UC Browser hitting v3 this week for Windows Phone: here’s a look at what’s coming

Although for many, Internet Explorer is a fine and dandy web browser for their Windows Phone, having an alternative (even if it can’t be native) is still a nice thing to have as an option. Step in UC Browser, which for many offers a different perspective on web browsing in addition to some unique features.

Currently, UC Browser sits at a lofty version 2.9 but 3.0 is right around the corner. With 2.9, users can already take advantage of UC’s cool feature list, including cached video for offline, “modes” for viewing at night, incognito, text-only, etc., customized themes, Lockscreen wallpaper, Smart Downloads for grabbing ringtones, wallpaper, music and more.

So what does 3.0 add? Luckily we have the change log and new screenshots for you:

  • Upgraded Homepage - A complete overhaul of the homepage with new features such as the ability to move and contract your Speed Dials like Tiles in WP8.
  • Speed Boost - The speed of downloading has been increased by 40%-100%, along with an increase in page loading speeds.
  • Increased Usability - You can now exit UC Browser by clicking “back” twice at home page.
  • Domain Name Support - The entering of domain names in different languages (like .рф) allows for more convenient browsing.
  • QR Code Scanning - You can now scan QR Codes (although this is listed in 2.9, it looks to be updated here)

Not too shabby. What’s more, UC Browser is completely free, is used by more than 400 million users worldwide and has been around for years.

We’ll let you know when v3.0 goes live this week (planned) but in the meantime, you can pick up version 2.9 here in the Store. Windows Phone 7.x and 8 supported!

Have you tried UC Browser? If so, what did you think? If not, why not?

