FYI: The unlocked Lumia 920 does not support T-Mobile’s 1700 AWS band

If you head over to Nokia’s site on the Lumia 920, you may notice that the international version is reported as supporting Pentaband 3G/HSPA with T-Mobile’s 1700 AWS frequency. That contradicts when the phone was announced back in September with only four bands being supported. So, what’s the deal? Have Nokia added support?

Unfortunately, no.

The WCDMA Band IV (1700) support is posted in error

We contacted Nokia on the matter and they confirmed it is in error, which they will be correcting soon. That’s of course a shame for those of you who were holding out hope, as the notion of buying an unlocked Lumia 920 to run on T-Mobile’s “4G” HSPA+ network is an enticing alternative to not having that phone offered on contract.

But to be honest, it wouldn't make financial sense for Nokia to add the extra support for 1700 AWS as the cost to do so versus the amount of devices they would sell in the US would not justify the investment.

For the record, here are the official, corrected bands for the Lumia 920. Thanks for all of those who pointed this out via your tips.

US (AT&T) Lumia 920

  • GSM/EGSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100
  • LTE  1700/2100 (4), 700 (17)


International, unlocked Lumia 920

  • GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
  • WCDMA: 2100, 1900, 850, 900
  • LTE: 2100, 1800, 2600, 900, 800
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  • Price ,when?
  • Assume... Sunday, November 4, 2012 for $199.99 on contract. If it's cheaper, then so be it.
    If it's more expensive, then they are shooting themselves.
  • I expected it when it first was showed to be $149-199 on contract. Release $199 in about a month $149 to promote it more...
  • I'm wondering why people think it will be so expensive?
    When the first WP7 phones released, they were $99 per phone on contract.  Eventually that was $99 for 2 phones on contract ($49 per phone). And those prices were for the flagship WP7 phones (I bought 2 Samsung Focus phones the day they were released)
    Windows Phone is still lacking severely in market share and they NEED people to buy into their phones.  I would expect them to price the phones super cheap, definitely not above $150 on contract per phone.  They need people to buy these phones, especially during the first few months of the release for Windows Mobile 8.
    Not sure if it matters or not, but if they are above $150 per phone for a 2 year contract, I will not be buying a new WP8 phone.  At least not until next year sometime.
  • The 920 at least is packing state of the art technology, its fantasy to think a device like that should be sold cheaply just because WP has no marketshare. The 8X , 820 and 8S are more fitting for cheap pricing as they dont really have any native advanced features.
  • That was kind of my point though.  The Samsung Focus was the flagship phone when WP7 released, at least on AT&T.  Yet, it was still only $99.  It also brought a lot of cool stuff to Windws Phone that wasn't there with previous versions of Windows Phone.  
  • No, on release day, on AT&T, the Focus was $199.  I have my reciept from 11/08/2010 to prove it.
  • 50$ wen I got the focus April 29 2011 it was 100$ before that now the dam thing won't stay on im glad I got the Nokia 900 on release day and will be gettn the 920 Samsung suck from there bluray players to there phones the suck not looking back
  • As was my HTC HD7 on T-MO $199.00
  • Hmm, that's not right.  I bought 2 Samsung Focus phones for a total of $200.  I never would have bought it for $200 per phone.
  • If I recall correctly, the Focus, and the HD7 were $199 at launch.   The Focus S was $199 at launch with only 16GB of storage.
    The Lumia 920, in my opinion, warrants $249 max - primarily due to the state of the art technology AND 32GB of on board storage.  The 8X, with only 16GB of storage will definitely be $199 or less; hell, I just saw on AT&T's website where the Titan II was still priced at $199!
    If AT&T offers the Lumia 920 at $199 or less at launch, then they are the most generous carrier in the U.S. and that device will easily outsell other WP devices priced similarly.
  • That's nothing but a simple pre-amp circuit behind the 3.5mm plug. It's add only a few bucks to the price.
  • Did you just say Windows Mobile 8?
  • Yeah, just a typo.  I meant Windows Phone 8.  It's too late to edit my original post.
  • T-Mo used to give (and may still do it but I don't know anymore) an option to use your own phone for $10-15 less per month. Which means, for mid-high end phones they charge about $13 per month. So for two years it makes $312. Which means they have to sell a $500 phone for at least $188. If the at&t version 920 without contract is lets say $600. Using the $15/month rate, price of in contract 920 will be $600-(15 x 24) = $240
  • So will the unlocked international version work on at&t's LTE network or would it be just 4G?
