Unboxing the Razer Blade Pro: a GTX 1080 in a $3,700 laptop — and worth every penny

Announced earlier this year, the Razer Blade Pro has been reborn and is being touted as the ultimate laptop. With an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, up to 2TB of SSD storage in RAID 0, a 4K G-Sync display and a full mechanical keyboard, it's easy to see why.

We've been lucky enough to get a brief time with the Blade Pro before the holidays, so the first port of call is an unboxing and a closer look at this incredible Windows 10 machine. We'll have a more detailed impressions post soon ahead of a full review in the coming weeks, but something this incredible is too good not to show off!

For more on the Blade Pro check out the links below, and see it in all its glory in the unboxing video above.

  • Razer Blade Pro specs
  • Razer Blade first hands-on
Richard Devine
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  • Merry Christmas, enjoy the laptop.
  • Worth every penny only if you are a PC gamer.
  • Wow, guess they can't get anything past you.
  • Yea pretty much but hey at least it was a good try on their end
  • I assume you've done more than just unboxing it to be able to announce it's worth every penny?
  • It's not the first time we've seen it. And the value of the parts in it alone are reason enough.
  • I suppose different strokes for different folks. I would rather spend an extortionate amount of money on a main desktop, and have a mediocre laptop to handle some gaming. That aside however, the value of the parts doesn't always tell the whole story. I mean if the battery is pants then you can't really use it on the move unless you can guarantee there's a plug, or if it thermal throttles then you won't be getting the performance the spec implies, then it'll detract from it's value. Having a quick look at some other laptops of similar spec, it does seem 'good value' compared to those. I don't think I'd want RAID 0 though, especially since the performance of those M2 SSDs should be very good even without it!
  • Gaming laptops are niche by definition. This is simply a premium option. It doesn't matter about "value", it's about design, quality, etc. Surface Book is not about value either. It's the diamond. If you want value there are hundred different options for you, one of which you mention. This is for people who want ONE device that is really well built and can do true 4K gaming that they can take it on the go. BTW, no one uses a gaming laptop at 17" really on a battery. They almost all throttle or will run out of juice in 90 minutes in that state. I dunno, it's like talking about a Lamborgini and bringing up price/value and saying "well, there are cheaper options out there...you could buy a house and still have a Honda". It misses the point. If you have to actually debate about the price of the Blade Pro you probably can't afford it anyway.
  • The laptop looks great. Perfect for those that both want this kind of machine and are willing to pay for it. It's pointless when people comment saying "Yeah but it's only worth it for gamers".....why state the obvious when it's a gaming laptop. Sometimes readers here need to stop just looking for a way to make a snarky comment and read things in context
  • I agree gaming laptops are niche, I disagree that it doesn't matter about value. However I believe we are talking about to different aspects of the term value. You seem to be defining it purely in a monetary sense, whereas I was talking in part about it's cost but also it's value to the end user. For example, if I'm looking for the most powerful gaming laptop then what's of value to me is the performance not the cost. It could cost less, but be more valuable to myself. From my perspective is if the Lambo can't go faster than 60MPH because it's limited, the Honda would be the better choice because I know that can hit at least 70MPH and I'd also have a house. Obviously the Lambo would look nicer though :D I don't know what you guys have put in the review, but personally what I'd love to see is Settings needed to roughly get min/average 60fps. Looking at benchmarks even a desktop 1080 can struggle to average 60FPS in games at 4K with everything ramped up to the max (overkill tbh). If it thermal throttles while plugged in, how much time do we get before we suddenly lose performance and what settings are now needed to have good gameplay? Temperatures while gaming. Will I be slow cooking my hands while using it? :D Edit: Also I couldn't actually post this without adblock turned ON for some reason :S
  • Thermals are obviously more of an issue here than on a desktop. But some games, Gears of War Ultimate Edition for example, can average 60FPS with everything cranked right up. Others, like Crysis 3, make it squeal.
  • "Surface Book is not about value either" I beg to differ there. I wouldn't have bought ANY Surface device if they were overpriced compared to the competition. I value uses in a product, branding is useless. What the Surface offers is a 3-in-1 package; Digitizer Drawing Board ($1000+) + Tablet ($500+) + i5U Laptop with dGPU ($1000+) in 1. When you factor in the cost of those individual components, it's pretty easy to justify its price tag compared to any similar-spec competition. The Surface line isn't just premium/quality, they offer versatility/functionality to justify their price tag.
  • saying "i would spend money on a desktop" is invalid seein as you cant compare a deskktop to a laptop. every knows you can build a desktop for cheaper but what youre paying is for power in a portable form factor.
  • What I said was I'd rather have an expensive desktop and a mediocre laptop. It's not invalid because it suits me, it's my preference. If I said everyone would be better off then I'd agree you could take issue with it. :)
  • Most Apple Pro's are fleeing Apple OS X since they get MacBook Pro updates which look like toys compared to what Windows 10 has to offer on great laptops like Razer Blade Pro, and this is causing OS X to become less and less popular every year. This year now that Windows 10 supports Ubuntu and bash there is no reason Apple folks cannot use Windows 10, even iOS apps cna be developed in Windows 10 thanks to Xamarin.  I think nobody expected that gaming laptop industry was going to be very interesting for design proffesionals thanks to the open source initiative of Windows 10. 
  • People really need to start quoting legitimate sources for all these "defections" to Windows numbers they claim.....
  • Yeah it's as bad as all these fake news stories lol. TBH, I think a huge number of people who buy Macbooks actually buy them on the brand as much as anything else. I don't doubt the numbers may be dropping but I bet they've dropped at other points in history too. PC hardware has more options than ever and could tempt some people away from Macbooks, it totally depends on WHY they buy them in the first place. I had a Macbook Pro Retina before my Surface Pro 3 but I got it because of the specs, screen, 16GB RAM option that I couldn't find in many Windows laptops that I actually liked (I needed the RAM mainly for Virtual Machines, I work in Windows A LOT).
  • I dont care if it's 4k. You just can't play games on a 14 inch screen. I struggle on my 17.
  • This is a 17.3 inch display.
  • I'd love to see a breakdown of gaming as well as dev work.  It could be a interesting double niche if you could use the 1080 to rock out some games in your spare time (even if you turn future games down from 4k)  Then during work hours you can use the rest to code up and run cross platforms virtual using visual studio.  OOTB software plus MS services is my idea of near perfect ecosystems. That and VLC of course :P 
  • When we get more time with it we're planning to take a look from both a gaming and a more creative 'pro' aspect. None of us here code but we will go beyond gaming with it. I've only got this one for 3 days as a special extra treat from Razer before Christmas so it's just a very quick, top level overview that I can get in that time.