Ultra Fill: Windows Phone Game Review

Ultra Fill is a simple, fun little game for your Windows Phone that is an interesting way to pass the time. The game is nicely drawn up and animated and while there's not much to Ultra Fill, it does have a bit of challenge to it.

The goal is to fill up a percentage of the screen with your characters in a set number of moves. All while avoiding enemy bouncy balls that will cost you a life. If you give Ultra Fill a try, you might be surprised how fun of a game it is.

The main menu for Ultra Fill follows suit with the rest of the game. Simple.

You have four choices of playing pieces; circle, square, triangle and random. You also have options to mute the game's sound and view the game's leaderboards (local and online).

Once you've chosen a playing piece you'll get a recap of the game's goals. You basically have to fill a set percentage of the game area with your playing pieces and avoid having your pieces hit by the red or blue bouncy balls as they are being created. You have a set number of moves and lives with each level.

To bring a playing piece into play, just tap the screen. The longer you tap the screen, the larger the piece becomes. Just be careful, while a larger piece takes up more of the gaming area they take longer to create and are more susceptible to getting hit by the bouncy balls.

Once you fill the required percentage of the playing area, you'll advance to the next level which is a little more challenging than the previous. You'll run into the red balls that bounce faster as well as multiple bouncy balls.

Animations are nice, graphics simple and overall Ultra Fill is a fun game for your Windows Phone. It would be nice if the smiley faces were animated but even without such, it's a nice game. Ultra Fill is a free, ad supported game that you can snatch up here at the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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