Twitter PWA for Windows 10 now lets you pin profile tiles to Start

Since its debut in March, the Twitter Progressive Web App (PWA) for Windows 10 has received a number of tweaks, most of which have served to squash bugs and smooth out the overall experience. The latest update, however, brings a big addition for Windows fans: support for Live Tiles (via HTNovo).

The app now allows users to navigate to a particular Twitter profile and pin it to their Start menu as a tile. Small, medium, and large tile sizes are supported, and you can pin as many as you want. Each tile will show the profile picture and information about the profile you've pinned, and clicking or tapping it will take you directly to that profile within the Twitter app.

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Since the Twitter app is a PWA, Twitter can make changes on its end and apply them to the app without requiring an app update through the Microsoft Store, as would typically be the case with a standard Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. That means that any future changes Twitter makes to its platform should immediately be available to the PWA.

For now, the Twitter PWA is still in testing and is only available for Windows Insiders running Redstone 4 and 5 builds. Once the Windows 10 spring update is released, the PWA app should be available more widely to the public.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I wish Facebook would make a PWA as good as twitter for Facebook and especially for Instagram.
  • Now, since Windows Mobile is phasing out, I wish Facebook diminished to 0 with their army of programmers not being able to compile a decent version of Facebook app for Windows 10.
  • Why would you need an app on Windows 10? You have the full website available.
  • My People on W10 is so helpful. Wish Facebook and Twitter support it as well.
  • I really like the app. The only problem I have is when I get notifications to Zac's crazy life for example, clicking on it does not take me to the tweet. Instead it just opens the main app page.
  • I experienced this early on when the RS4 build went into Release Preview but it seems to be working better now after the Apps previous reported update.
  • Why aren't all PWAs windows mobile friendly? Tried loads of them but this one... We'll I don't know if it is or not, just says installed on my 1520.
  • Kudos to the MS/Twitter collaboration. Twitter PWA is a model of PWA done right. And it really seems like Twitter is actively engaged in this process, which is perhaps the best part. UWP is great too, but the problem with many of the UWP apps we got from major brands is that it often got abandoned somewhere along the line, as their devs raced to fix bugs in iOS and Android versions of the same app. MS' embracing PWA is one of the bright spots in recent decisions made by Nadella and company. Only hope that Andromeda is real, and that it's released this year, as PWA seems to be especially suitable to mobile devices.
  • I love that Twitter developers are listening to us Windows users. A couple of us asked to be able to make the window smaller last week, and within a couple days they updated it to do just that.
  • dark mode plz
  • it seems like I'm either the only one who uses this, or else the only one who can't figure out how to enable in the current PWA: quick switching between multiple profiles... I reached out to Twitter days ago but received no response :-/
  • You can't figure it out, because it doesn't exist. Multiple profiles aren't supported (yet). You have to log out of your current profile to load another profile.
  • I love this new notion of PWA's taking over the world. It's just so much easier to use and much-easier on the development team to work in ONE program...rather than several app platforms. Twitter, thanks! (And please add a dark mode.) :)
  • Dark Mode can come to PWA Twitter. Also they can make small app only for notifications. Twitter Notifications App.
  • I love that I can now read tweets without putting my glasses on but I really miss the dark theme after not even a full 24 hours. I think I will stick with the old version on my backup 1520 for now so I can stay accustomed to it in case the PWA gets rolled back.