Uber Racer now at the Windows Phone Store after spending time with iOS

Take a break from playing with all the new features of Windows Phone 8.1 and play some actual games. If you’re into racing games, it may be worthwhile to check out Uber Racer. The game has been available for iOS for a while, but now Windows Phone users can play it too. It’s not related to the popular car booking service, in case you were wondering.

Head past the break to watch our gameplay video.

The game is set in the future where mankind is burning its final resources. A few fearless warriors race for the last drops of oil.

Here are some of the features:

  • 10 unique environments.
  • Highly detailed graphics without repeating textures (i. e. every rock is painted differently).
  • Career mode with 31 race days, some of them featuring up to 10 events. Several hours of playtime.
  • 3D menu, completely integrated.
  • Realtime shadows
  • 4 race modes: Time Trial, Elimination, 1 Vs 1, Race.
  • Thumb tracking: Don't care about hitting the gas pedal. It's wherever your thumb is.
  • Select your favorite camera: Third person, hood or bumper.
  • 3D sound with stereo output and positional audio
  • Realistic motor sound, engine simulation, backfire
  • 3D car physics with suspension, damping and drifting
  • 15 cars individually upgradable. Ranging from buggies to race cars and trucks.
  • Damage model based on real impact damage, flapping doors, loose hinges

Uber Racer

Tilting your phone left or right does steering. Accelerate with your right thumb. Avoid turning sharply because it slows you down. To win the races, make smooth turns, avoid collisions, and look for shortcuts. If you think you see a shortcut, it probably is a shortcut.

The other racers like bumping into others, and if you get bumped, your car usually goes out of control. It’s hard to catch up after that.

Uber Racer

Uber Racer’s season mode provides plenty of gameplay hours, but it will feel repetitive. Race, win points, update car, then repeat. Uber Racer is available at the Windows Phone Store for $1.29. There’s no free trial in this initial version. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Mark Guim

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