Type in peace with Typr for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

On Windows Phone we've got quite a few note taking solutions out there. The biggest being the OneNote app built in that syncs with a lot of devices. Here is an app very similar to OneNote, but also quite different - Typr.

Both OneNote and Typr are cloud-connected writing/note taking applications. OneNote will win any day if we look at the number of functions and features it packs in, but that can also be its downfall - too much stuff that gets in the way of just writing.

Typr Screenshots

Typr goes the other direction in that it is a barebones to the extreme. You can't change your font size or color, you can't format or anything fancy - you just write. The Store description describes it elegantly:

“The point of this app is to move all the clutter found in traditional text-editing apps out of the way, leaving a blank canvas for your imagination to fill. Typr is all about being simple.”

You basically just start a new note, type, and save. It is synced with your SkyDrive account so if you ever lose your device you still have access to your text files. The coup de grâce? Not only do you have an app for Windows Phone 8, but you can download one for your Surface or desktop though the Windows 8 Store.

If you’re content with OneNote and Office, keep using it. But for some, this spartan approach is popular so we figured you'd like to take it for a spin. Both apps cost some dough, but nothing to break the bank and include an ad-supported trial with a fully functional app.

For the Windows 8 version hit up this link (opens in new tab) and part with $1.49. It's $0.99 for Windows Phone 8, go to the Windows Phone Store here to download, use the QR below, or swipe right in our Windows Phone Central app.

QR Typr

PS. This post was written in Typr and it was a serene.

  • I'm still waiting for a solid notes app with hand writing capabilities.  I know moleskine delivered one recently, but it is really lacking in sensitivity.  I don't know if that's a WP thing (or a Lumia 920 thing?) or what, but it seems to affect most drawing related apps that I've tried.
  • I'm developing something like that nowadays .. but i'm facing some problems with uploading it to the store :/
  • Wow that Lumia looks good from this picture. Wish they didn't go with shiny build.
  • It was a serene.... What???? Is it voice enabled on wp8?
  • Serene?
  • This looks pretty nice for using in my windows phone, but for Surface I already have an app called WriteRT. It has a the same spartan look, but it has a lovely focus feature and supports markdown if you want to apply some formatting.
  • Im using Evernote for taking notes as alternative to OneNote. And its fine on windows phone. About this app - cant see use cases for it when there are free evernote/onenote in the store.
  • I use Evernote but it has got to be the slowest app ever. It takes ages (2 to 3 seconds on 820 and almost 5 to 6 seconds on 510) to register every alphabet typed. It's so slow that the auto word suggestions almost don't come until I am finished typign the word on my own.
    The worst part is that Evernote behaves this way only on windows phones :( I am kind of stuck with Evernote for now, so just have to bear with it.
  • I like Evernote because it syncs between my NL920, MacBook Pro, and Nexus 7.
  • One of the only Android apps I miss on WP8 is SpringPad. I wish they would step it up and release SpringPad for WP8! For now I've swtiched to Evernote, which I don't like as much. I find OneNote and Skydrive cumbersome to get to the pages I want to edit. The notebook vs. section vs. page isn't that intuitive to me.