  • No, that's why they're different bands listed.
  • Bummer, if I buy one through AT&T off-contract will they unlock it immediately? Have you heard of anyone doing that?
  • If you buy full price they will unlock it..
  • Be careful, you won't get the code till after 6 months to be exact. I just got my Lumia 900 unlock code the other day (Oct. 8th). Exactly 6 months after the phone was released.
  • Did you buy it full price?
  • I bought mine full-price and they wouldn't unlock it until 10/8/12.
  • No they will not. U will have to wait some time for them to give codes
  • US mobile carriers are just crap. That means att lumia will be sim locked and att will refuse to provide sim unlock codes for atleast 6 months and to top it all they put their logo and start screen crap on it.
  • I hope I can uninstall all the extra ATT apps they may put on there... I have a Droid X on VZW right now and half the apps on my phone I am not allowed to uninstall. Crap like Blockbuster, Amazon MP3, Madden NFL 11, News, News & Weather, and more. I don't mind them trying to give me apps at first, though I will always prefer to have a clean install and choose my own apps, but you gotta let me uninstall the crap I don't want!
  • You can uninstall apps on windows phone that are installed by carriers.
  • Does the international version support HSPA 42?
  • They may just be locking down the radio.
  • Which to the average consumer means absolutely nothing. There are no tools for unlocking the extra radios, assuming that this version even has 'em (which I highly doubt).
  • Well, that sucks... I guess it's the Lumia 810 for me, then.
  • Sucks!
  • Is samsung ativ s supporting tmobile 4g band?
  • No. Almost no one ever supports 1700 AWS for international, unlocked--makes little sense to do so.
  • Except Nokia, who have on every smartphone they've released for over two years. I bet they will with the 920, too.
  • The only WP Nokia has released with AWS support is the Lumia 710.
  • I should have specified that I meant non-Windows Phones (Symbian, MeeGo).  I don't actually consider WP to technically be a smartphone platform (like iOS it is locked down like a console) so it just slipped out that way.
    But in any event, WP7x didn't support the radios required for pentaband; WP8 does, so it would be strange not to use them.
  • Fair enough.
  • Nokia always supports T-Mobile's 1700 AWS band. My unlocked 808 PureView does, as does my N82 and my Xpress Music phone. Nokia is really strangling themselves in their own bedroom closet here. It's sad to watch this once proud, important and innovative company die by their own hand. They are trying to sell right beside the iPhone, instead of going to where the iPhone is not. Eddie Stanky..."Hit 'em where they ain't!"
    Perhaps the ATT move in season could have made since, if it was available when the iPhone 5 was released, but they are so very late that even the comparison option has been removed. Their ONLY play was to go a la "Samsung Galaxy S" and release it ubiquitously, in hopes that their shot gun effort could cause a slow and steady immersive purchasing chain reaction across carriers and consumer consciousness. Instead, they chose to be "the not an iPhone", in an iPhone store. by stupidity. :(
  • I'm chained to t-mobile with the golden handcuffs of a cheap grandfathered plan. I understand that they are refarming some of there 2G spectrum to 4G in a way that is compatible with AT&T. I think this would let me use AT&T phones at 4G speeds in the refarmed areas (a few big cities) but it would go to 2G speeds everywhere else.
    Does anyone have experience with this? I live in New York, one of the cities that is supposed to be refarmed.
  • yes, people have reported that their Lumia 900 gets HSPA+ speeds on T-Mobile in NYC. We will verify as soon as AT&T gives us our unlock code.
  • Are there reports in Dallas or LA of 4g or 3g speeds on TMobile with att devices?
  • i'm on t-mobile in dallas with an unlocked htc titan and all i get is edge.  still waiting on the reframe.
  • @daniel: I lol'ed for a solid 5 mins
  • I live in western massachusetts springfield area and i just got my lumia 900 unlocked with tmobile and to my big suprise im getting 4g most of the time :-) 
  • I get just under 5Mbps down on my unlocked AT&T Lumia 900 on T-Mobile in the DC area in refarmed areas.
  • So, that means it won't get on TMobiles "fauxG" (HSPA+), but will it still work on 3G?  Secondly, when TMo refarms their network to the true LTE, will it be on a compatible band with the 920?  I'm a Tmo customer and was planning on buying it unlocked for prepaid use.
  • I'm not positive but I am pretty sure you would be stuck with 2G speeds until your area is refarmed. Which for me means rock and a hard place with waiting what will probably be upwards of a year, or switching carriers for the priviledge of paying $50/mo more for same service. And I'm not even on a grandfathered plan. Yay. If only I could combine the 920's screen, camera, and Nokia apps with an 8X and a memory slot.
