Twitter notifications spotty since Thursday [Updated]

Update (6:48PM MST): Social media notifications appear to be working for most folks now.

Windows Phone users are reporting that Twitter social media notifications – such as those found on your Me tile, under Notifications – have been spotty or (in most cases) stopped flowing to Windows Phone since Thursday (UTC-7). A cursory dissection of the communication between the phone and Windows Live APIs, shows that API requests for notification activity succeed but no actual results are returned. (i.e., the phone is working just fine.) Maybe it's time to look at grabbing a real Twitter app? (We've reviewed quite a few.)

Microsoft was asleep and therefore unavailable for immediate comment. We'll keep an eye on this and let you know when things are moving again.

Updated: as of 8pm EST, notifications seem to be working again.

Rafael Rivera
  • I've been noticing this and wondering WTF has been going on with my phone. I like  all these kinds of things being integrated into the phone, its one of the reasons I switched from an iPhone. If I have to start using seperate apps for Facebook, Twitter, etc... I'll just go back to the iPhone. I hope Microsoft isn't dropping the ball here already.
  • "...shows that API requests for notification activity succeed but no actual results are returned. (i.e., the phone is working just fine.)" - basically, it's Twitter's fault.
  • Thanks for the extra info. Hopefully twitter will get it fixed. I have been having unconsistent updates lately.
  • I haven't had any issues, but I am planning to pick up Mehdoh when it's re-released for free. I would gladly pay for it, but I don't have a credit card.
  • No problems here (DK).
  • Everything seems to be working fine here.....HTC Titan UK.
  • Has anyone had any issues with the app update notifications on the marketplace live tile? I keep getting wrong counts, false alerts, and alerts happening one after another almost hourly..Weird,,, and it seems to be getting worse. This started two weeks ago. ?? Anyone else?
  • Haha nope I get my marketplace alert live tile or count just fine all working excellent.
  • I have this issue alot. I find that its always when I have multiple apps to update. When I go and connect to wifi, i suddenly am allowed to update them. No biggy, but it happens every so often.
  • Stop blaming windows phone or Microsoft. I have not experience any issues yet. I knew it would be twitter company has they totally suck on hosting or fixing there problems and is why it been getting hacked so many times. Has why bother even using it. Also if your thinking going back iPhone why they have problems has well. Windows phone is awesome with not much problems compare to iPhone, android were their is always problem issues.
  • Wow....
  • I've got the same problem. Using an HD7s on ATT. I have tried deleting my twitter account and revoking access then setting it up all over again. It is connected and I can still post through the ME tile. This makes me believe it's a problem on twitters end. Either way, I hope it gets worked out soon. I'm not a big fan of the twitter apps in the marketplace. Maybe Carbon will change my mind if it ever gets released.
  • Been working fine for me
  • I am reminded that Twitter will change it's API's for no reason, leaving even the most popular Twitter clients in the lurch. Hope it gets updated soon.....
  • I've noticed this, too. The developer of Mehdoh told me (back when Mehdoh had its problems) that Twitter like to mess around with the API screwing up evrything for a lot of apps. So, yeah, it's pretty much Twitter's fault.
  • mine has worked and is working
  • Just a note -- the What's New pivot shows Twitter updates just fine.
  • Is anyone else having problems with twitter in the people hub. for some reason it stopped working, and I deleted twitter off my account then added it, and now in the settings menu the twitter thing says Setting up your account.
  • I have this excact same problem, Pauldro. I see tweets fine under 'What's New' but after removing and re-adding application permissions on both and none of my Twitter contacts are showing up. Only "Setting up your account". Since it's been a few days, how is this going for you?