QR: UC Browser

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Awesome first comment for an awesome app in an awesome website to the awesome people
  • Awesome
  • Awesomely bad
  • Ya, thank you!
    We have submitted the new version. Should be available next week!
  • Until I can set it as a default browser and get rid of long splash screen, I might stick to IE.
  • I'm really tired of internet explorer. We really do have an inferior browser compared to safari and chrome on mobile devices. WP 8 and my surface tablet frustrate me when I'm trying to select a drop down menu. If I hover the mouse arrow over a menu, the options pop up. When I click on the option using my phone or surface RT, nothing happens. We need a better browser! time to stop sugar coating things.
  • Or maybe web devs should code properly for IE so touch controls are presented just like they do for apple and google.
  • Exactly. You people are quick to blame Microsoft for things that are completely on lazy front-end web devs.
  • I bet many developers choose to ignore IE because of the way MS handled IE6 back in the days. I don't code, but I'm sure it doesn't take much for MS to make drop down menus work like they do on safari or chrome. If developers don't code for IE anymore then MS must make IE work like other browsers.
  • think again. Webkit has experimental HTML5 support in its rendering engine. IE uses Trident, a homegrown engine, which in latest version, supports the latest HTML5 standards. However, it, naturally, cannot support Webkit experimental code. So its that developers are using incorrect ways to render drop down menus that are against standards, just because its more convenient, not Microsoft implementing something (to which they cannot implement)
  • Yeah but this is a problem for us users. When a customer uses IE on a WP or surface and the drop down doesn't show up, they never blame the website developer. They get frustrated with the device which is a huge hassle. This is Microsoft's fault for pissing of web developers for so many years because of IE6.
  • Well since IE 10 is more standards complaint than previous versions there's not much more MS can do so isnt it the devs fault for holding on to old grudges with IE6 instead of just coding to properly detect IE10?
  • Microsoft IS at fault here.  All they need to do is allow other browsers to use their own rendering engine.  M$ prevents that, they require that all WP8 web browsers use the IE rendering engine.
  • The CSS drop-down menus' functionality relies on browser behaviour which is *not* part of any current standards. MS used to get slated for not sticking to standards; now they apply them rigidly and that's wrong too, apparently.
  • Only use UC. I wish options of copy image link was avail on both browser.
  • WP needs other browser hace the chance to change the User Agent
  • does it ix the annoying out of memory errors? the current version of UC Browser is almost unusuable for certain websites (also wmpoweruser.com), but IE has no trouble on them
  • I do hope so. So many "Out of memory" on my Lumia 720 on lots of pages. The only way to keep reading them via UC is turning on the Speed "Horrific shown" mode.
  • I actually find IE to work just fine.. I've never had any issues and I think that using other browsers is pointless. That is until we get the option to make third party browsers default..
  • +1
  • Lol wat IE is awful on UI but is super solid at core the worst problem for me is restricted number of favorites thts a huge fail in browser standards -_- and the tabs and lack of true history control and also a lack of settings and lack of download capability bla bla bla IE is awsome at core !:) But sucks fkn ass at UI options
  • +1 again
  • Oh yes and the forward lack is not cool
  • Agreed, if they got a forward button, a way to organize bookmarks and a real history screen.
  • The fact that:
    - IE does not have a Background loading new tab option (UC does), keeping focus on current one;
    - IE reloads every page once you come back to it (defying any practical use of multiple tab loading)
    gives me reasonably good use of UC 2.9 for most of the forums.
    Hope the memory issues of next version will improve, tho.
  • Good news only from Daniel Rubino but can also take his sweet time :P
  • Its not dandy trust me
  • My big pet peeve with Windows Phone is the inability to go backwards and forwards in the web browser independent of what else I do in the OS. What always seems to happen is I'm reading something on the web, I stop in the middle to check my email, and then I click on a link in the email. The web opens with that page. Then when I click the back button it goes back to my email. There isn't any way to surf back to the previous page I had open! I don't even think I can set it to open in a new tab. What I would really like is Opera Mobile with the ability to set third party browsers.
  • I have to admit I had that problem several times. But I think the big explanation for that is that to keep the back button working as it does everywhere and keep the experience the same they had to make it that way. 
    Just open the menu and go to recent, you can go back to the page.
    I would dearly like a forward and back button though, maybe as a gesture instead of filling the already minimal screen with buttons.
  • I think IE is fine and dandy.
  • Nope its not
  • Where does UC save my por.........my erm....videos?? :/
  • They don't only save websites video would be cool :|
  • But tht doesn't matter their html 5 video / flash animation type core is still shite so I still need to use IE if they can become better at html 5 and some type of flash support and Silverlight support then I'll change completely ;)
  • Saves local download folder but you can then import into your media hub.
  • Explain ?
  • Lol totally misread ur comment u can find then in downloaded section
  • Text reflow would be nice in IE!
  • Lol what about basic stuff downloads , no restricted favorites , more tabs , download capability, better history, more share options , more settings, and more html 5 support :/
  • UC browser is the best alternative browser for WP. IE is fine but could use more features.
  • Using Lumia 900 - I find going to IE more often than not, primarily because I have it as a small tile at the top of my screen :)  But, I enjoy using UC Browser, and even using SurfCurb more.  I tried Nokia Xpress, but it is simply too slow.
    But no issues with IE, and I am looking forward to updates with UC Browser.
  • Oh I am glad to return to Windows Phone!  I am loving this Lumia!  And this apps are awesome!! :D 
  • It's really a good browser, especially the forward button.
    Hopefully they fixed the issue, that there were login and comment problems in Facebook, forums, etc.
  • ^This. I'ts a real issue that when you try to complete forms or login, it just reloads the page instead. FB.com is a good example. Totally unuasable if they don't fix this. 
  • Any one know if Firefox is coming?
  • reply to self: http://forums.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-apps/222725-firefox-windows-ph...
  • Not bad..
  • I never fully liked UC, although I find ie to be slow... For a brief zippy browsing I use prototype browser and it is worth all 99 pennies.... It is super fast, even faster than chrome on Android...
  • Hey the second photo shows KurtHugoSchneiders channel and one of my favorite covers! Haha anyway i use UC Bowser on my Kindle Fire and its awesome
  • Need Opera mini please.I hate Internet Exploer. Opera mini rocks.
  • Great news. Thanks
  • i actually like Nokia Express better