  • Yeah, this kinda sucks.  Guess I'll have to be looking for some MVNOs that use ATT's network.
  • Straight talk...had for 3 months and I've happily using att 21mbps 4g on my 900
  • I heard the data on straight talk isn't truly unlimited. What's the catch? MMS working on your phone?
  • 1+
  • That's a bummer although I'm getting it on Rogers, Canada
  • Enjoy black only...
  • Black, blue, yellow...who cares....ITS A PHONE!
  • That sucks but glad I am on att.
  • So, I guess the only way I can get a fully compatible T-Mobile US and Three UK compatible phone is to buy an iPhone 5... I am seriously considering it too, as I plan to visit the US at some point in the near future and want my phone to remain fully compatible with the networks.
  • Can't be so important if you just visit US? And data plan sure won't be available in foreign countries or do you have different kind of plans in UK. At least here in Finland you pay pretty big penny using data outside Europe (even in EU its outside data plan, but not so expensive).
    Or are you planning to by T-mobile plan for your visit?
  • "Or are you planning to by T-mobile plan for your visit?"
    Bingo! I was wanting to use T-Mo when I visit. They seem like the semi-compatible Three of the US.
  • The iphone wont be any more compatible with Tmo US than the 920 as it doesnt have AWS bands either. What they both have is the 1900 band which will work in areas that have been refarmed to use that band.
  • AHH FFS! Well, I didn't want one anyway, and with what you've told me the 820 holds the perfect advantage over the iPhone. There is no reason for me to get an iPhone over WP knowing that. iTunes? Prefer Zune for the Music Pass. Gaming? I have a Gamertag for my Xbox for that. Productivity? MS Office included is a big deal for me... Camera? My HTC does a nice job of it. I could go on but I don't wanna have a 10'000'000 word essay on the matter.
  • Seriously, they (Nokia) need to get their facts out to the public quickly and precisely. I really want a Nokia 920, and I'll probably have to get the rogers unlocked or one off negri electronics. Now I don't know if I want one anymore because of the bands might not work with T-mobile. I knew 1700 wasn't going to be included but the if the international version's LTE bands aren't compatabile with At&T I can't buy it. I keep reading from a variety of sources that T-mobile's LTE will be basically the same bands as At&t. Not only that, but they weren't clear if At&t is the only carrier in the world that will have Cyan. I'm getting a little annoyed by Nokia, who I love. I really want a 920, but it's going to be a hassle. At least the 8x will be on most if not all carriers.
  • 1+
  • You can buy the AT&T model with no commitment, which is pretty much the same as unlocked. So...
  • Yeah, but don't you have to have AT&T give you the unlock code, which from what many people have said means having to wait upwards of 6 months?
  • Idk
  • +1
  • Nokia is coming off more and more as scatterbrained. They really need to get a grip on product PR.
  • Danny so T-Mobile USA LTE will be fully compatible with AT&T LTE?
  • Would it work on Tmob USA 3G?  May be I can sacrifice 1 digit (4-1) G ....
  • T-Mobile USA's 3G and 4G are on the same band so no, if it won't get 4G it won't get 3G either.
  • I am not saying this article is wrong, but I would note that all of Nokia's Symbian devices released in the past two years (since, and including the N8) do work with T-Mobile USA's 3G. For that reason, it is not at all true that Nokia have (historically, at least) concluded that it isn't "worth it." Indeed, not supporting Magenta would mark a change of heart for them. Thus, I will reserve judgment until someone actually tests it out. That said, anyone know when the refarming is coming to Boston?
  • Looks like I was right.  Early reports are now confirming both the Roger's and AT&T 920s have thee needed frequencies for T-Mobile.
  • Can anyone tell me definitively (or point me towards information) if the unlocked 920 would work on t-mobile germany? Have a crappy pre-paid phone right now, was hoping I could just pop the sim into a 920 once it comes out.
  • Yes, of course... Usually we don't have those band incompatibility problems in europe..
  • Didn't think so.. but wanted to be sure--am from the US so am accustomed to problems when it comes to this sort of thing.
  • Face the facts, tmo ain't having it. There's other comparable alternatives.
  • This is like watching an idiot contest, where we get to see who kills themselves first... Nokia or TMobile.
  • They have everything to do with it. If they would man up and shell out the cash, they would be getting it. But they are to busy lining their CEO's pockets.
  • Can anyone tell me if the unlocked will work on TELUS in Canada?
