Uber tries to get along with Black Cab drivers in London by letting them use the app for free

Uber has published a new blog post on the company website detailing how both Uber and black cab drivers in London can coexist and get along just fine. Said drivers will now be able to fire up the Uber app and utilize the Taxi option to connect to paying customers, without paying out a service fee for the first year of use.

It's billed as a means for black cab drivers to reach new customers and get more business, as opposed to relying strictly on hailing passengers on the street. This should help drivers at those periods when there aren't many customers looking to hail a black cab in and around London. It also means that those who need a cab will have more choice with the ability to use black cabs when planning a journey in the Uber app.

Source: Uber

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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