UK readers: help the platform out and #getskyonwindows

Windows Phone and Windows 8 remain in the struggle to attract support from the major media broadcasters here in the UK, including the BBC and Sky (or BskyB – British Sky Broadcasting). The former has started to show signs of platform backing with the release of iPlayer, but there’s still room for improvement.

Sky on-the-other-hand has yet to produce the goods. You can help us change this by getting involved and making the company alter its view on Windows Phone.

So why do we need Sky apps on Windows Phone? As we already know, apps look superb on Windows 8 and Windows Phone and so we’re sure the company would create some great experiences. It would provide Microsoft some more leverage when it comes to attracting customers away from competitor platforms. Official apps are everything these days.

Also, services like Sky Go and Now TV are an important part of the broadcaster’s overall package, enabling customers to effectively take their subscription out the front door and with them on their travels. As well as Sky Go, the broadcaster also has numerous other properties loaded on both iOS and Android, while Windows Phone only features Sky News and Sky Sports News.

So what would we like Sky to do? With Windows Phone grabbing 12 percent of smartphone sales here in the UK, that’s quite the share. This shows there’s bound to be demand for official apps, which are not available yet on the store. We’d like to see those official apps launched, and native apps over simple wrapper.

Sky News

Sky News on Windows Phone 7, back in 2011.

Where do you come in?

So, UK readers, how can you all get involved? Simply take to Twitter and use the hashtag #getskyonwindows (and tweet @SkyHelpTeam). We’re attempting to drum up as much support as possible to really show Sky just how much demand there is for solutions on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Just like BBC and its iPlayer, all it takes is sheer determination from the community to make a difference.

As well as publishing tweets using the above hashtag, be sure to head on over to the Sky online forums to let your voices be heard. It’s worth noting that Sky only allows subscribers to access the community forums. Lastly, spread the word! Let everyone you know who owns a Windows Phone (or Windows 8 device) and has an active Sky subscription that there’s hope.

Sound off below if you've reached out on social media about this issue.

Update: Head on over to sky's website to voice your suggestions too. Thanks, topleya for pointing this out!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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