    Looking at the specs, it seems the HSPA/3G will be fine - Wikipedia says TELUS uses 850 and 1900 MHz for HSPA.
    LTE though I am unsure.  What I did find says "TELUS 4G+ LTE uses Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) that covers 1700/2100MHz"
    The unlocked only shows 2100MHz for LTE.
    I'm no radio expert!  Can someone help?
  • It'll work on 3g but I'm not sure about LTE.
  • Of course it doesn't work. Why not add more disappointing news. Im done with being surprised.
  • An unlocked AT&T 920 would work 4g on tmobile when reframe complete or why else would tmobile be making the big push/rebate to bring an unlocked iphone 5 over. I had to call tech support the other day and he told me it would. He also mentioned that in the test markets where it was already rolled it, it is blazing fast ;)
  • Has anyone found the specs for the Rogers version of the 920?  The 710 they released was different than the one released in the states, it had one extra band, perhaps we'll see the same thing with the 920?
  • Doesn't matter to much to me as I'm starting to see 4G connectivity in certain places in Baltimore on my unlocked HTC Titan. By the end of this year, I fully expect to see more 4g coverage.
  • Yes!
  • It supports Telstra 4G (1800MHz) which is all that matters ;)
  • Sucks
  • So will an international unlocked L920 work with Tmobile 3G? I could care less for 4G seeing as I don't even have it now.
  • so, im confused, and have two qs.
    1. whats EGSM and how is it different to GSM?
    2. I see 2100 LTE in the international specs and in the ATT version too - so why is it not compatible with ATT LTE?
  • That's really lame. T-Mobile is the only large carrier that reduces the price of your bill if you bring your own phone. What's the point of an unlocked device if you pay full price for it and pay the subsidy anyways?
  • So even if I was able to unlock an ATT Lumia 920, assuming its possible. It still wouldn't run on T-mobile??
  • Great I've paid the cancellation fee and switched to TMobile from Sprint, waited for a premium Nokia WP8 device and yet still can't use the 920 on TMobile. I'm about ready to say fuck you to Nokia who I've waited on and buy an HTC just to spite them. But either way I lose; awesome. Guess Nokia cares more about the few dollars they get from ATT for an exclusive deal than about everyone who wants to use their phone but can't.
  • Strange that T-Mobile has exclusive rights to the 820, which is operating on the same 920 frequencies. Is Nokia tweaking the 820 for T-Mobile? 1700/2100MHz LTE/4G is slated to roll out in 2013 for TMobile of which 1700 LTE is a 920 frequency. Obviously, TMobile users will need to wait on the 920 regardless.
    On the other hand, an EBay unlocked 920 states the disclaimer: "TMobile Data work in EDGE speed, not 3G." I would not pay the 800+ price for that phone, but it is out there for those who dare run at a reduced performance, with the chance the LTE delivers in 2013 as indicated.
  • Worse than I thought.  My bad, TMobile gets the 810.  If GSM Arena's numbers are correct the 810 lacks 4G.  The 820 is 4G. 
  • If I remember correctly, the reason Nokia's Symbian + Meego phones were pentaband is because they used TI OMAP chipsets which had pentaband modems built in. Now, with WP7x and 8, they had to use Qualcomm chipsets which don't. Even the Galaxy Nexus, which is pentaband, uses an OMAP processor. I think TI is going to be exiting the baseband processor business soon (some one please correct me if I'm wrong), so we're probably not going to see too many pentaband 3g phones (regardless of OS) released in the future.
  • Man you just broke my heart
  • all their Symbian phones (9.5 and up) are penta-band 3G.. inlcuding TMOs band. The N9 as well.. i don't get why they didn't do the same with WP.. 
  • When I saw this on their website I thought it was to good to be true and sadly I was right. Sorry Nokia I won't take your sloppy seconds.  HTC had the right idea to get their phone on as many carriers as possible. Now Nokia might just sell plenty of those 920's. It will pale in comparison to the sales of the 8x just in volume.  Seriouly are they that hard up to not be able to make a pentaband antenna and radio? Heck Sammy did it with the Gnex. It's not impossible just more sucking up to ATT.
  • not according to the FCC.  it has aws for wcdma, hsupa AND LTE'PYAA'
  • I was just looking at those FCC documents.  This, coupled with the fact that Nokia *still* has not removed the AWS bands from their 920 product page, continues to give me hope that I can get this thing unlocked to use on T-Mobile.
  • Also, confirmed today that the documentation that comes with the Rogers version of the 920 specificaly states "WCDA 1700/2100MHz"
  • Just to let people know that the att Nokia 920 does support the aws 1700 band and will work for T-Mobile if unlocked I have one and it works great for T-Mobile and in Canada it works with wind mobile