazyworm has added a number of new features, which include support for Tweet Marker, as well as bookmarking of last read tweets. The latter allows users to read tweets in chronological order (oldest to newest). To make the package more complete, we're also looking at the ability to open tweet links in the default web browser.

Here's the full log of changes in

  • Full compatibility with Version 1.1 of Twitter API
  • Option to enable Tweet Marker (Mentions & Timeline)
  • Option to directly open tweet links in default web browser
  • Timeline bookmarking (start from last read tweet)
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks

Back to the API business quickly. We could rant about Twitter all day long, but be sure to read up on what's wrong with the social network's new policies. Twitter apps on Windows and Windows Phone have been affected by changes and limitations being enforced. While it's not for us to criticise the company and its motives, it's not a good move for consumers and developers.

If you have Tweetro+ installed on your Windows hardware, be sure to update it before March 5th, when the new Twitter API is enforced. The developer notes that previous versions of the app may experience issues once this takes effect. As well as the recommendation, Lazyworm also states that several updates are planned for the month of March, which should see the app include real-time push notifications and more robus Live Tiles.

You can download Tweetro+ for $9.99 from the Windows Store.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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